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Tell me who you think there is the best pokemon Youtuber!
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1 MandJTV Pokevids

Honestly, I love all his videos! All of them, also he has a hilarious sense of humour! Oh my god, he even makes his sponsors funny to listen to without skipping them!
Overall best poketuber.

He was the first Poketuber I subscribed to and had fun watching once I stopped watching Netflix daily and started watching Youtube daily. In my opinion he has really good content even if he doesn't play as competitively as Verlisify and inspired me to put videos on my Youtube Channel.

He is a great poketuber and he has really interesting opinions plus his "Pokemon Talk" is so good. His top tens and and theory videos are interesting and like I said before his "Pokemon Talk" Is the best. I could never get bored watching his videos.

2 TheJwittz

Definitely the most humble and creative person in this genre. He's always delivering great content that stands out from the rest. Quality over quantity!

Very funny. Taught me everything I know about Nintendo and Pokemon.

Awesome guy, and is very funny and smart.

3 TheAuraGuardian

Quite surprised he's this far down, because he is the funniest PokeTuber I've ever watched. Scratch that, funniest YouTuber. He does things much differently from other PokeTubers, while still showing us the facts. Also, I know this is probably just me, but I like how he doesn't play the games that much, because I like watching fact videos. Don't get me wrong; I know he's not the best (TheJWittz definitely deserves #1), but in my opinion, TheAuraGuardian is my favorite PokeTuber of all time. Also, I recommend his video "How to Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon." Most hilarious video ever. Just search that title into YouTube, and note the disclaimer at the beginning.

4 Truegreen7

He's one of the most creative people on Youtube. Seriously, go watch his Creating New Pokemon series, because it is INSPIRING.

Has amazing editing, a great personality, is highly original and has very smooth narrations.

You can tell truegreen7 legitimately loves and enjoys every little thing about Pokémon, and he has a great personality which he puts to great use to make great videos. Overall high quality

5 MunchingOrange

Perhaps best known for his Let's Plays of both main series & fanmade games, the Munch is definitely on e of the best PokeTubers out there.

This guy carried me through my childhood. Sad that he stopped uploading regularly.

One of the best YouTube since he actually has fun playing video games.

6 TyranitarTube

Not only does he make amazing videos with great content, it's fun to watch.Howeve the #1 reason why he isn't the best is because he posts nearly every day unlike Dobbs
truegreen7 or theauraguardian.

He's the best, all his videos are entertaining and its good to see that he's into the game unlike other poketubers who talk about some random stuff while playing. while he doesn't focus much on creating videos that focus on strategy, he does have a lot of kowledge and it makes for really fun playthroughs.

7 TamashiiHiroka

Totally my favorite YouTuber. She has a lot of great facts and tips plus a well,...sad backstory almost much like mine, though I'm younger than her, I can understand how it feels to not live up to the person people expect you to and have a super annoying older sibling. So...She's my favorite (Pokemon) YouTuber

She is a remarkable YouTuber. She goes highly unnoticed, so I recommend people check her out.

My favorite YouTuber overall, not just favorite Pokemon YouTuber.

8 CandyEvie

I think her voice and delivery will open many doors for her.

CandyEvie is great,has awesome video concepts and content. All in all her channel is just fabulous.

I like her videos and her channel is good. She is a nice person too

9 UnlistedLeaf

He is so funny I like the ine holy mac and heese and maples mother dark and has a bunch of rare cards.

He's obnoxious in a good way, if that makes any sense!

He is more fun and takes you on a journey with him.

10 HoopsAndHipHop

His Videos are awesome! They're even OK for kids! No bad words included I guess! I recommend watching!

He is really relaxed and funny at the same time, and that's hard to pull off!

Hoops is super funny and just a joy to listen to and watch. Hands down my favorite PokeTuber

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11 Marrilland

Awesome job Marriland! You make me happy all the time. He definitely does some good play through and Wedlockes. Even Nuzlockes! Love ya Marriland!

12 TheKingNappy

I have watched (and still am) his content for the past 4 years and he is the only one that I actually his daily videos, now he may sometimes not upload but only times he does that is if he has some real life issues.

TheKingNappy is one the best Poketubers I have seen. he brings life to all the videos and has fun. I don't I've so much fun just watching him.

You can tell he cares about his fans and the way he LPs is just so fun to watch. "Ain't nobody Let's Play a game like the Nappy Nation can! "

13 Trickywi

Trickywi reminds me of my friend. She is funny, kind, and she cares about her fans and doesn't take them for granted. Hands down the best PokeTuber

Trickywi looks and acts similar to my friend.. She's awesome!

14 Bird Keeper Toby

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, Pokétubers in my opinion. Goes far to create the best content he can. Some of the epics, like the Haunted Mansion, the Togepi mystery and the best of all the Ultra Invasion, are some of the best videos on the internet (again, according to myself). His newest project, the Evolution Tree, has so much research and time invested that it can't be anything but awesome. This guy is so driven to create the absolute best content, not for himself, but for his fans, that he deserves to be high on any of these lists.

15 Dobbs

Lets Dew This!
His prism, ultra sun and black 2 lets plays are the best!

Oh what now! See you at professors lab, oh wait

He great but I wish he wouldn't curse.

16 SkulShurtugalTCG
17 ABrandonToThePast

He's not just my favourite poketuber but one of my all time favourite Youtubers in general. Also he makes different content than other Poketubers.

18 Ace Trainer Liam

Not neccessarily my favourite, but what he has done for the community is good. He's trying to bring both sides together.

He's a great LP tuber and really knows his stuff. He has a positive attitude and cares about his supporters

Great guy, who really cares about his fans. With a great community.

19 PrimetimePokemon
20 TheSupremeRk9s

Best shiny hunter out there! He's funny, he doesn't brag about all his shinies, and he does a lot of collabs!

He's so genuine and lovable to his fanbase.

Great you tuber he's funny and is awesome to watch for shiny hunting or all things shiny

21 Lueroi

Everyone just loves Lueroi, sadly he doesn't put up anymore content be he will always have a place in our hearts!

I love his videos I will watch every chance I get I wish I a had a lueroi hoodie

22 Pokesisters
23 The Pokemon Evolutionaries

I love your videos. you inspired my hate for monkeys and I litarly did a 20 minute long video of me ripping them. I have to go though. I ate some torchinuggets and mega blazekin is after me.

24 MysticUmbreon

Really engaging Youtuber and has some great content, nice to see how often he works with others too!

He deserves a painful death for hating many dope mons like torterra, incineroar, inteleon and Drednaw and it's shiny. Die mystic and I hope you suffer

He makes the best team for series, and is very interesting.

25 Hayden Glaceon
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