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1 M9 (Cursed)

Unless you're a skilled player, getting the cursed M9 isn't really a big deal unless you are not precise at aiming. If you missed the halloween event, the difference between an ordinary M9 and a cursed M9 is that you can't remove it from your slot unless you kill at least one player. On the upside, the M9 cursed doesn't drain your ammo during reload, making it a tad bit better than the ordinary M9, but getting this weapon stuck on your slot can be a hassle for some.

Grade: F

2 M9

Despite being the most balanced early game issue pistol, Its mediocre damage, and inaccuracy along with the fairly slow bullet speed tops this as the second worst weapon in the game, although it has longer range and a tighter spread than the glock machine pistol, I don't really need to do an analysis on why this is one of the worst; as it is extremely common, it's only viable to take this weapon in the very early game in the case you are unable to find any decent weapons on the round.

Grade: F

I tried using it to shoot, but it only shoots 1 time, not more than 1 time.

It's really bad

3 OT-38

Despite it having limited ammo capacity, the damage is enough to compensate for this weapon to be mid-tier at this list. Since the OT-38 is very accurate, the good aspect of this weapon is that it actually takes some degree of skill to use - and if you're lucky, you can kill a player within two critical shots. Although it does have limited ammo and a fairly long reload which can be a hassle for inexperienced players, but under the hands of a skilled player, it is otherwise a decent weapon for fishing out some kills in the early game.

Grade: E-

4 M1911

Seven shots a magazine, although packs a bit more punch compared to the M9 and is apparently a bit more accurate than the M9, but the limited ammo capacity beats it all in terms of performance. You know it's one of the worst weapon out of all weapons when it is roughly beyond close to destroying a normal crate when using all its ammo in a single magazine. While the OT-38 is similarly as worse as this pistol, the M1911 itself is the worst weapon in the game. Let's compare these guns shall we?

a single OT-38 has 5 bullets per round which deal about 26 damage each on average (assuming the opponent is unarmored). 5 x 26 = 130, just about enough to kill a player within 4 shots.

a single M1911 on the other hand, has 7 bullets per round which deal 14 damage each on average. 7 x 14 = 98. Not enough to kill a player within a single round unless you happen to be lucky to hit a headshot. A player has 100 hutpoints. Pretty obvious as to why the M1911 places a higher ranking than ...more

5 Dual M9

30 shots per magazine is sure enough to make these decent weapons, right? Well, wielding the Dual M9 makes your shots a little bit more inaccurate compared to the single M9 itself. Although it does have better overall performance rather a single one, it's generally not recommended to get these in the early games unless loot is scarce.

Grade: E

It's super slow to shoot with both guns.

6 Glock 18C

Perhaps one of the better weapons you can get, if you are unable to find okay-ish to decent weapons like the MP5 or M870 in the early game. Unlike the M9, a single Glock 18C can be much more effective against unarmored players in close-quarters combat, despite its inaccuracies. However, since it is only designed for close-quarters battles, the inaccuracy and rapid consumption of ammo also play a role. It will quickly drain your ammo count, and most of the time, players can easily escape your line of fire due to its limited range. Unless you happen to engage a player in a closed space, this weapon is otherwise useful in occasional situations.

Grade: E-

7 Dual OT-38

The OT-38 is a great buff when dueled together, thus making it viable to be used in the early to mid-game. The decent fire rate and rapid damage blows most unarmored or lightly armored players within several shots, especially in the hands of a skilled player; however, its limited ammo capacity and long reload still makes it place a fairly low spot in this list, as both of these consequences can make you more vulnerable. Despite its reliable performance, it's generally recommended to ditch these weapons for a better weapon when it comes to the mid-late game. Unless you're skilled enough and want a challenge, the dual OT-38 can occasionally win solo battles for you.

Grade: D

8 MP5

The MP5 is considered one of the a reliable weapons to obtain in the early-mid game. The accuracy and ammo capacity is spot on, and makes good work of most players. Of course you have to eventually ditch it for the AK47 or its counterparts as the game advances.

Grade: D+

9 DP-28

In the early days when the game was released, this used to be the most dominantly powerful weapons in the game until a better variety guns got released over time. While the ammo capacity and good damage makes it a good reliable weapon and an advantage in the early game, its slow fire rate and slightly mediocre accuracy. The DP-28 isn't that viable to use in short range firefights due to its length. Nevertheless since LMGs usually deal more damage to obstacles, and if you are a spray-n-pray player, the DP-28 is great for cowardly players who constantly hide on breakable obstacles, paired with its solid ammo capacity. Otherwise, it is midlow-tier for a rare weapon as a good handful of other rare weapons outclasses its performance.

Grade: C-

10 UMP9

Honestly it's a decent weapon and I managed to win a handful of solo battles with this gun. The FAMAS mostly overpowers this gun. I could've replaced this weapon to the M93R (single) which actually ranks 10th worst weapon.

Grade: D+

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11 Mosin-Nagant
12 PKP Pecheneg

Okay mr. troll visitor I know this would be in the absolute last of this so am just gonna give an A+ for this gun

13 Dual OTs-38
14 Peacemaker
15 AWM-S
16 OTs-38
17 M870
18 AN-94
19 M1A1
20 Scout Elite
21 Spade
22 M1100
23 M93R
24 Dual M93R
25 Mk 20 SSR
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