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1 Rare Headdress

Headdresses are rare to get. My Animal Jam BFF has a rare purple headdress, but she got scammed by someone named Penguin31864. Now, she doesn't have any rares except for non-rare silver elf bracelets and a rare black long collar. But she's been really sad and mopey since she got scammed. I'm not a member, but please jag me so when I log on we can trade your headdress. Then my BFF will be fun and normal again, for stop being really mopey in warrior cat role plays. My username is Kath66, and I got scammed out of my rare green and purple bow.

Rare headdresses are quite hard items to get, so I think that the headdresses are a great 1st place as the rarest item on Animal Jam. I have come upon one in a trade for 4 black longs, and the person actually accepted my trade. From that day on, I was as proud as an eagle. Then, an animal traded me glossy wings and a rare eyeball hat, mixed with some spikes and 2 rare fox hats, and I, proudly accepted it. So then I did not have it anymore. I still think it is a very rare item!

2 Orange Beard

I have one, even though I am a nonmember. I rarely see people with orange beards, so everyone thinks it's 'not rare,' but it actually is. It's the rarest out of all the other beards. Some people think it's some worthless item. Well, I'm afraid they are very, very wrong.

I had an orange beard! Somebody tricked me into saying orange beards are not rare and a lot of people have them. I believed them and they traded a nonmember kangaroo plushie for it (normal color). I said yes! Then I saw this and got angry at them, so I still have that kangaroo and that person still has my orange beard.

Really, an orange beard? I have like a million of those but traded them all to my BFF sheppadepp16273 (the one who got scammed by her headdress). But she gifted them all to Twilightbelle3, and now she has all the orange beards on trade. So, this isn't exactly rare.

3 Scullies

I noticed a lot of people were confused about who has a Scully. It was a tail item, removed by AJHQ because of how it looked when worn by pandas. Although it's debatable, this item can't be the rarest item because it isn't an item anymore, at least. Nobody has these because AJHQ deleted the item.

I also want to note that people say that AJ hacked into people's accounts: since they're the owners of Animal Jam, it's not really hacking, and I'm pretty sure they didn't go into each account that had a Scully and manually removed it. They just deleted the item, and it was automatically removed.

Oh, and someone said that pandas were not available as an animal, but the panda was in fact one of the original six animals: Wolf, Bunny, Koala, Monkey, Panda, and Tiger. It's too bad AJ couldn't fix how the Scully looked on pandas!

Hey! It's RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz here. I've never actually seen a scully, but I know what it looks like. Kath66 has been on Animal Jam since June 15th, 2011, and I've been playing since 2014, almost 2015. She told me that scullies were these little bracelets with skulls on them, and back then, you could go out and buy them at shops and parties before I joined. Then, AJHQ made a mistake by making a panda wear a scully on its tail/butt. So, they removed it, and only jammers who had one kept it. And if they got pandas, theirs were removed. They are super rare and impossible. Honestly, ever since I joined, I never ever saw ANYONE wearing a scully or having one on trade. Typical. By the way, my username is sheppadepp16273. Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer, Rainbow.

4 Worn Blanket

Sup, jammers! This is Jammer778z46, and I will be telling about a time when I got an overtrade (in my opinion) for a red worn.

I was at a gifting party, and there were non-members. One of them was going, Trade me worn blanket. I looked on trade, and I saw... (Drumroll please.) Blue vines! I was going to offer my worn for it, but then, THEY offered the blue vines and a rare giant lion plushie. What did I do? I accepted! That person was so happy, and I was happy too because I got rarer. So now, I do the happy dance.

Someone once offered a rare Worn (that nice pale blue one) for one of my betas. Though the trade just went off, I wasn't going to say yes, since rare Worn is a Monday rare. However, afterward, I checked in my storage to see if the beta was still there, just in case it was some sort of scam or hack. When I did, it was still there.

It's the best opportunity for nonmembers to finally have a good possession. However, jammers who actually have Worns, or rare Worns, don't give them away too easily. So, it's basically a competition for nonmembers and members to get them. They don't sell them in the store, so they have to trade good items for them. There are gray, black, red, pink, rare blue, navy blue, green, dull blue, brown, and yellow.

5 Rare Spiked Collar

People who have rare longs or shorts are really picky about them. There are multiple colors such as pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, red, and purple. The most rare is black, and the least rare is orange. People usually trade betas and rare wrists for rare spikes. The order of how rare they are is actually based on their color and if they're short or long.

Most people get spikes by trading ultra good things, or playing the adventure: The Forgotten Desert. I used to have a red short, but it got scammed. People would do anything to get rare spikes, even threaten people that they would scam and hack their account. If they do, just report and leave. Most people don't even put their spikes on trade because it is too valuable.

Everyone wants one. They are supposed to be super rare, but I don't really believe them. It, like all other rares, was the Monday Rare some random Monday. Any number of people could have bought about 25 of them, as I do, and kept them to trade for a time long after when they are strongly desired by those who did not get a chance to be on or did not have an account then. So, yes, they are only worth so much in trade by a jammer's strong desire to own one, especially now that spikes are no longer in the diamond shop. But, they were once worth nothing and just another item in your inventory.

6 Rare Worn

The purple worn is really rare. It is worth a Bad-Decent Long collar and is the rarest worn! The blue one is not so rare, only worth 2-4 rims, but it's still pretty!

I have the rare purple worn, and people keep asking me to put it on trade. But wasn't it sold last leap year? I don't know because I started half a year ago.

I have a rare worn. If anybody would like to trade me for it when I'm online, I'm Bffsrule0. Sorry if I seem picky… I really treasure my items…

7 Eyeball Hat

Once, I had a very frightening experience with my eyeball. I have this BFF, and we have been in the same class for like ever! Once, I met her on AJ and she asked me if she could try the eyeball on. I said sure and gave her my eyeball for the red necklace and she logged out! The next day at school, I totally ignored her, and everybody asked me why I wasn't talking to her because I'm quite popular. When I went on AJ that night to try to get my eyeball back, my friend gifted me the eyeball back and on her letter, it said, "Sorry, just trying to scare you." I laughed and forgave her but told her not to do it again.

If the beta one is magenta with peach eyelashes and veins, then I'm dead because I had one and someone traded me 3 black longs and then declined. I almost flipped them off.

These things are actually pretty rare! Especially the beta eyeball. Trust me, they're worth more than headdresses. I know you don't believe me, but they are.

8 Party Hat

Well, they are certainly rare, but when I was new, I traded a rare party hat away for three random, stupid rares, only because yay! Three rares for a single one! And then a month later, when I had a ton of good items plus three spikes, two rare headdresses, and an orange beard, the only thing I DIDN'T have was a party hat. And I was literally crying because I just remembered my really big, fat, foolish act of stupidity.

I love the party hat. They look super-cute on every animal! I never owned one, and I think it's going to be quite a long time before I do. My BFF from school quit AJ, and she has all these spikes and one party hat. I'm hoping she will give them to me. I'm afraid to ask in case I might sound a bit greedy.

I just got a party hat today for a robot deb beta and a rare worn. I have no idea how the person accepted, but they did. In my opinion, they are SUPER rare because I've never seen one on anyone except for the person I got it from.

9 Founder Hat

Founder's Hats are the RAREST Animal Jam item you can get! I don't see why they are not number one. Founder's hats were only available when AJ was just created. I have no idea how many exist, but I think there are only about 50 of them. I really want one. If you have one you are willing to trade, please tell me. I'm jillysue211!

I don't think there are only twenty because I have seen more than 20 people in my den at the same time that were wearing them. Also, they lost value recently. They are not worth two black longs and two indigo longs. Now it's just two black longs or an orange beard.

I know that you can't buy these anymore, but no offense, you're wrong. There are not only 20 left. How do I know this? I've been to all the Jamaas and seen many people with Founder's Hats. A lot! So, just because they're not in the shop anymore doesn't mean that only 20 exist. I've been to Jamaa, and there's a million people with headdresses.

10 Fox Hat

Hey, people that play AJ! I'm Firegirl1560! People keep saying to me since I have my rare fox hat on trade, What for your fox hat? I say, What's your offer? People usually wear them in Sarepia Forest if they're playing warrior cats or something somewhat like that. I have an orange rare fox hat. I used to have a navy blue one. A person traded me rare glitched nerd glasses and a beta for it, and I refused. Now, I'm regretting that day.

Anybody can try to trade for it! People usually demand fox hats. If they already have them, then they demand betas and super rares like spikes for their fox hats. Over-pay! If anybody has a red fox hat, then I would be happy to trade my orange for it! Remember, I'm Firegirl1560. Add me!

Rare red fox hats are the rarest, most popular, and most in demand. They're worth a good colored rare long spike wrist or maybe several real Den Betas (depending on the trade, of course). Dark orange is the least rare and most unwanted, but still worth a decent Den Beta or two, or a rare bow and arrow. The other fox hats are worth anything in the middle.

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11 Epic Plushies

I see a lot of people with a ton of epic plushies. People might demand a rare spike, wrist, or headdress (might be an overpay) if people want it. I try to ask what for the epic plushies, and people say: rare spikes! Rare wrists! Black longs! I'm never getting one.

Oh, these? I guess you could say they're a little rare. Although, thanks for putting this in 17th place, because these aren't something people always really want. I know it for a fact. These are good to trade for things like… well, actually, I don't know, but they aren't something to beg for all the time like spikes.

You buy them from AJ Outfitters because if you get an epic plushie, I will never trade it. We're dealing with actual money. Just think of what your parents are paying for you. They pay $15.95 for something, and you just trade it?! Just think of the money they're spending.

12 Rare Spike Wrist Band

Personally, the wristbands are rarer than the collars. I mean, I see collars every time I go on AJ, that's almost every day. And I only see the wristbands once every week or close to there. Am I the only one who actually notices this?

I like collecting wrists because you can trade them for other moderately rare clothing/den items. They're actually a really useful item in Animal Jam.

The only reason it isn't rarer than a spike collar is because it is smaller, and barely anyone cares about it. It's all about opinion these days.

13 Brown Beard

I have a brown beard and a pink beard. User: Kawaiibunneh102. I honestly think that they are better used for fashion than for trading purposes.

I'm lforle129. I have a brown beard, so try to offer. I'm hard to trade, so try!

Wait, there is a brown beard?

14 Pirate Sword

I traded someone my red pirate sword for their rare long red spike wrist and they...ACCEPTED! However, I have to admit they only over traded me because they were one of my best friends. We hang out all the time (in reality and in game), and it was a favor to me since my birthday was coming up. I had traded her a neon bow and arrow for her rare pink bow and arrows for her birthday. Still, it was pretty exciting for me since red was the only color wrist I didn't have.

One of my buddies collects these as well (he has 12 so far) and he over traded me with Cami's frog, blue beta mat, and rare light blue fox hat for my blue sword because it was the ONLY one he didn't have and never had.

I personally think green is the rarest since I traded a rare fox hat and another rare (can't remember which one) for a green pirate sword and they accepted. Then, I traded it for a pink one and they accepted, and I got another green one soon after (a gift from my super-rare buddy) and traded it successfully for a blue pirate sword. The pirate swords are incredibly rare and they are also from the beta days. You don't find many of them around anymore (especially the blue, red, and black ones) and only super rare jammers have one.

15 Rare Giant Lion Plushie

It's the rare one that isn't in the diamond shop because it doesn't have the diamond sign but it DOES have the rare sign!

They are in the diamond shop... I think.

16 Mira Statue

I agree, Mira statues are extremely beta. I'd say they're worth a beta phantom statue. I don't go after the golden bronze ones, but I like the clear ice ones because they look better in my opinion.

I have this item. Now it is obtainable by doing the adventure, The Phantom Fortress, and the broken Mira Statue is available through an Arctic Foxes only passageway.

I have never seen the Mira Statue in real life, just from screenshots. This thing is literally one of the rarest rares and an extreme beta.

17 Black Beard (Silver Tip)

All beards are rare. I personally think this one looks the best. My use: tradeable. Please buddy me and maybe trade me a rare? That would be awesome.

I have one, and I personally think it looks very cool on an eagle.

You may notice beards are very rare. This is one of the rarest.

18 Cream Beard (Grey Tip)

I don't have this, but I'm willing to...

19 Rare Spike

People who have rare long or short spikes are really picky about them. There are multiple colors, such as pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, red, and purple. The rarest is black, and the least rare is orange. People usually trade betas and rare wrists for rare spikes. The order of how rare they are is actually based on their color and if they're short or long.

Most people get spikes by trading ultra-good things or playing the adventure: The Forgotten Desert. I used to have a red short, but it got scammed. People would do anything to get rare spikes, even threaten to scam and hack accounts. If they do, just report and leave. Most people don't even put their spikes on trade because they are too valuable.

Rare spikes have different colors such as pink, yellow orange, green, blue, black, and purple. Many jammers want rare spikes. There are also long and short. Longs are way rarer than shorts. They look good on Arctic Wolves (in my opinion), and I have been trying to get a Black long collar and black long wristband for months! They are the rarest of spikes.

20 Bow and Arrow

I have a rare raspberry bow and arrow, which are the rarest of the bow and arrows, believe me. It took me a month to get one. I also have two non-rare bows.

I have a rare bow and arrow. It's silver. If you want it, it's on my trade. My username is Awsomedoggy (I know, awesome isn't spelled right, it's that way, so deal with it). Thank you!

So, I have like seven rare bows, and a few worns, gloves, and fox hats. I'm obviously nm, but I'm looking to get a few other good things from them. To be honest, I feel like a hoarder, but everyone tells me I'm super rare. Trade me. I'm nevosteic.

21 Headdress

Everybody will trade rare spikes and betas for them. People demand light Cami's frog, a rare black long, rare wrists, and other really high items. And I agree that non-rare headdresses are much rarer than the rare ones.

My dream item, they are very rare! Recently, light pink headdresses went up a lot, so that's my dream item. But I think I really like the blue and white one and the green and black ones a lot, too. My username is crashingchilleysun, YouTube is crashingchillysunAJ. For some reason, lots of people think the rare one is rare. It's just a Rare Item Monday thing.

The least rare is the rare headdress. They're worth a decent colored rare long spike collar and a black long spike wrist. Non-rare is worth two black longs and some decent betas. Pink is worth seven black longs.

22 Black Beard (Red Tip)

I have no idea what they're worth, but probably worth 1 or 2 betas, or a normal spiked collar...

23 Neon Blue Bow

The Neon Bow was gifted to a few lucky jammers... because of a contest on October 15th, 2010. They had to draw a picture of the next new animal (Penguin), and they had to send it to Animal Jam HQ's PO box. But 3 of them didn't know, so they had to call Animal Jam. The pictures were sent, but there were only 5 in the game. If you have one, you're lucky, because it was first owned by someone called Luke, May, William, Ellie, and Angie!

I traded someone who had three of the neon bow and arrows: a rare green long spike wrist, a rare short blue spike wrist, a beta moon dirt flooring, rare black bow and arrows, rare raspberry bow and arrows (rarest of rare bow and arrows), and a red fox hat for one, and they accepted. So happy.

Please give me a neon bow. I see a lot of my friends with the neon bows. I become so jealous! My username is Firegirl1560. I'm a nonmember, and people with neon bows don't accept rare wrists or stuff. I tried once. Didn't work. Maybe some people are just picky.

24 Horse Coin

Horse coins are extremely rare items. They were only available in The Forgotten Desert for a limited time, around 1-2 hours, when it was first released. There are currently only 10-20 left in the game. Although they are not from the beta stage, they are still considered highly rare. Their value is equivalent to most glitched items or 5-10 good betas, or even a headdress. I am sharing their true value, but if you are particular about trades, feel free to disregard. I go by the username Lexi0705, and I have been searching for a horse coin for quite some time now. In exchange, I would be willing to trade a sea green or dark purple mech angel helmet, a mira statue, and an ice mira statue.

Thank you for reading!

Probably the rarest AJ item. There are probably around 10 max. They were available in adventures instead of coin chests as your final prize from Lisa but they were removed a few hours after they were released.

25 Cami Frog

They probably won't bring this back. But it's super rare because it is a Beta... and of course it's CAMI's FROG! She probably came up with the idea. You can see the plushie in the Wild Explorers tent on top of the fish tank.

I think this deserves to be higher than this. Especially because you can't find it barely anywhere in Animal Jam! It's less popular than spikes, and you can find Diamond Shop spikes. Those are popular and sometimes mistaken for spikes... and are easily scammed. But with a Cami Frog... no one is fooled, and you rarely hear anything about them! So I think this should be in the top 5 of the rarest items!

They look so cute, especially with the band-aid on its stomach! I always wondered why they called it a Cami's frog. I mean, it could've been called Lucy's frog or something!

I doubt they will ever bring it back. And I think it's the most meaningful thing in Animal Jam. So yeah, these are amazing.

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