Top 10 Best Lost Saga Heroes

Lost Saga is a beat-em-up style MMO brawler game where you choose your own character. Characters are known as Heroes.
The Top Ten
1 Hazama

From BlazBlue, Hazama joins Lost Saga with his mighty chains that are used to overpower opponents. One of the most mobile heroes in the game, possibly the MOST mobile.

Incredible combos, unusual skills!

2 Samurai

With a very quick katana, Samurai slashes opponents back and forth until the opponent's life has ended. Extremely pressuring.

3 Yumira

Coming from God of Highschool, Yumira uses an extremely tough baton to bash opponents to death. You can't make Yumira stop, even if you're dead!

4 D'Artagnan

Based on one of the original Musketeers, D'Artagnan fights with his mighty rapier to quickly slash opponents. Slashes super fast and drifts around like no other.

5 Gumiho

As a rare hero, Gumiho knows how to use his mighty claws to destroy opponents. But on the outside, he's just an innocent cat!

6 Shadow Assassin

The very first hero in the game uses a mighty pair of claws. Shadow Assassin is a destroying hero that is both fast and very versatile.

7 Lucifer

Known as a Fallen Angel, Lucifer is my favorite hero. A very well-balanced character that bases the look and style of his attacks on the forces of pure evil.

8 Witch

Using a very powerful flight, along with a trusty orb, Witch is bound to destroy opponents. Known as the most annoying hero in the game.

9 Iori Yagami

Coming from the King of Fighters, Iori Yagami uses his mighty purple flame to destroy opponents. Has many infinite combos that are practically unbeatable.

Even in the game he is from, Iori is OP.

10 Destroyer

Armed with a ghost crown, ancient trinket, and royal robe (a set I've seen so common that it's annoyingly unoriginal), this hero becomes a near invincible, highly maneuverable, highly damaging, super fast fire rate monster with the capability to combo you off the map in an abundance of ways thanks to the ancient trinket. Also:

1. He has the capability to near infinite you.
2. His super fast fire rate disallows you any room to block. (Leads into near infinite)
3. Higher base damage than Vmech who has lower fire rate, less range, and limited combo ability.

-From a Vmech master and destroyer hater who knows a lot about both heroes' capabilities.

The Contenders
11 Nang In
12 Hades
13 Striker
14 Devil
15 Alice

Her gatling gun form is the best!

16 Assassin
17 Tao Warrior
18 Nacha

Not many players use this hero, but it's really great at capturing an enemy in the air.

19 Dragon Slayer
20 Yi Sun Sin

Super recovery passive charge OP, use defensive passive gear to make him tankier such as iron knight armor with viking shield!

21 Grim Reaper
22 F-Saber
23 Zhao Yun
24 Flash
25 Peter Pan
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