Best Battlefield 3 Maps

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1 Gulf of Oman (Back to Karkand)

Great size, well layed out, and fantastic use of teamwork, I must say that this could possibily beat Strike at Karkand in gameplay. Perfect for Conquest and the Conquest Assualt plus Rush, the graphics from Frostbite 2, even just the enviroment itself makes it great for players starting anew or for pro players to let it out. One problem though is that yet its big enough for both console and PC users, it should be expanded even more for a true battle.

2 Strike at Karkand (Back to Karkand)

Whoever played Battlefield 2 couldn't forget this place, probably a huge favorite for its time. It's great for Conquest Assualt and Rush because of its wide range of flanking and attacking plus its perfect for all out street battles. The map was even featured and used in Battlefield 2145.

I played hours over hours on this map with the scar-l conquest assault it was really great fun this map is so good and beautiful really enjoy it..

Awesome urban combat. I sign up the text below. Every evening I'm striking Karkand.

3 Nebandan Flats (End Game)

Very popular for gamemodes like Tank Supprority, many players would refer the map to hell on earth for infantry. Though not quite as big as I thought it would be, it still impresses with it use of tactical gameplay and menuvering.

4 Kharg Island

The best default map for the BF3 multiplayer maps, it didn't dissapoint. Recomended though being played on the PC for maximum experience, nothing like a huge conquest game on this huge map.

Great for your own style of playing. For recons, you have a huge mountain to hide on and rocks for covering and hiding. For engineers, you have hiding spots to pop out behind a tank and blow it up. Support, you can simply troll people unexpectedly. Last but not least assault, you can just plain be a helping soldier and medic soldier.

Second best map after operation firestorm that by the way should be added on this list

5 Noshahr Canals

Second best map for the original BF3 map set. Favoritly used for Rush games.

6 Ziba Tower (Close Quarters)

I don't have the DLC for it but it looks beast.

7 Operation Metro

Best map in conquest mode.

8 Wake Island 2014

Once more, another Battlefield 2 map, but this time for all games. Wake Island being used from Battlefield 1942 to now, has not dissapointed many.

9 Seine Crossing

Map has very realistic CQC situation with holding down rooms and buildings. Flags are structured and set to help with a lot of games movement so players seek enemies when gathering flags for Conquest. This map also offers a lot of mixed used of sniper and assualt variations for all players. Best map created by far in my opinion. Most maps feel to big and horde vehicles that seem to OP for even the newest players to work against. This map had little vehicles and a lot of on foot action. Bring more maps like this in the future in BF4 new DLC

Not much to say about this map exept its best for Squad Deathmatch and Sqaud Rush.

Just a great map.

10 Alborz Mountains (Armored Kill)

Ok map. The trees at the US deployment centure is annoying when driving a LAV for example.

The Contenders
11 Caspian Border

The most beautiful, one of the biggest and diverse maps. Definitely the face of BF3.

12 Grand Bazaar

This map was great for infantry combat expecially in the center alley way.

Nasty muggy map.

13 Talah Market (Aftermath)

Many claim it to be their Operation Metro over the original one. Large and diverse, it gives satisfaction to all players. Ensure to be best playing in a squad for this map.

14 Damavand Peak
15 Bandar Desert (Armoured Kill)
16 Sharqi Peninsula (Back to Karkand)
17 Operation 925 (Close Quarters)
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