Top 10 Strongest Cats In Battle Cats

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1 Crazed Bahamut Cat/Bahamut Cat

I think Awakend Bahamut Cat was meant to be the best cat in the game. I mean you get him after beating the last chapter the most op enemy type Bun Bun he is expensive high DPS, health, and speed in true form. If that isn't enough then just read his description on Wiki. Although many people argue that Tecoluga or Kasa Jizo are the best.

Looking forward to getting it. It is hard for me and I don't know what to do because I'm on chapter 3 moon and teacher bun bun has about 399,000 health! Because I knew that by the Wikipedia.

For a good video of how to get this cat, look up "nurse wuffa the battle cats moon chapter 3". sorry that I can't copy/paste the link because my computer goes crazy when it tries to copy/paste stuff.

Honestly, that damage is a lot, after beating ch 3 moon and getting this beast I became to notice I could defeat chapter 1 moon's base with just 3 to 5 hits!

2 King Dragon Cat/Dragon Cat/Lizard Cat

Dragon cat has great range and amazing damages. Regular dragon is usefully for stages that give you a lot of money because it has a lower recharge time than king dragon and crazed dragon. King dragon is better for stages that give less money because king dragon has better stats than regular dragon.

I haven't goten far but lizard cat has really helped in earlier levels and still helps a lot now.much better hp and attack then even my uber super rare! I got it first in a cat capsule really early on and have had it on my team ever since

Best long rage attack, Dragon cat save most of my cats and meat shields ( tank cat, macho cat) etc.

So you take dragon cat which already has a lot of health and damage, then you buff it up even more for the cost of a slower recharge time, this cat is one that I want

3 Paris Cat/Salon Cat

Cyborg cat level 44+6 and one crazed eraser helped me take down crazed titan by themselves, a great long-range attacker and high damage.

It's just good at all stages of the game it's easy to unlock and a great generalist. You always use it begining most of the time in mid game and even though by endgame you're gonna have cats that work against pre much every type u still use her a lot jus because she's so good.

Broken. TF gets a buff overall and gains ability to be immune to weaken, which is OP for her already broken price, attack, stamina, range, and cool down. Helps me every time

Stackable, can be used against many types of enemy, high damage. Should be protected with meatshield, though.

4 Crazed Dragon Cat/Crazed Lizard Cat

It has long range plus it's crazed so that makes it even better.

Pretty much a normal dragon cat but moves, attacks and recharges faster, also has more damage and health but nit ss much as king dragon

Better than lizard kitty

A good overall cat but the best reason to use is range in my opinion

5 Crazed Macho Cat/Crazed Cat

It's a good meat shield that you can use I will recommend getting it

6 Mohawk Cat/Macho Cat/Cat

Underrated and a simple but amazing card that does way too much damage — if that's possible. And any strategy you chose, you will need this card, which makes this card have a lot of power. This game would not be the same without this card.

Its low price and recharge makes up for low damage you can easily get 10 on the board in a minute.

One of my favorite stallers, it makes a big difference between the normal cat and this one.

Beast mode cat

7 Kasa Jizo

Do I even need to explain. This cat is easily the best cat in the game, he acts as a better paris with better DPS, health and overall better stats. People should recognise this as the best cat and I do not understand why this is so low. People are always saying to me "I want Jizo! " If stacked it has the best DPS in the game and is probably the most cost efficient cat in the game. Nothing in his stats particularly jump out but just his spammibility for his triple damage ability makes him a wonderful Black/Angel killer. He can act against other enemies as well because he has better stats than paris. His evolved true form are a bit costly but have extreme range and great attack and health. Overall his normal form is better though. This guy is to op, especially against blacks/angels.

I don't understand why this isn't in first place. Same damage as king dragon cat at the same level, half the cost, faster attack rate, same health, faster attack rate, faster movement speed, traded off with just 80 range less. Deals so much more damage than Paris, much higher health. To be honest its only drawback is range, which honestly isn't even that bad an issue. And that's for first form only. Second and third form has decent health and insane damage. Do I need to go on about how it has massive damage against black and angels? The cat says it all

This should actually be the first place unit. Kasa Jizo's DPS is overpowered with a 3 hit combo, it even costs a low 750 to deploy, as well as it's fast recharge time so you can spam it unlike other ubers or legend rares, and he can easily kill angel and black enemies such as gabriel or doge dark and keep distance away from enemies. However, sometimes Kasa Jizo can be easily killed or overpowered in some stages, so even the best uber should have meatshields. Overall, Kasa Jizo is the best uber with sturdy pros however, his Hp is still a bit weak & needs to be shielded in order to stop being killed from upcoming enemies.

This cat... you know how op paris/cyborg are? This cat is better than paris in every way except it has very slightly less range. This cat has better dps and cost with the spammability of paris. This doesn't even include the massive damage to black and angel, two of the hardest traits to fight in the game. Third form is great as well when you have much moneys and need range. I never leave the equip screen without him.

8 Crazed Wall/Crazed Tank

The only reason this is below normal tank and wall is because it is hard to unlock.

Great meat shield. Awful by itself.

Best meat shield. No doubt.

Good for stalling

9 Jamiera Cat/Mythical Titan Cat/Titan Cat

In chapter 2, and stories of legend and event stages, even the Mythical Titan Cat dies in 5 seconds. In chapter 1 it's really useful. But later, not so much. I'd rather prefer awakened Bahamut than Jamiera cat.

My brother has a mythical titan cat and he said it has a whole ton of health and Attack and it has area attack. I myself have the normal titan cat and it is really good

Jamiera cat one of my favorite cats and really cool. He actually does some damage so that is cool to.

I beat all of chapter one and two with it. Great attack and health. The only problem is it doesn't stand very good on its own

10 Tecoluga

I say that this is the strongest cat in the game. I always wish that I had him. The reason why I want him is because he took out the crazy bird cats true form in 16 hits without critical and I thought that's super impressive! And if the creator of battle cats is reading this, I just want to let him know that I want Tecoluga next time I do a rare capsule draw.

The best descriptions for the lufalan pasalan is the following : 1 of the best cat ever! 2 most likely the best cat ever in the history of battle cats or any game for that matter. 3 not as good as kubiluga 4 second best 5 A perfect long range way to kill everything wearable to the human eye.

I have this guy and I have one thing to say, have a good meat shield and a meatshield killer, and this becomes the ultimate boss killer. it has really good range, highest damage in the game, and can critical hit!
since it as below average health and no knock backs, make sure its well protected. don't forget that peon killer since its single target

Tecoluga is nothing to tecoluga's true form with 66,000 at level 40 and 201,000 with his buff up at 99% health with 50,000 life, more than any luga ever plus immune to shock waves, one lethal strike survive 100%, and amazing range without being long distance. Compared to him, tecoluga is nothing

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11 Archer Cat

His only downside is that he makes the game too easy. Although he is generally killed quickly by floating enemies such as mooth, he is incredibly powerful early in the game due to how he destroys all the other footing enemies in empire of cats with his ability "massive damage to floating. He might seem expensive, but he can usually take out doges pretty quickly thanks to his high dps. Overall a great generalist, would recommend 100 out of 10

This is a god, no other cat has this much dps. If you don't bring this cat to any SOL levels you should eat a potato. Archer Cats want to remain vegan and save the environment so please bring more archer cats into the level. The only reason some people don't bring archer cat is probably because he hasn't realized his inner power. When that day comes, oh god, shadow gao will be Archer Cat's doggy.

Literally one of the worst cat in the whole game. All the retarded 6-year-olds spamming this dead meme everywhere were clearly raised with their education prioritized last. Get a grip, the meme is dead, it is not funny. You can go cry in the corner of your room now.
"Mommy, the only way to feel better is with 200 more ipads."

Archer cat has a decent range and he is one of the only cat's who actually has a proper weapon.

Very op. Much good. Much range. Very weapony.

12 Crazed Whale Cat/Crazed Fish Cat

Not worth what it takes to get it.

I hear he is good

13 Awakened Bahamut

Fast movement speed, Massive damage, a good multi hit of 2. Downsides? It's range isn't the greatest, Timing it can be difficult and the recharge time usually leads to a knockback.

A must-have in Stories of Legend, and helps a TON in COTC when the limitations are Rare, Super Rare and Special. Its health isn't the greatest, but it's insane damage and speed help with that. One limiting factor is its health, and that's why timing is key. Have good timing, and this will be one of the best cats in your loadout.

I am pretty sure A.Bahamut does about 97k or something with his full attack animation at level 30 cus I measured his damage in challenge battle. But he is a great cat to have.

This guy has saved me countless times in ch 7 especially in my fight with god, call me an Uber carrier but I'll always say that A. bahamut is my official best cat. this guy is A BEAST

14 Catman

Long range, massive area damage and increased damage to aliens and floating enemies. Good for taking out things like that annoying alien head thing from a safe distance.

I have catman now my first uber! and it has decent health and attack power. Helps me out in empire of cats. Although I have to complain it is too expensive. Even my max wallet cannot afford it

Several shots the boss in Chapter 1 Moon, does massive damage to floating and alien. Goes invisible and attacks from the sky.

If you have cat man he can easily carry you through the moon world 3 or with a little help moon 4.

15 Delinquent Cat

Yare yare daze, literally most OP stando user in the game like it's so good but maybe I'd switch to Giorno if he was here.

Is this a JoJo reference?

Best cat I have ever had

Yare yare daze

16 Radiant Aphrodite

One of, if not the best alien killer in the game and one of the best Uber's in general in my opinion, even if you don't use it against aliens she is still extremely useful

With her and seafarer I beat the great abyss chapter three in two minutes

Massive damage to aliens,long range and powerful strikes,
this is all you want in a cat.ITF chapter 1 moon doesn't stand a chance with this unit.Also can clear crazed/manic cat by it self! (and meat shields).Not only that,it also has a decent cool down for an uber.

17 Surfer Cat

Surfer cat is an all around good unit that works as pretty much everything you need. Ranks high, even among my best, such a A.Bahamut, Dark Subaru, And Peach Devils

My go to! Do not like Cast-away Cat (Evolved). His attack is too slow. And Surfer Cat starts its attack away from enemy strike zones. Huge Plus

One shots small enemies, high chance of surviving lethal strikes when evolved, good health. Carried me through many levels

My best cat
Cheap and Fast to regenerate.

18 Megidora

Floating enemies are dead when it comes to him. He's quick (but not TOO quick like valkyrie) strong, and has decent range. Good all around!

I used it to get passed the second Machu Picchu because I kept dieing one Megidora and I TEARED the red seals and elephants.

High health dishes out damage like a beast and has decent speed.

A dragon. I love it. So strong.

19 Shishilan Pasalan

Bro dis guy is god. He is immune to shockwave which means that stages with enemies like beserkory, Kory, floor 30, and so many other stages will be ez. Not to mention he has insane damage with crazy dps and his animation doesn't even take that long. His range is great, and his best capability is his health. He has 100 knock backs which basically means he will never die. Not only this but he is a generalist he is good against all types of enemies, both traited and not. He also gains attack power at 99% health. Dis guy is truly insane I'd say the only Ubers that would be as broken as him would be w&p, tf sodom, and the gao's along with luffalan pasalan, and balrog

Shockwave killer, touch him and he goes berserk.

Nice cat to have. I have her in her evolve form and her maximum damage was 20k!

I have it's first evolution, and it is great.

20 Killer Cat

One of, if not the best meatshield in the game. Can two-shot THE SLOTH at low magnifications, and his permafreeze against floating is broken against bunbun.

This guy is a beast! It carried me through EoC Chapter 1 Korea. The only guy that is even close to his power is archer cat. Without this guy, the game would be almost ubeatbale. I'm a battle cats expert and I highly recommend him. With him, I beat the teacher bun bun, THE SLOTH, Dober P.D., Berserkory, Ururun wolf, lil raging Bahamut, all the crazed and manic cats, the cat giga-god (cool dude), and it can even kill an Assassin bear due to its insane health. The price may seem like a lot, but the stats make up for it. 10/10 cat, easy to upgrade, easy to obtain. Ponos messed up when they put him in the game.

An absolutely legendary cat to have! A must-get for all mid-to-late-game players! Though quite costly, the Killer Cat makes up for it with its versatility, damage, health, and all-round stats. It's highly underrated due to it being "black", because ya'll racist thots, but I beg to differ. Despite its nationality and skin tone, it remains unfazed in spite of any mountainous conundrums that awaits this killer of a cat.

Best cat ever! Most expensive but very worth!

21 Kung Fu Cat/Drunken Master Cat/Dancer Cat

I have this cat and does TONS of damage and can tank a few hits. The recharge time is a bit long, but the high damage makes up for it.

Talents are too broken

I love this cat so much

22 Holy Valkyrie Cat

Its really good

23 Super Galaxy Cosmo

Overpowered true form

Only good uber I have so

24 Op Cat

Sounds pretty good

So op honestly

25 Kachi Kachi

Not only good, but also very cute.

Really good cat

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