Top 10 Most Annoying Dragon's Dogma Enemies

Dragon's Dogma is a very fun game that is becoming a series, this franchise is more than likely going to hold your attention for numerous days with it's beautiful graphics, incredible boss fights, awesome orchestrated metal hybrid music, large amount of fun side quests and it's realistic yet engrossing combat against various monsters based off of mythology, including being able to climb up giant monsters in order to get at their weak spots and bring them down! But sadly for every fun enemy there is to fight there are always going to be some enemies out there that just kill your fun. There are certain types of monsters in these games that have unfair advantages, being ridiculously common, or have a gimmick that just makes things frustrating rather than fun or unique. Some of the enemies in this game series can be more frustrating towards some people more than others depending on what class they picked but the worst enemies in this series can be frustrating regardless of what class they picked. This list is dedicated to the most annoying and worst of them all.
The Top Ten
1 Wraiths

Wraiths are easily in the top 5 most annoying enemies in Dragon's Dogma, others being the Living Armor, Strigoi, Hellhounds and the winner by a nose: the Eliminator. Exclusive to the Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion pack and are only found on Bitterblack Isle, these guys are the strongest members of the ghost type enemy class and that alone can be bad because ghost enemies can only be hurt by magic and basically what that means is that if no one in your party can use magic, you can't beat them. And just like the other ghost type enemies: NEVER FIGHT THESE GUYS ALONE, they attack by latching on to you causing your health to drop fast until one of your Pawns hit you, and if they latch on to one of your Pawns: get it off fast because if it sticks to them for to long your pawn will become corrupted causing it to turn on you, and they also attack by flying through you which not only causes damage but it causes you to flinch, get inflicted with curse and drench, and the drench status alignment makes you heavier and puts out your lantern and if that happens during nighttime or in dungeons or caves, everything goes near pitch-black for a long time making it nearly impossible to see anything and Bitterblack Isle is ALWAYS DARK! And like every other ghost enemy: whenever you hit them, they disappear and you have to wait a while for them to reappear which causes the fight with them to drag on for a long time and to make matters worse: these guys are highly resistant to magic (their only weakness) even Holy magic does poor damage to them, and they even appear in groups of 3-5. To make matters even worse: just like a lot of other enemies on this list: they love to gang bang you with other enemies, but they do that more than all of the other enemy on this list - in fact - they gang bang you with virtually every enemy on this list! Yes. Every enemy, including Various Saurians, Specters, Poisoned Undead, Garms, Elder Ogres, Cockatrices, Firedrakes, Frostwyrms, Thunderwyverns,... more

2 Eliminators

Nothing worse than these guys. Get knocked down by a crowd of em you'll never get up again thanks to instant kill attacks

There was some seriously stiff competition in Dragon's Dogma for the title who is the most annoying enemies in the series but those Eliminators are definitely the winners! (or losers?)! I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE these sledgehammer wielding brutes in minotaur armor! They're beyond nasty and they've killed me more times than any other enemy or boss in Dragon's Dogma and are the bane of my existence! They are incredibly strong and attack by charging you and swinging their sledgehammers around in a frenzy, blocking is useless as they will go right through your defenses and send you flying, and if you're near a cliff when this happens (which they often appear next to) then I'll see you at the bottom in a game over screen! Dodging is the best method to avoid getting knocked down but good luck dodging something four times your size. And do you have any idea how infuriating it is to be tossed around like a rag doll again and again by these a-holes without being able to get back up?! If you get knocked down you better get up before the Eliminator pins you to the ground because if he does than goodbye cruel world because it's nearly impossible to mash that button fast enough to get back up before he hammer-slams you into the ground killing you instantly! And there have been times I've been killed by this method then after I revive myself To this day I've never been able to escape from their one-hit kills in time! And it gets worse: they always gang attack you with other enemies including some of the other annoying enemies in Dragon's Dogma including Living Armor and Wraiths, and if there's more than one Eliminator than you're dead, plain and simple. Because while you're trying to take down one the other can charge you and instantly knock you back, pin you to the ground and nail your face into another game over screen. All these facts are especially emphasized in the Fallen City - the final area in Dark Arisen before the final battle where there's around THIRTEEN ELIMINATORS!... more

3 Hellhounds

Bouny balls of death
Just this, they don't deal a lot of dmg, but hey, he doesn't care if you're level. 200 fighter with full goldforged gear. He will still drag you like some wortless trash around the arena.

4 Living Armor
5 Strigoi

I play with a party of 3 sorcerers and a mage for healing and weapon enchantments, when I can lay down three rounds of meteors at one time on an enemy it is some of the most fun I have had on the game plus it is a great reward for the timing and patience it takes to cast such spells...but the strigoi is my number one in most annoying of enemies, they are too fast for me to get in any spells, and when there is more than one it is just insane, but then again I may need to just change my party vocations...either way though, these guy are not fun nor interesting, to me it is just a big red harpy variant.

6 Firedrakes

They have ungodly defence for no reason, and their character model is so low to the ground, that half the time you climb of their chest, they clip you further into the torso, and you lose the weakpoint.

7 Cockatrices
8 Metal Golems
9 Elder Ogres
10 Garms
The Contenders
11 Death
12 Daimon
13 Corrupted Pawn Sorcerer
14 Gorecyclops

Not too bad by themselves, but are nigh on impossible without blast arrows when encountered in the room with two of them and maelstrom casting sorcerers.

15 Lich
16 Corrupted Pawn Ranger
17 Succubi
18 Siren
19 Goblin Shaman
20 Gargoyles

There basically Cliff racers but their tails can turn you to Stone do I even need to say anymore?!?!

21 Gazer

You can't just hurt it. You have to strike the eye or wait for a eye vortex to open to kill it

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