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1 Mansion

Pretty much one of the most popular locations for getting loot, and most importantly, the iconic Desert Eagle. Since this is one of the places considered the center of attention, loot gets snatched pretty fast, as well as firefights raging outside and inside. However, this isn't one of the best places loot-wise, although it can provide an advantage compared to other players.

Be really careful though, as once you get the Desert Eagle too early, you will be a target to many nearby players and die quickly in the process. Like other places, it's best to run to this location as soon as you enter the game. You can grab a few quick kills using the Desert Eagle if you are lucky.

2 Hydra Bunker

The Hydra Bunker rivals as one of the most hot spots compared to the mansion in terms of loot, most notably the Vector.

3 Docks

Docks stands as the largest place currently existing in, and it is one of the centers of attention both for loot and - you can pretty much say - for practically any place. The greatest part of the docks is that you have a fairly low chance of getting the SV-98 - one of the best sniper weapons widely used for quick switching. Especially if you are familiar with the mechanics and the gameplay, this would be most ideal to scavenge at first early in the game.

4 Teahouse

One word: The Naginata. Although you don't always get one of the best weapons, the katana serves as another great substitute.

5 Police Station

If you surely want a boost of adrenaline, as well as decent loot like the SCAR-H, look no further than scavenging the police station. No angry cops guaranteed, although there are some intruders (players) as it is occasionally a hotspot for firefights. I feel like this is one of the less visited compared to the Hydra Bunker and the Mansion, but that overall depends on gameplay for each round.

6 Desert Town
7 Crossing Bunker

Adrenaline and the axe are the most valuable loot when it comes to this place. Otherwise, there is barely good enough loot that resides there. When it comes to solo squads, the crossing bunker provides a brilliant opportunity for blasting numerous opponents due to the number of explosive obstacles in the main small room inside.

8 Greenhouse

In the early stages of the game, it's not recommended to loot the flower displays at first, especially when you consider yourself a melee player. Melee weapons are surprisingly effective throughout firefights if one happens to get too close, so getting the Katana is absolutely necessary, and as well as that, a scope if you can, most importantly if you have enough adrenaline to speed up.

9 Barn

The Barn doesn't contain as much good loot as the others, but it is less often the center of attention compared to police stations and mansions, thus leaving more time and ease to get enough sufficient loot. If you manage to find a huge basement within the barn, make sure to scurry there first as it contains the underrated P30L gun, which packs a good punch in the later stages of the game.

10 Warehouse

The warehouse is a good start for getting loot, but it is also a good source for scavenging otherwise rarer ammo or plenty of ammo for emergency cases if you have the axe. Since warehouses are relatively common, they can serve as good obstacles for firefights.

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