Best Mario Party 6 Songs

The best songs in Mario Party 6. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Clockwork Castle

By far Mario Party 6's best song. It's actually one of my favourite songs in the entire Mario Party franchise. It's got everything! It's really epic, it fills you with determination, it has a very iconic melody that will get stuck in your head, and it's nostalgic! I normally don't like trumpets, but they were used greatly in this song, and it fits with the castle-theme of this board. The night version of this theme is even better: it removes the trumpets, but somehow it's even more badass! How can this not be the best song in the game?

2 Astro Avenue

The solo boards are all pretty similar to each other, as they're just a straight line. How do you determine which board you like the most? Well visuals and music. This is why Astro Avenue was my favourite solo mode board, thanks to the amazing music that accompanies it. The instrument choice was really splendid as it makes the board feel pretty epic, walking through space... (if that makes sense). But it's not as epic or iconic as Clockwork Castle which puts it a spot below.

3 Snowflake Lake

While this song could've been better, I enjoy it for what it has! It's about as gorgeous as the visuals of the board. It's got that perfect December/Christmas vibe, especially the nighttime version of the song. It's really beautiful and soothing, so this one is my 3rd favourite song.

4 Faire Square

For me, one of the reasons I really love this song is because it's for me, the biggest callback to Mario Party: Island Tour (one of my most nostalgic games), and Shy Guy's Shuffle City in particular. Despite the board being set in a scandinavian town of some sort, the music couldn't be any more gambling-feeling. This is the song that would play in a casino but surprisingly works well in this board as well, because it's all about saving your cash for then hoarding stars. So this one's in the top five as well.

5 Bowser

By far one of Bowser's best themes in the Mario Party series, especially compared to the laughing stock song in 7. This one actually makes Bowser feel like a threat, especially in the Clockwork Castle board, where you constantly hope that Bowser won't reach you. So this song is great!

6 Relaxed

While most minigame songs in Mario Party 6 are pretty lame, there is one that stands out among them, namely Relaxed. I mostly like this because it's a precursor to the song Don't Look Up in Mario Party 7, which was one of my favourite songs from that game. It's got a really chill and slightly epic feel to it, which I like!

7 Battle Time

This song plays whenever a Battle Minigame or Duel Minigame is about to occur. It's basically a much better version of the one in Mario Party 5 (which in comparison, sounded too comical). With this one, there's a lot of tension, as the duel minigames are really hard in this game. So I love this song.

8 Warming Up

Another song in the game which was remixed for Mario Party 7, and although I have nostalgia for that one, I gotta say this song is better. It's just got a more happy vibe to it, and doesn't really sound "annoying" at times.

9 Night on the Bay
10 Castaway Bay

Not a particularly memorable song compared to say Faire Square or Clockwork Castle, but a quite great one still! It's got a perfect chill beach-type of vibe to it, and it fits with the overall board as well. Overall a great song.

The Contenders
11 Night at the Castle
12 Towering Treetop

Again, not too memorable, but good nevertheless! Especially the nighttime version. It's also kinda iconic at some points of the melody.

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