Top 10 Best Clash of Clans Troops

What are the best Clash of Clans Troops from Best to Worst?
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1 Dragon

I wonder why everyone else uses dragons so well. When I use dragons, they always go around the town hall. others keep telling me to use dragons for clan war and trophy pushing, but when I use then, they almost always go where ever I don't want them to go. I have only two starred a town hall 8 once. and I have never done any three star raids with dragons except against town hall sevens, even when I try funneling them towards the air defenses, they never do that. I even have trouble attacking some town hall sevens with dragons. I wonder how a lot of other people use dragons so well. Their my least favorite. After 12 failed raids, I stopped using them

Dragons on 1st place? Hehehe... Sure, keep attacking with dragons! my Archer Queen loves to hunt them down and I certainly enjoy watching those once feared dumb beasts fall before my Queen feet and under the X-bows, air defences and tesla towers fire... Hehehe great fun indeed!
However, Dragons are the best defense in castle troops. They just wipe out Giants, Hog Riders, Barbarians Kings and Pekkas, in other words troops that can deal real damage!

Try dropping 2 far left and 2 far right. Put the rest in between a few second later. This will direct the attack a bit more accurate towards your desired target. This way you will always 3 star a th8 with level 2 or higher. Level 4 dragons can 3 star a th9 with 4 lighting and 2 earthquake spells. My favourite troop for clan wars!

They are awesome high damage troops! They are sometimes moderately hard to control but you just have to know where to place them and when to us them. Air defenses take them down easily, so it's frustrating when they go for, like the gold BESIDE the air defense while it shoots them! Overall awesome though!

2 P.E.K.K.A

Pekka does literally 500 damage at maxed out. Not to mention nearly 4000 hp. Sorry mate, the dragon has no chance against the PEKKA. However in the new update the release of the Electro Dragon has to be taken into account. Does the Electro Dragon go under the category of "dragons"? If so the Electro Dragon is WAY better than the PEKKA. First of all the Electro Dragon has WAY more attack or hp over the PEKKA. In addition to that its got the "air troop" advantage. Its like mixing a Pekka with a dragon: the ultimate troop. And that's what the Electro Dragon is. The power and health of a PEKKA and the air troop advantage of the dragon. Not to mention the OP destroyed damage which is approx. 1000. This means if the troop is killed it does 1000 damage to nearby buildings right before death. I think pekka and dragon are equal, but Electro Dragon really is the best troop of Semester 1 2018. If there was a category for Electro Dragob I would vote for it. "But then why couldn't you just vote ...more

The P.E.K.K.A. has obsurdly high health and damage. It can take out max level heroes, and although it is not the fastest troop in the game, she still has a decent movement speed. I would vote the dragon after P.E.K.K.A. since its stats are fairly close, and it comes and has better range. Those are her only weaknesses, along with Tesla's.

Actually if I tell P.E.K.K.A should be the best troop. If hidden teslas can kill a P.E.K.K.A but the other defences can't kill a P.E.K.K.A. It has more lives than a dragon. Whatever may be the P.E.K.K.A comes on many defences but still its lives are unormus. But compared to dragons have lesser lives as only little defences are attacking them. But P.E.K.K.A is going up to tons of defences. that is the opinion why I agree on P.E.K.K.A sould be first

I would say the pekka is the best troop. It has the highest damage per second at level one than any other max level troop. To make it even more powerful, the pekka at max level is more power full than a level 45 barbarian king. Suprising, right?. It can also take out most buildings in a single blow.

3 Wizard

Wizards are awesome in groups! They may not have much health but they are great at just attacking! I myself like to use these paired with Dragons and I find them easy to donate to my clan members most have 20 Clan Castle space so 5 fills em right up! I love to use them against Resource bases because you can place 3 down, destroy the base, then end the battle and I get 6 - 10 easy trophies! Then spend 2 minutes to let me get 3 more, then head back out into battle! This works especially well for lower level players that are Silver II and under and can give you 100 trophies in under an hour!

Wizard is the best!
Suited for pretty much every strategy (pekkas golems and wizards; giants and wizards; golems and wizards etc). Does VERY high damage for his price and housing space and doesn't get intant killed by any defences. Housing space of 8 means that you can pile hoards of them at the enemy and with giants/golems as a meat shield, wizards will get in the middle and get you a star from the th while also getting 50% on the way. They do splash damage which means they kill small enemy hoards and shoot upwards which is good vs dragons and minions. Wizards are used by the people starting from silver 3 (or whenever you get them) all the way up to the top. #VOTE WIZARD

The Wizard is one of the best troops in the game, hands down. All you need is a tank like a Golem or two or some Giants, and the Wizards will absolutely demolish behind them. I use them in all my ground attacks. In fact, EVERYONE should use them in all their ground attacks! Dragons are only good for a two-star attack most of the time. Wizards, on the other hand, are used in almost all the great attacks out there, like GoWiWi and GoWiPe.

The best in damage, I am a TH7 and I am easily able to wreck 2 stars againsts TH7s. Cheap, only 3k cost and when used behind giants along with archers, they WRECK HAVOC. When I become a TH8, I shall keep them behind a Golem and use Pekkas and WBs as support. Much better than dragons, and cheaper. 1 archer to lure CC troops, at TH8 Gowipe shall secure me 3 stars against a TH8 guaranteed, even with bomb tower. Only weak point: is the mortar. But level 5 troops are good. I currently use Giwiarch, and 5 wizards level 4 can even take down a level 6 dragon if properly placed. Remember to use meatshields, it will help. I think wizard is the best troop in this game, can be used from TH5, but is effective only from TH6 and up.

4 Valkyrie

She's got plenty of hit points not to mention damage per second. With her splash damage, its no sweat to take out pesky barbarians or archers. Since she swings in between buildings, its like taking out two birds with one stone. Valkyries are perfect for clan castle defense (Townhall 4-8). However, Valkyries are extremely unpredictable when using them in attacks, as sometimes the move completely around the enemies base. With a well thought out troop evaluation, I think Valkyries should be #2 or #3 on this troop list.

Valkyries are insanely powerful as Clan Castle troops. They can't be killed with one lightning spell and are hard to take out with mass barbarians and archers. The best way to take them out are spread archers, but that uses a lot of time, so they are amazing Clan Castle troops and I agree should be #1.

Valkyries are great for Clan Castle defense! one valkyrie can take down a number of troops in one swoop of her bid, heavy and dangerous battle axe! The valkyrie is mostly used in war defences, but not much in attacks! Vote for the valkyrie, vote for defense!

Pekka without armour, wiz with more health, but no range. And quite quick moving. Both of which are 2+3 here. A combo of them, Valkyrie, should be at least 4 on this list, if not #1!

5 Golem

Awesome unit, although it's low damage points mean that it takes a lot of time to wreck the wall. Group with a couple of wall breakers and walls will disappear in no time at all. But they are pretty much exposed to eagle artillery especially. Put in giants as well and there will be a bigger possibility that the meat shield will last longer enough for the sweaters like wizards to clean out the rest of the remaining buildings.

At high levels you simply can't do without Golems! Use them with Healers to protect the Queen, King and wizards/archers and you'll get at least 2 stars! They really can take a lot of damage, protect your heroes from X-bow and tesla towers fire, while they and the other troops wipe out the base.

Most health out of any troop (including its spawned troops), one of these (along with a decent army comp) can 3 star a base high up in crystal, master, and even champions. Not to mention, used by pretty much all champions league players, aka the guys that are the best at attacking/defending. Coincidence? I tink not.

Golem's are my favourite troop because they can be a huge tank and he is very reliable for an army to soak up damage and let the others do some damage.

6 Hog Rider

Hog Riders are the best! I don't have them yet but have seen them in battle, and I think they are the dragons of the lower level bases! My friends brag about all Hog Rider three star attacks. Dragons are great for higher level bases, and Hog Riders for lower ones! Love these guys, and really want them!

Hog riders jump over walls and do high damage but there health goes a way a little fast so yeah but other than that they are amazing I actually got a 3 star and it was in war so that was pretty cool!

The only thing that can beat hogs are double giant bombs, clan castle troops, and the archer queen. Other then that, they are invincible! They jump over walls and do high damage!

They can jump over walls! They work well together. Last time I did an all hog attack I got three stars. AWESOME! They go for defenses which is amazing. And they are super fast.

7 Balloon

I remember, back in the old town hall days. I was so exited for balloons! I absolutely couldn't wait, because I also though wall breakers were really cool. No 'suicidal' wall breakers? Wow! :) I couldn't hope for better! So than I asked for more in my clan castle and I got easy three stars. And then I got them bringing the 3 star demand up and up. But suddenly, when we had to destroy more buildings, and the air sweeper came up in my town hall 7 base, I couldn't do as much as I wanted. Now they are really expensive to use and only go after the load of defences. Since their are a lot of air traps, they get down easily. I liked that first day my clan mate gave me a ballon...

Dragoons, and balloonions are my favorite troop combo, in all balloons are the most imp factor, they do and give heavy damage, without balloons dragons will wander, and taken down by air defences and also the minions are too fragile to get exposed, so in all ways it's the best troop of this game... Also the most favourite.

Not good until TH9, simply because it requires Lava Hound. This works at most times, with the help of Minions and Wizards, or any of these troops.

Even the Level 6 Balloons are too easily taken out by Air Defenses, Wizard Towers and Hidden Teslas. You are better off going with Dragons, or better yet, not using air troops at all.

8 Witch

That does the job for taking the advantage on quantity rather than individuality. Because they reproduce more and more Skeletons they kick off single target defenses. They should be used well, though, these high powered Skeletons can be dead in an instant thru splash damage.

Witches are great I don't think she should be #8 she stays a bit behind the other troops she is amazing not to mention she can bring back troops from the dead to help attack.

The new level 3 witch kicks some serious butt! Keep them away from defenses and they summon an amazing army of skeletons, each skeleton about as good as a barb.

How is the witch lower than barbs and archers? As long as she's kept a little away from the battle, she's a boss! And why's the giant at 10?

9 Giant

Now that they have level 7 in the new update they are now better than golems for 5 good reasons.
1. They are SO much cheaper than golems.
2. You can hold a lot more of them so you can distract multiple places at once distracting defenseless for your wizzards.
3. they do damage. Again the golems have so much health (correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they have 4800 at max level) and they do no damage and attack WAY to slow. How ever giants do damage. In my clan our top guy was kind enough to give me maxed out giants, and they 3 shoot a level 3 mortar! I would not have won that battle with out them.
4. They dominate in bronze. If you get 5 giants with 20 archers on a bronze base you win basically. In our last clan war our bottom guy 3 stared their 23/25 guy with level 1 troops. Insane right?
5. they surprisingly work without any help. If you have seen MasterOVs all giant raid video he 3 stared a base with ease. Also I feel like I have to mention that in his all wizard ...more

Giants are GREAT for town hall 6 and below. But in town hall 7 you get the barbarian king. And then the golem in town hall 8. suddenly, the demand for a giant does down. More golems and hog riders are used. More gowiwies and gowipes. No more giant healer archer or giant barbarian. This makes me miss the old town hall levels were the weaker troops could bring you far distances and levels you dream for ahead.

Giants are extremely slow and die before destroying all defenses. Half giants die before destroying level 4 walls. But Giants are still important because before unlocking dark elixir troops if they die the game is lost.

Giants are great because there cheap and they don't take that long to train there even better paired with wizards I would advise you use them if your a farmer but they still work great even if your not a farmer. there a bit slow but also paired with rage there not to bad they can help get past some tough spots.

10 Barbarian

In my opinion strength in numbers is key. What I do is spawn in 5-10 giants to draw the defenses fire then I spawn in about 50 barbs and let them tear it apart. Usually by the time the giants are dead the barbs have finished trashing the place and dominate the renaming defenses.
Their only downfall is that if the mortars and wizard towers don't get taken down quickly you are so screwed if you only have Barbs. which is why it is always handy to have a healer or two handy. If things still are not working for you get a lightning spell and healing spell into the battle.
I could go on for about 50 more reasons why this troop is the best. Also don't dislike this comment because I put barbs instead of Barbarians.

Barbarian are very good troops they have the most damage in tier 1 group troops and they take only 1 housing space they do quite good amount of damage and goes will with king under ability,their only major weakness is splash damage although that doesn't matters much they can easily overwhelm any point defense and are good for farming and cleanup as they are extremely cheap!

Barbarians are better than archers they have more health and are more powerful. They work great together in groups like 15 barbs after the same thing destroys it pretty quickly. Mortars can get these guys though so beware of putting them in groups sometimes.

Who compiled this list? If I wanted to 100% a base with an army of 240 level 6 barbarians; I would have to drop about 1500 cups to find a level 6 town hall, attack it with the barbarians and maybe, just maybe I would 100% destroy that base.
This is stupid top 10 list because everyone will have a different opinion.

The Contenders
11 Lava Hound

Lava Pups are basically Barbarians. Golems are much more awesome

Lava Hound isn't really that good.

I used these tons in the past but now cause th 11 came I used bowlers fr a while but they kinda stink. SO I use the valks more like other th 11.

I don't have these guys yet but most people don't request u have that to join a clan. Nobody asks for them when requesting for troops and no one puts them in the war cc. I'm guessing they aren't that great.

12 Archer

Archers are very effective when in a group they can shoot from a distance so they aren't always the center of attention. But they have low health so they die easily and their damage per second is low. They are quick though. Just watch out for mortars with these guys.

The best troop in my opinion! You can drop 220 of them on a th9 and get a lot of loot without loosing trophies. Will almost always score a 50% damage using them. Combine with 8 earthquake spells and you can raid deep into a base and its storages using only archers

They're so cool but they die easier then barbs. But they're fast. I like them so much because in the Virtual Reality thing, the archer's voice is UBER COOL!

Archers are great, the only thing about them though is that they are killed in one shot by mortars, so heal spells won't even do anything.

13 Wall Breaker

Wall breakers are great they can break walls so the troops like giants can cross to go after defenses.

Good For Blasting Through Walls for ground troops like giant and barbarian and they do it with a BANG!

Wallbreakers are INCREDIBLE. Except for the fact that they are terrible if you don't have giants and the commit suicide.

For me they sometimes die before they even do any damage, even when I tank for it. They should give wallbreakers way more health.

14 Goblin

They should make goblins smarter. Since they are the fastest troops, they can run away from any clan castle troop.

Goblins are awesome! Best for loot! There favourite targets are Resources, Town hall and clan castle

I don't like them, they run out WAY to quickly!

Goblin are horrible till level 5 or over.

15 Healer

Can be used as an exemption of healing spell only good with tier 3 ground troops,can be intensively used in queen walk but latest update makes them trigger traps and they are now weaker!

Come on healers are raid savers. Look at my story on the archer queen and you'll de what I mean.

Healers are pretty useless I prefer the healing spell over her.

They should be 5-10, they are better than the normal heal spell.

16 Minion

I understand minions may not be the most useful troop in the game but balloonion strategy is such a good pushing and farming attack at th7 and 8 that they deserve to be top 12 at least. Or AT LEAST higher than goblins!

The mass minion strategy is so good for the goblin maps. With lv2 minions, I wrecked the goblin map called Rolling Terror in less than a minute.

Balloonions are epic when balloons take the damage minions destroy everything as long as their numbers are high.

When tanked with balloons, their destruction is total.

17 Bowler

Throws huge boulders between buildings and causes double destruction.

Mix it with witch and you're good to go!

Bowlers are amazingly great a bowler and valkires and healer raid is amazing!

These troops are awesome for taking out buildings behind buildings

18 Miner

The miner is invincible underground and using all 144 slots (max base) you can 1 hit everything in under one second, this leaves them up for less then one second meaning 1 shot or less will be shot at them. They are too overpowered.

The miner is highly OP, specially maxed out one. It can take down some seriously good bases and is very helpful in clan wars. I mean literally, if you spawn them anywhere and use some spells, you get 2-3 stars every time. I don't know why it's so low in ranking.

Miners are super op, and you can actually just spam 'em all in one place and they'll almost always get 2star, sometimes even 3stars.

Good at taking out barbs and archer queen on defense especially when archer queen behind a wall.

19 Baby Dragon

Yes! As I'm writing this, the baby dragon and the miner have just come out 3 days ago. Everyone was hoping supercell added troops to clash of clans from clash royale, and they finally did. The only weird thing is that the baby dragon requires a higher leveled barracks than the dragon. I don't know about you, but in war, I'd rather have an adult on my side than a baby.

The baby dragon is a really good defense troop.

How is this lower than all these FAKE troops?!?

The baby is much more cool than the adult.

20 Grand Warden

How is the Grand Warden lower than FAKE troops?! I mean, he's not all that great, but that's why he's used for support rather than power like the Archer Queen or Barbarian King. Hopefully over time this list will clean up.

His supporting to other troops is amazing and he can save your pekka, for example, from a single target inferno with his ability.

Strongest troops ever

The most best hero