Top 10 Best Animal Jam Animals

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1 Arctic Wolf

I have 3 arctic wolfs in animal Jam and they are so pretty lol and did you know the arctic wolf is the animal jam mascot? Cool, right?

I definitely think that, regardless of how cute they are or how friendly the person with one is, arctic wolves are by far the most popular. I think it's because they look nice in a lot of stuff like headdresses and spikes, making it increase the "cool factor" of the item. I also think this is true with eagles, although they may not be AS CUTE or AS FRIENDLY as the person with a toucan, but they show off the outfit really well and just look good in a lot of stuff. I myself own two arctic wolves (one came with a pack lol) but I can say that I do think you should be a bit less harsh on arctic wolves.

2 Fox

Foxes definitely deserve the number two spot on the most used animals list. Foxes are a medium sized animal and very cute and cuddly. Almost every single item on Animal Jam looks very cute in the foxes. Foxes are not used my many famous jammers, but new coming jammer PinkWillow8 has one of her main looks as a fox. One thing I love about the foxes is that they are very cute but are not in the diamond shop, foxes are sold for only one-thousand gems. Foxes can also be seen in the app version of Animal Jam called Play Wild. To conclude, foxes definitely deserve the number two spot for many reasons.

3 Bunny

Bunnies are very popular in Jamaa. Bunnies are one of the oldest animals in Jamaa, they were one of the very few animals released in the beta testing stage. Bunnies are very popular when you start of on Animal Jam. Lots of famous jammers start of with bunnies. New coming jammers reeds8 and PinkWillow8 both started of with bunnies. I am not famous but I started with a bunny. To conclude, bunnies are one of the cutest animals in Jamaa.

I've always been a bunny since 2012. They are just too cute! They look really good with a top hat, fox hat, jamaaliday bow and everything looks awesome on it! This should be number 2 due to most non-members playing as them. They are really good to be a child on Animal Jam and I'm just so happy that many people like them.

4 Wolf

I love wolfs and hate arctic wolfs and wolfs are so cool plus they are nonmember and that is just perfect! I really love wolfs and even though I'm a member I normally am a wolf cause I just love wolfs and I real life they are cool to and bunnies hate wolfs so hate bunnies all you good hammers out there! I wish I could say more but I don't have anything else to say exempt they are so mysterious especially Greely and have like a powerful aura and are so cool! I'm a boy and I think wolfs are like the boy nonmember animal and seals and tigers and monkeys to so that's all I can say! My username is jackal 23 and you can buddy me if you want and only like 5 more people can buddy me so you had better hurry! Bye people and thanks for reading this!

5 Snow Leopard

If you don't know which animal to get, you need to read this.
The Snow Leopard are awesome, everything they do matches my personality. Also, they are way better in clans than any other am animal and they look the most realistic. If you have enough diamonds and still don't know which animal is for you, then the snow leopard is the best choice. They look good with almost everything and they can look tough or cute. They are great for tom-boys. And the snow leopard is way better than the cheetah, they almost look similar but the snow leopard is bigger (not fat) and have a thick pelt, the cheetah stands really low and is really thin. One last thing, the snow leopard's dance moves are so awesome.

6 Otter

OTTERS ARE SO SO CUTE! Otters are one of the cutest animals in Jamaa. The otters walk is so cute, their dance is so cute, their sitting action is so cute, and so is their play. Everything about the otters make them a total cutie. Otters are one of my favorite animals and they deserve a higher spot on this list. They are honestly so cute, otters have to be the cutest animal of Jamaa. Otters should have been in the top five animals, but whatever. Overall, otter have to be the cutest animals that were ever released into Jamaa.

7 Cheetah

Cheetahs are amazing! Cheetahs are not that popular, they really should be. Cheetahs are very majestic and "long". A lot of people get cheetahs and snow leopards, cheetahs are a little bit skinnier and longer than snow leopards, I mean I am not saying that snow leopards are fat, because they are not. Many items look very good on the cheetahs. I believe Aparri's "epic swag look" is a snow leopard or a cheetah. Cheetahs are very easy to express yourself and to make a unique look with. Overall, I think cheetahs deserve a spot in the top ten.

8 Eagle

In my opinion eagles are the best! They are one of the very few flying animals along with the owl and the new falcon. I mean this might be one of the main reasons why I love them but eagles and other flying animals get you amazing prizes from the forgotten desert, I got my rare spikes from it, it can be hard to get spikes from there I mean I have only gotten three from the adventure but it does happen, trust me if you take your time you will get a spike. Moving on, eagles are very majestic and cute. In conclusion eagles are one of the best animals in Jamaa.

9 Deer

Deer have to be one of the cutest member animals in all of Jamaa. As most Animal Jam fanatics know, deer are the traveling animal of Jamaa. The deer started traveling on April 14. I know that all of you who read it his after they are done traveling are probably screaming at your screen, and that is why I put the date. But now I will get back to the topic. Lots and lots of items and patterns look really cool and cute on the deer. When I was watching some of th famous jammers videos most went and made deer as soon as they saw the news. I am pretty sure that Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and I know that new coming famous jammer PinkWillow8 did not make a video but she is a close friend of mine and she made a deer. To sum up, deer are a very popular animal and deserve the number five spot on the top five animals list.

10 Llama

Llamas are my favorite! They're great to use when acting silly or random, even their HOPPING looks funny! Not to mention, they're adorable

I unlike most to be members, will not get an arctic wolf, but will settle for a llama, since the way they dance,play,sleep etc. matches my personality, plus llamas are one of my favorite animals.They look fun and cheery in my opinion

Llamas are cool and there are many interesting facts about them. What surprises me is that they are barely seen around Jamaa

The Contenders
11 Raccoon

I hate that every time you go online to animal jam or ajpw, the only animals you will be seeing are arctic wolves and foxes. Yes, there are tons of animals in animal jam to chose from; but most people only go for the overrated stuff thinking they will be treated like royalty. This is because arctic wolves and foxes often are symbolized as the so called "rare" because items desired by many people such as spikes are often seen on these animals. But here's what I think is rare, originality. I believe the raccoon should be treasured because so few people play as it very often.

12 Owl

Although I personally like eagles better in real life, Owls in thins game are better, There easy to design, they look better and just overall better! Eagles are almost impossible to design nothing goes well with them...
I just love eagles and they really let me down when I got one, If your going to get a flying animal.. GET AN OWL :D!

My owl is awesome! I can fly have pets and you look good you are kinda nerdy looking but owls are very smart and a good friend to all the forgotten dessert is awesome! definitely worth my 10 diamonds I am iloveanimals22305.

13 Lion

In my opinion, animal jam kinda messed up the lion. Lions are one my favorite animal and I have one in Animal Jam. But animal should have a female lion model. It weird because only male lions have mane. Not female. I don't know how they would do it but still. And they kinda look like they have a hunchback but its poking in. I mean, some of the items look cool on it. Like spikes and top hats look cool on it. But I never see people play as them. Its really sad because lions are really awesome animals. I wish they would look like Simba from the Lion King AUA. -Badcatt

14 Arctic Fox

I absolutely LOVE arctic foxes! They are so beautiful and fluffy! They are also super fun to make looks with and almost every item looks good on them! I play as my arctic fox all the time! (Well, not as much as my pig or my polar bear)
I personally like arctic foxes better then normal foxes and Arctic wolves. They are so awesome!

I love arctic foxes!
I don't care if they are lower on the list they will still be my fave forever! I definitely think you should get them! well I don't know why they are not in the diamond shop anymore, but I think non members should get a new animal too, and the arctic fox should be it!

15 Kangaroo

I love Kangaroos and use them as my main animal. They do look kind of weird but I love them as they are. They are very rarely seen in AJ so that makes them better even though you can customize your animals to make them look different. I love all of their actions, too! And to me they actually look like the actual animal (in terms of their actual shape) but still in the cartoony AJ-style. Plus they have their own pet and game dedicated to them! But you can only get the game on your phone or something. And you need the game to get the pet :(

16 Tiger

I love tigers so much in real life, I really do, I study them. But I think animal jam just took a great proud animal and made it look like a joke! Tigers look so much better in real life. I think animal jam should change the tigers a bit and make them look a bit more awesome, like tigers really are. I think they did the same thing with lions.

Someone in AJHQ decided to make the Tiger's legs look like a complete joke. And the back. And the tail. If they changed the legs, back, and tail I think everything would be fine. It would still be cartoony. I still love the tiger and I would definitely use it, along with the Pig, as my non-member animal. :) Pretty much all of the tigers I met were kind jammers but of course anyone else may have had a different experience.

17 Seal

Come on, seals are cute and funny! Here are a few reasons why seals should be #1: 1. Seals are a land and ocean animal. 2. The play for seals are backflips. 3. Seals in real life are adorable same for animal jam too. 4. Seals are an option for non-members and members. Seals are one of my favorite animals. The only thing I don't get is why are regular wolves at the top? They look ugly in animal jam and they have their mouths open when they run. The only thing that they are popular for is for warrior cat clans. GO SEALS!

Seals should be #1 on the list, here are some reasons why: They look very cute and they're easy to dress, There's an amazing glitch making the seal look like it has superpowers, even in real life they're adorable, you can also bring them on land and in water. Forget silly wolves, seals are underused, which mean they are unique animals, while foxes, wolves and arctic wolves they are very easy to find around.

18 Dolphin

I got a dolphin like two days ago, I love it. I think you should get a dolphin because they are water animals, and they are really pretty and adorable at the same time.

All I have to say is, why aren't dolphins like penguins! They should be able to go on land and water. I know it would but totally unrealistic, but too bad!

These are adorable. It might be hard to find an ideal look, but they are one of the coolest water animals!

19 Lynx

It's RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz speaking, LOL! My account is sheppadepp16273. I love Lynx and Snow Leopards so much. I like domestic cats the best, but lynxes are the best. They're cute, look really good with clothes, and spikes look the best on them (WAY better than Arctic Wolves). But they're not quite as good for warrior cat clans. Snow Leopards are the best Animal Jam cats for that. I love lynxes so much, but my membership is going to expire soon. I had a 12-month membership. I'm afraid that I want to keep all my member animals: Arctic Wolf, Snow Leopard, Lynx, Deer, Eagle, Horse, Fox, and Arctic Fox. Dude, my favorite Animal Jam animal is the fox! So, just sharing my opinion...

- Your warrior cat nerd and Animal Jammer, Rainbow

20 Monkey

My first animal on my main account making the Raccoon the second. But the Raccoon was my first membership animal!

Why are monkeys number 50?! When I was six, I choose a monkey as my starting animal, since I loved monkey quest. They are amazing

I have always loved playing as a monkey.

21 Penguin

Love penguins
- Land and water
- Nonmember
- Penguins only party
- Cute
- Perfect
- Don't eat other animals
- Don't get eaten by other animals
- Clothes and stuff look nice on them.

Penguins are adorable and wonderful, are accessible by everyone, and can go on land and water!
Plus, penguins are perfect. and amazing and wonderful and adorable.

Penguins are cute and nimble, and everyone that has one is usually very kind.

22 Horse

Horses are the most amazing animal ever! Why AJ people don't put them in again, I don't know. But they really should.

I feel sad that horses becamed a little unused and it's unpopular for the reasons... I kinda like it, it's fun to role-play with them! Just a MLP just a little funnier!

I like horses because you get to turn them into zebras because zebras are my favorite animal

23 Red Panda

I absolutely love red pandas they look so cute I don't know why they aren't in a higher place. They are much better than the arctic wolf and a lot of items look good on them and in my opinion I think they should be played a lot more. I've always loved red pandas and one is my main look. I think this animal should have at least gotten number 12 or something.

I like the red panda because it is so cute the treasure hunts are nice to ( but with a lot of bamboo).

Red pandas look even more adorable with headphones.

24 Hyena

In my opinion the cutest and most attractive (in cuteness obviously) animal in animal jam. Especially play wild. As I said In my other comment, ember bluestone is my main character in animal jam.

My main animal is a white hyena with a black mane and black spots and blue eyes and she is called ember.

Hyenas should be way up on this list. The hyena are below dogs and cats.
Animal Jam doesn't even have dogs and cats (besides the pets).

25 Fennec Fox
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