Top 10 Best Batman: Arkham Series Villains

List of villains that have appeared in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight.
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1 The Joker The Joker, Batman's arch-nemesis in the Arkham series, is renowned for his unpredictability, malevolent intent, and sadistic sense of humor. He is the main antagonist in several of the games and his schemes often involve elaborate plots to kill Batman and create chaos within Gotham City.

When the most iconic villain in comic book history is voiced by Luke Skywalker, you know it's a big win.

The iconic Mark Hamill! What else can I say? He's awesome! Joker deserves to be Number 1!

He was played by the best Joker and was a terrifying villain for Batman.

2 Scarecrow Scarecrow, a.k.a. Dr. Jonathan Crane, uses his knowledge of psychology and chemistry to develop fear toxins, which he employs to terrorize his victims and manipulate their perceptions of reality. In the Arkham series, his toxin-driven plots have been integral in challenging Batman and causing widespread panic in Gotham.

Scarecrow is easily the scariest comic book villain of all time, and he's also the scariest Arkham villain. Both of his looks in the series are fantastic, and he did something no other Batman villain has ever done before in the comics, movies, or other games: Scarecrow publicly unmasked Batman, which just ups his awesomeness.

I also loved his Nightmare sequence in Arkham Asylum and in Arkham Knight. He's just all around the greatest Batman: Arkham villain ever, even surpassing The Joker, in my opinion.

3 Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze, or Dr. Victor Fries, is driven by his desire to cure his terminally ill wife, Nora, whom he has cryogenically frozen. His confrontations with Batman are marked by his use of cryogenic technology and a suit that keeps his body at sub-zero temperatures.

His boss battle was the best in the entire series because he learns what damaged him and changes the environment to prevent that from happening again.

Freeze's boss battle sequence was outstanding.

4 Killer Croc Killer Croc, born Waylon Jones, suffers from a form of atavism that imbues him with reptilian traits, such as scaly skin and superhuman strength. In the Arkham series, his raw physical power and animalistic rage make him a formidable adversary for Batman.

He looked scary in the gameplay I have seen, but it got old. However, when I actually played it, oh man, was that terrifying!

It feels like the unforgettable Steve Blum voiced him. I mean, just listen to him.

Arkham Asylum is the best game I have ever played.

5 The Riddler The Riddler, also known as Edward Nigma, is obsessed with riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers, which he uses to challenge Batman's intellect. He lays intricate traps and puzzles throughout Gotham, aiming to prove his intellectual superiority over the Dark Knight.

Riddler is my nickname, and I love to make riddles, so I'm happy to see him on this list. And he was great in the Arkham games. I think he and Harley should switch places, right?

Riddler's presence adds an entire open-world game within an open-world game.

Don't know how, but I love The Riddler challenges!

6 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn, once Dr. Harleen Quinzel, was a psychologist at Arkham Asylum who became infatuated with The Joker, eventually becoming his eccentric and acrobatic sidekick. Her manic love for the Joker and her combat skills present unique challenges for Batman in the series.

Harley Quinn is just so different from the other villains. Every single thing she does in the game always seems to be a surprise. Not to mention, she can be a bit of comic relief in an otherwise serious game. Her appearances in Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight are by far her best in the series!

She was tortured, abused, and used by the Joker, but she never gave up. Even when times were rough on her, she still fought back, all for her Mr. J. I'm glad that she moved on after the Joker died. It shows how strong she is as a woman, moving away from abuse. Plus, she's a badass.

7 Two-Face Two-Face, formerly known as Harvey Dent, was once Gotham's District Attorney before a tragic incident left half of his face severely burnt. This incident fractured his psyche, leading him to make decisions based on the flip of a coin, and his dual personality creates complex challenges for Batman.

Two-Face always has a second plan in mind, and he truly embodies the part of evil we all have in us, as well as the good side, of course.

8 The Penguin The Penguin, real name Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, is a ruthless and cunning criminal mastermind who operates high-end illegal arms dealing within Gotham. In the Arkham series, his extensive resources and underground connections make him a formidable enemy for Batman.
9 Mad Hatter Mad Hatter, or Jervis Tetch, is obsessed with Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," and uses mind-control technology to manipulate his victims. His delusional schemes and distorted perception of reality frequently pit him against Batman in the Arkham series.
10 Deathstroke Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, is a highly skilled assassin and mercenary with enhanced physical abilities. He is known for his strategic mind and proficiency in martial arts, making him one of Batman's most formidable foes in the series.
The Contenders
11 Victor Zsasz Victor Zsasz is a serial killer who carves a tally mark into his skin for each of his victims. His lack of remorse and compulsion to kill make him one of the darker and more disturbing characters Batman encounters in the Arkham series.

He was the perfect mix of creepy and badass.

Victor Zsasz was a very good villain, and I hope that he is coming in some movie.

12 Hugo Strange Dr. Hugo Strange is a brilliant but disturbed psychologist and geneticist who knows Batman's true identity. His manipulative and controlling nature, combined with his knowledge of Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, poses significant threats throughout the series.
13 Ra's al Ghul Ra's al Ghul is the immortal leader of the League of Assassins, seeking to cleanse the world of corruption. His mastery of martial arts and his access to the rejuvenating Lazarus Pits make him a recurring and daunting adversary for Batman in the series.
14 Catwoman Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, is a highly skilled thief known for her agility, stealth, and combat skills. While often playing the role of anti-heroine and sometimes partnering with Batman, her thieving tendencies and elusive nature also make her a challenging counterpart in the series.
15 Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy, born Cyrus Gold, is a zombie-like character with immense strength and regenerative abilities, making him nearly indestructible. In the Arkham series, his sheer physical power and ability to recover quickly make him a formidable adversary for Batman.

Very fun boss battle despite his very limited game time.

16 Poison Ivy Poison Ivy, a.k.a. Dr. Pamela Isley, is a botanist with the ability to control plants and produce toxins. Her motives are often centered around protecting the natural environment, and her powers make her both an ally and adversary to Batman in the Arkham series.

Has anyone heard of the game Arkham Asylum? She is a boss in it! She should be in the top tens, although she is not mad enough to rank at the top spots.

17 Arkham Knight Arkham Knight is a militarized alter ego with a profound grudge against Batman, leading an army with the aim to kill him. His true identity is a pivotal reveal in "Batman: Arkham Knight," and he uses advanced technology and tactics in his quest to destroy Batman.

Arkham Knight is going to be epic. Batman vs. Batman with guns. Looking at the trailers, this game is going to be the bomb. Also rumored is a new Deathstroke DLC. I hope it is better than the last. If they make a DLC like this, I hope he has his sword, his guns, his bo staff, and more.

He shouldn't be this far down the list. He really has a connection with Batman, but at the same time, he is really the opposite.

Nice idea adding him. I added Poison Ivy over him, though.

18 Bane Bane is a formidable villain known for his immense strength, which is further enhanced by the drug Venom. He is one of Batman's toughest opponents in the Arkham series, driven by an intense desire to defeat the Dark Knight.

Bane is awesome! But in Asylum and City, his character was ruined. That's why I want to defend Origins because Bane is actually smart. He's serious and not acting stupid.

While Bane is an excellent villain in the Batman comics, the Arkham series really portrays him as a thuggish brute. Still a great villain, though.

Bane has to be number 1. He is the most complex of all Batman characters.

19 Clayface Clayface is a collection of characters who possess the ability to reshape their clay-like bodies, mimic appearances, and alter their physical form. This unique ability to impersonate others and his formidable strength create intense battles and intriguing scenarios with Batman in the series.

I mean, who was expecting that it was Clayface impersonating the Joker almost the entire time?

20 Professor Pyg Professor Pyg, real name Lazlo Valentin, is a deranged and sadistic surgeon who views himself as an artist who can 'perfect' humans by turning them into his Dollotrons. His gruesome surgical procedures and twisted view of perfection challenge Batman’s resolve in the series.
21 Deadshot Deadshot, whose real name is Floyd Lawton, is a marksman for hire, renowned for his accuracy and willingness to kill. His skills with firearms and his professional approach to assassination contracts make him a lethal foe for Batman in the Arkham series.

Duh, he's got master gun skills. He had the hardest side missions in all the games.

22 Red Hood Red Hood is the alias of Jason Todd, formerly the second Robin, who was believed to be dead but returns with a vendetta against Batman and his enemies. His knowledge of Batman’s tactics and advanced combat skills pose serious challenges for the Dark Knight in the series.

Actually, he is a pre-order bonus from GameStop for Arkham Knight.

23 Firefly Firefly, a.k.a. Garfield Lynns, is a pyromaniac with a specialized suit allowing flight and fire projection. In the Arkham series, his obsession with fire and aerial abilities lead to explosive confrontations with Batman.

His boss battle was by far the best in Arkham Origins.

24 Anarky Anarky, or Lonnie Machin, is a vigilante with a deep-seated desire for societal change, seeking to overthrow corrupt institutions. In the Arkham series, his radical ideologies and use of explosives challenge Batman’s methods and moral compass.
25 Hush Hush, whose real name is Dr. Thomas Elliot, harbors a personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne and is a master of disguise. His surgical expertise and intricate knowledge of Bruce Wayne’s life create complex and personal challenges for Batman in the series.

He had a great build-up in Arkham City. Unfortunately, his mission in Knight was disappointing. He could've become the Arkham Knight and made people believe that Bruce Wayne is the worst kind of criminal. He could've revealed himself somewhere in Arkham Asylum or Wayne Tower on camera.

It is revealed that the Arkham Knight is Bruce Wayne, but it is actually Bruce Wayne's childhood friend Dr. Thomas Elliot, aka Hush. He makes people believe that Bruce Wayne has been killing this whole time behind the suit, convincing Batman to reveal his identity to the world. So Batman has to fake his death, and that is where he would activate Knightfall Protocol, showing the Wayne Manor scene. This makes people believe Batman is dead.

Hush is still on the loose until a new Batman appears on a rooftop. It is Dick Grayson. He tracks down Hush, goes up to him, and they have a hand-to-hand fight. Dick wins and uses fear to make Hush think that Batman is not Bruce Wayne. Grayson becomes the new Batman, and Bruce Wayne retires.

Later in the future, Dick is still Batman, and Damian exists. He gets trained and treated like a kid. They go up and fight one remaining criminal: Deathstroke. They fight him. Damian gets knocked out, and Dick gets him. He calls the police and tells Damian to get up, you little sleeper. He takes Damian back to train more in the Batcave.

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