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1 SuperMarioLogan Logan Thrityacre, (born in Florida 1994-) also known as SuperMarioLogan, is an American YouTuber and puppeteer, who makes YouTube videos with puppets and plush dolls.

His videos are so funny! My favorite was his longest video, Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World parts 1 and 2, which were so over the top hilarious!

Even though YouTube is attacking his channel, he is still going strong.

Good job, Logan!

He is the best plush tiger ever, and I don't know why he didn't get first place. It's insane!

2 Simontv17

This is the best YouTuber ever. He has quality regular plush videos, and he does other great videos. If you don't watch him, you're missing out on great videos.

He makes YouTube videos about his plush Simon and his friends, and he has great content.

He is a good plush YouTuber who uploads weekly. He focuses around a country called Dogland, and Simon, who is the mascot of the channel.

3 StacheBros

It's like the rebooted Warner Bros cartoons' humor and story, like Looney Tunes, all together (except that this is better than Looney Tunes, in my opinion).

4 MarioMario8989

MM8989 is, in my opinion, the best because he was the originator of plush tubers and has a lot of comedy and adventure in his videos and a lot of funny jokes. He deserves to be the most subscribed plush channel there is.

Oh come on! I've been watching these guys for over 8 years! And I've got to say, they top SML by a ton. Sure, their version of Mario is a bit of a jerk, but the thing is they don't swear, and they are not boring to adults either.

In my opinion, quality beats quantity. In fact, SML's modern videos are just filler with a lot of Bowser Jr. (most of them) but don't get mad at me for this, it's just my opinion.

5 SuperDentBros

One of the best! Sadly, they stopped uploading 5 years ago randomly, but maybe they'll be like Spindashpro and come back.

6 LuigiFan00001

He's funny and has been active on YouTube since 2011. Also, he is really great with editing and music.

He was the first YouTuber I have ever seen. I love his Plants vs Zombies plush videos!

7 RosyTheRascal15
8 CrazyMarioBros

I love your videos. I love the video called The Swear Jar. You are the coolest plush tuber ever! I have some video ideas for you:
- Bowser's Homemade McDonald's
- Larry's Death Machine
- Luigi's Underground Base
- Yoshi's Evil Friend

I love this channel. I have been watching CrazyMarioBros for 3 years. I love the video Mario exe!

I love CrazyMarioBros. They are good, and I have plushes too!

9 Goomzilla

His tutorial to make certain characters (or other stuff) is so helpful, and the props in each video make the video like an actual adventure.

10 Tuckerdeerboy Productions

Great videos! Entertaining with original ideas and humor!

I love your channel, and the videos are very good!

His videos are funny and creative. He is not like any other plush tubers. I don't know why he is not one of the best.

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11 EpicMarioBros

He's so much better than SML. At least Epic had some heart and creativity. Logan barely uses creativity, and even if he did, it would get bad because of Jeffy. Logan doesn't use old characters well. The best character for me now is Black Yoshi because Black Yoshi changed and got funnier. He's way more funny than one of Jeffy's crappy modern videos.

Epic has a lot of creativity, likable characters, a fun plot, and the wordplay between characters is so clever.

He has videos that may not be the best, but at least they're creative, unlike SML's videos where they're not even trying with the story. Epic Mario Bros was Logan when he started. He has some epic, crazy, awesome, insane, cool videos. Also, he has a good plot, good wordplay between characters, and likable characters.

12 BowserJr.CoolCame
13 LuigiChannel50

Not a well-known channel by any means, but he has a ton of potential.

14 Puppet Steve

It is awesome how they do fun and funny things with friends and unboxing.

15 Super James Bros

I liked them the last time I watched them, you know, the last video they made, but they're gone now.

16 MrGojira95

I think that this channel can be considered good by some people, but there can be small improvements. First of all, the videos can be seen as too stereotypical. Next, all of the characters are based on video games, which can be considered cliché. Lastly, the videos are not uploaded as frequently as other plush YouTubers. This YouTube channel should not be in the top ten.

I love the stories he puts in each character. Plus, his Sonic voice sounds like it's actually him. (He should be Sonic in the new Sonic movie.)

17 SuperMarioLan
18 BowserPower

BowserPower should deserve to be higher up on here, not at number 15. Every video of his is a joy to watch and really gets you hooked. I don't know how he does it, but he does it well.

I love it still, even though he doesn't post anymore.

He should be number 1. I'm his biggest fan. I saw every one of his videos. I love his channel.

19 Sonic Dude18
20 AHH Productions
21 MandJTV
22 Elmo Bird Grover Bert

Oh, come on, how is this not number 1? He's the best! Don't get me wrong, I like these people, but in my opinion, this guy is great.

He's really funny. Check him out.

23 GameCubeDude100
24 MilesTails101
25 HyperNovaPuma
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