Top Ten Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Brawl Is Bad

You know what we hate? Super Smash Bros Brawl. HERE'S WHY!

Note: I love super smash bros brawl. I don't hate the game.
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1 Meta Knight is Broken

Broken? I use him all the time. Just spam the tornado move like a troll and no one will touch you.

But don't take it from me, I do that the whole game and I still lose.

I think all of you are misunderstanding the definition of "broken". Right now, broken means Meta Knight is way too overpowered for Smash Bros Brawl.

Guys, 'Broken' means TOO GOOD. Broken doesn't mean bad. He's so good that he breaks the game.

2 Sonic Can Swim

Wait Sonic can swim? He lied to me... Sad face sad face sad face. Wait he can swim in Sonic X too? Double sad face. Wait he can even swim in Sonic Satam? Now I'm really mad.

3 No Touhou Girls

You all are clowns! Touhou is not Nintendo!

4 Lucas is Overpowered

Danteem: I'm better than you at Smash Brothers you need to practice more.

He is anything but overpowered.

Seriously, his up smash is so dang powerful. Get me every time... GRRR!

5 The Great Maze

I really couldn't stand this part of the game. It ruined the whole experience for me. I actually stopped playing the game until halfway into the Wii U's Lifespan, roughly a few months before Sm4sh came out. The only way I was able to beat it was with a guide online.

This was badass. It was just a bit hard but sometimes hard stuff is good for you because we sometimes need a challenge.

Worst level in gaming history. This level took me 3 days to complete it. 3 DAYS?! Sakuri!

6 The Stages Get Boring

The Super Mario Sunshine stage is the only good stage that never gets old in my opinion.

7 The Ice Climbers are the Weakest Characters in the Game

The ice climbers are 2nd on the tier list. Look up your facts next time.

The creator of this list probably lost to a Ganondorf playing with a keyboard

8 Solid Snake

"Solid Snake may be a iconic character in the Metal Gear Solid series but he look really out of place in a game with Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and etc. - Chaotixhero" Exactly. I also hate how he overshadows everyone else in this game and how later installments were judged on whether or not he was in there.

Soild Snake may be a iconic character in the Metal Gear Soild series but he look really out of place in a game with Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and etc.

Thank you, Chaotixhero! Finally someone else who doesn't really want him back!

9 Where Was Sonic in the Story All This Time?

You can't blame them for not putting Sonic in earlier. Plus his entrance was pretty awesome anyway.

His entrance was badass though...Sonic is awesome.

And you call me too slow? Where were you by the way?

10 The Subspace Minions Look Like Characters You See in Kingdom Hearts

Do you mean the Heartless or Nobodies?

What kind of reason is that?!

That's like saying Grand Theft Auto V sucks because Michael looks like John Marston

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11 I can't select Zero Suit Samus in the character selection screen

That is a problem. Why not just make it two seperate characters?

12 Tripping

The person who made this list is tripping.

13 No L-cancelling

How is this a reason to hate brawl? And anyways L canceling is one of the reasons Melee is a atrociest piece of garbage

Does it really matter. Brawl is still a bad game even if it had this

14 There are Fewer Female Characters

Brawl should have Amy, Rouge, and Blaze from Sonic.

15 It Has an Annoying Fanbase

Melee and Smash 4 ones are bad as well.

16 Project M

Want to play faster and with Mewtwo? Project M is the mod for you.

Why is this a bad thing? You Make it Project M.

17 Rumble Falls
18 Princess Peach ruined it!

No she didn't. Sh3 just wasnt all that good. She just wasnt all that good is all. She was better in super smash bros melee. But in super smash bros brawl super smash bros brawls system made it too where princess peach was less unique in my opinion! Made princess peach less unique in key opinion!

Just because you don't like Peach doesn't mean she ruined the game. Ass.

I'm sick of this visitor who hates every game that has Peach.

19 No Wavedashing
20 Horrible wi-fi
21 They Cut Mewtwo

They got rid of Mewtwo But Not Jigglypuff? How dare they.

22 It's Too Slow
23 Some Music Tracks are Missing
24 Ganondorf is a rip off of Captain Falcon
25 They Nerfed Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff and Peach
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