Top 10 Best Video Game Controllers of All Time

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1 Gamecube Controller The GameCube controller is the standard controller for the GameCube video game console. The controller has 2 control sticks (a control stick and the C-stick), 4 action buttons (A, B, X and Y), 2 triggers (L and R), a shoulder button (Z) and the Start/Pause button (what it does is self-explanatory).

If there's at least anything completely undeniable about this little beast is that its controller is the king of kings. Also my opinion the best analog stick on a controller of all time. Also, I love how the buttons actually have shapes so I can know what button I'm actually pressing. Similar to how I know the buttons I press on a PlayStation controller. Shapes and symbols beat letters any day. No game I ever played on this system I ever had a problem with. Beats Xbox 360 controller because the D-Pad on the Xbox is awful awful awful. Only little gripe for Gamecube controller is the C analog stick is kinda tiny. 10/10. Xbox 360 is right behind at like a 9.8/10.

2 PlayStation 4 Controller

I LOVE this controller! My only gripe is that the ergonomics aren't as good as the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, but the standards are so high that it don't even care. Every button, including the face buttons, D-pad, control sticks, digital shoulder buttons, and analog triggers is the perfect depth and is a joy to press. Even though it has a battery life of 4-8 hours, it's not a problem since you can just plug it into the console. (Also, you shouldn't be playing video games for more than 4 hours at a time, so you shouldn't have an issue.)

3 Xbox 360 Controller The Xbox 360 controller is the primary controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console and was introduced at E3 2005. The Xbox 360 controller comes in both wired and wireless versions.

You can whine and be a hipster and say " the SNES was best controlz ever", but with the 360 controller, you can't quite deny the all round perfectness. Now I'm actually a 90% PC gamer, and for games when controller suits best, such as Assassin's Creed, my trusty 360 controller is always there. The controller (at least when intact), feels really tight to use. The analog sticks snap back firmly and quickly as soon as you release them and their easy to maneuver and the actually sticks are comfortable to place your thumbs on. The shape of the controller is really comfortable to hold in your hands with some nice curves which just feel so natural. Also the left analog is swapped with the DPAD directional buttons, which, for most games, is a lot easier to reach the analog stick without strain, but fighting games are a little more tricky, although I've never known a fighting game to stop you from using the analog stick as movement as well. The triggers are really nice, spongy, and tight feeling, but I guess the only the I could possibly nitpick at is the shoulder buttons, which some people like a bouncy sort of feel to those buttons but with the 360 it's just like a click, like a PC mouse. I personally find they feel crisper like that, and since the triggers are mostly used more in games, that's usually fine with everyone.

Gotta say I'm gonna miss the 360 being out of date and all, and the Xbox One was sadly such a fail. They even tried to improve the controller by modifying the 360 controller, I guess so they could try and make it more recent and modern. It really didn't turn out well and it feels VERY cheap. Will I be buying a Xbox One controller for my PC? No thank you.

4 Wii U GamePad

To be honest this is my favorite controller ever. It's WAY more comfortable than the Switch is in handheld mode (No offense to the Switch, as it's a fantastic console, but the GamePad simply has phenomenal ergonomics.) and innovative with its touchscreen too. when I borrowed a console and GamePad from a friend and then got sick I just lied on my couch and played Super Mario 3D World on the GamePad. It gets a lot of hate for being bulky, but that's actually one of the controller's strength. It's bulky, and yet really light, so it's quite satisfying to hold in your hands. 10/10

5 Super Nintendo Controller

Just nice and simple and classic. That's all I need!

This Controller literally invented how modern controllers are built, with that 4 button layout and the shoulder buttons

It looks like a dumb controller but is nice.

6 Xbox One Controller

Between this and the Switch Pro Controller, I'd say it has slightly better ergonomics due to the meaty build to its grips. My one real issue is that the face buttons are very shallow and the directional pad and shoulder buttons are very clicky. Fortunately, the sticks are very good and the analog triggers are decent.

It's pretty good, but I don't like that you have to replace the batteries when it dies instead of charging it.

LT and RT triggers have never felt so brilliant! Also the design is the sleekest thing I have EVER seen, beats the PS4 controller any day!

7 Wii Remote

By itself it's a decent controller, but the Nunchuk really helps it shine. The motion controls are rock-solid, especially when they want to be. When you think about it, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk resemble the two rightmost prongs of a Nintendo 64; you have the joystick, the A and B buttons, the D-Pad on the right side above A and B, the + and - buttons that replace the start button, and the C and Z on the Nunchuk for shoulder buttons.

Wiimote: I love this controller. It has the best motion controls out there! Even Nintendo was so creative that in some games, (ex. Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros, etc.) you turn it sideways like it's a NES controller or something. Best controller ever!

Nunchuck: Okay, the reason why I like this one is because it gives you more buttons, (Joystick, C, Z) so it makes Super Smash Bros easier to understand. Also, you NEED it for some games. I like it because you can actually hold all 3 buttons at once.

Classic Controller Pro: I haven't used it, OR EVEN SEEN IT AT STORES YET! So right now, I know nothing about it except that it makes it an actual controller. I think the one with the grips looks better. How about you?

8 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller took everything that was ever good about the Nintendo Gamecube Controller, and perfected it, increased its build quality and made ergonomics the number 1attribute. It feels so nice in the hand, the gyroscope motion controls are absolutely perfect for games like Splatoon, and the buttons are sized perfectly right. This is the best controller ever made.

This is by far the greatest controller. Perfect ergonomics, triggers, etc. No idea why Gamecube controller is #1, I mean sure it's beautiful and has a good layout but the buttons are as unresponsive as they can get, half of the time I don't know if I jumped in time.

9 Playstation 2 Controller
10 PlayStation 3 Controller The PlayStation 3 Controller is an input device used for interacting with the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console. It features Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and includes traditional buttons as well as motion-sensing capabilities through its Sixaxis technology.

This controller is perfect! Putting the joysticks on the bottom feels more comfortable for me, and the d-pad being 4 close together buttons is better, and the triggers on the back respond great!

Dude. The joysticks also work as buttons. In Minecraft, you press the left joystick to change your view (I'm used to the third-person view) and press the right joystick to fly down or crouch.

There all the same controllers so it's a tie for the same spot
Update: I take that back, this is the best Dual Shock controller to date.

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11 Genesis Controller

This controller is very comfortable for my hands and the layout and amount of buttons is really good for it's time!

This thing is very uncomfortable to hold and doesn't have enough buttons

Needs more than 3 buttons, and start should not be above the abc buttons

12 PlayStation Controller

The one that started it all with the white color controller it was not too bad the moving in a few games are quite weird but fine controller.

13 N64 Controller

I like this controller, except for the analog stick. But hey, it's really good for it's time

Look at the analog stick, the N64 made the dualshock exist.

Did Nintendo realize that people had 2 hands and not 3?

14 Dreamcast Controller

The Dreamcast controller is my favorite.

Yea kinda weird at times but yea good.

Small buttons, slippery control stick, awkward triggers, but its still usable

15 Wii Classic Controller Pro

I have one its good but the rounded corners make it bad for your hands and after long gaming sessions your hand gets really sore. But the wii is last gen so its we can't really complain. Overall its not a bad controller. It's better than using the nunchuck and wiimote at least

It's probably the best controller for 2d gaming period.

So much better than the old classic controller. that one was like holding a bar of soap

16 NES Controller

I would place this in the top 10 easily over the Wii or XB1 controller.

Very good, could be a little less rough around the edges, though

17 NES Advantage Controller

This controller is great. The turbo buttons are useful. The 8-direction joystick replacing the d-pad is worth it. It's kind of large but still great. Perfect Nintendo!

18 Sega Saturn Model 2

Be sure to pick up the Japanese version of the controller because I've heard it's amazing.

This controller has everything you need basically.

19 Atari 2600 Controller

This thing is really good! the only downside I can think of is sometimes if I need to use the trigger button and the joystick my hands can get uncomfortable after a while

20 Wii-U Pro Controller

This controller SUCKS. We got it and tried to play Mario Kart 8 with it, and every time we used it, our karts would slow down at random times. It is a piece of junk that lasted five minutes. Do NOT spend your money on it.

One of the most comfortable controllers I've ever used and I love the button placement, 2 sticks on top is outstanding, just like the gamepad, and the battery beats every controller on this list, 80 hours!

Best Nintendo controller ever and best controller ever. 80+ battery life, wireless, the only downgrade are the digital triggers

21 Xbox One Elite Controller
22 Keyboard and Mouse
23 Nintendo 3DS

Guys, think new nintendo 2ds xl. definitely the best handheld controller of all time. Gamecube deserves number one and I'm glad its up there

24 PC Engine Controller
25 DualShock 2
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