Top 10 Hardest Minecraft Mobs to Beat

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1 Wither

The Ender Dragon may be hard, yes, but you just need a bow, a ton of arrows, and accuracy. All the dragon does is charge at you, and you could easily hit him when he is charging.

The Wither, though, does the following:
- It stays up close, and will NOT leave you alone.
- Kills any mob that isn't from the Nether.
- Shoots Wither Heads at you which can blow up OBSIDIAN.
- Gives a wither effect that can actually kill you.
- Regenerates its health by ITSELF.
- Always stays out of range of a sword until you can get it to 50% health.

You need 50 billion healing potions to beat this mob! It's so hard to beat!

Want my advice? Bring him to an enclosed area so he can't grief whatever is of value, and DO NOT forget to bring potions. Good luck.

Yes this is hands down the hardest boss in the game even in creative he's tricky but I got him no times so yeah but at least I can tell you the recipe.
Wither skull Wither skull Wither Skull
Soul sand. Soul Sand Soul sand
Soul Sand
So yeah you have to be in the nether quite a bunch.

I voted for wither to be hardest because of sheer strength and destruction. The enderdragon is confined to the end whereas the wither can destroy the overworld. The wither doesn't use any sort of destroyable healing system, it just builds up a shield and flys really high. The enderdragon takes awhile but the wither is definitely the strongest.

The achievement for killing the wither come AFTER the one where you defeat the enderdragon. Plus, Herobrine isn't actually a mob, so why is it #1? Plus, the wither is (in some people's opinions) the harder to get than the enderdragon because you need 3 wither skeleton skulls.

2 Ender Dragon

Uh now this guy has ender crystals gazillion feet above the ground not to mention the crash or flock or herd of enderman where they are free to destroy you left and right. And he has a bunch of health and magic. And you have defeat enderman in the over world in order to get here. After all that he's a real weakling.

Enderdragons are awesome. They soulsnt have made them so cute! These are the best mobs as well! The only reasons I didn't do Herobrine are, A) He's not a mob, B) He doesn't exist! He's just a stupid damn rumor. Stop making stuff up and play the actual damn Minecraft game! (Sorry if you think this is bad cussing)

All you have to do to defeat the Ender dragon is destroy all the ender crystals and Hit with a bow until he comes charging at you. Then whack him with a sword and deflect back what he throws at you

It takes ages to get all the eyes of ender and it takes ages to kill. when it hits you you lose about 3-4 hearts and when it sparse you with acid it takes 1 heart every 3 seconds (approximately) and it takes ages to kill. the wither may be tough but when you kill the ender dragon it ends the game showing you the credits.

3 Enderman

Ghasts:Launch fireballs that can be deflected and have low health

Ender dragon: It's a boss mob that's only THAT difficult because of the Endermen minions

Charged Creepers: Rare, More powerful versions of normal creepers. Only the blast strength is any different, though. Just as easy to kill as the regulars, since they both are no match for a bow.

Herobrine: One word: Mod. Doesn't count as an actual "Minecraft Mob"

Endermen: Hard-hitting teleporters who like to sneak up behind you and sometimes strike in groups. Immune to any sort of ranged attack, and definitely the toughest non-boss mob to beat.

One of the most easiest mobs. No I'm serious. Heres why: just have to stay in water then keep hitting him as he struggles to get you. 1
2. Stay in a 2 block high area and keep on attacking him. Since he's 3 blocks high he can never reach you (I recomend you build a a shelter from easy to get materials like dirt make it so short that that the enderman can't get in but just high enough for you.

Endermen aren't hard at all. Just put a pumpkin on your head and grab a sword. Then hit the enderman. When he teleports just walk over to him and hit him again. Or do the same without the pumpkin helmet but look at his feet when hitting him. You take no damage

So cool teleport behind you and kill you now everybody hates enderman because of that but I'm brave I spawn millions of them and change it to survival! By the way we're do you find slendermen and how do you get the egg for it.

4 Creeper

Charged creepers can explode you out of the WORLD! But however I think lava creepers are better they just kill ya. Endermen are quite hard cause they can teleport. Anyway herobrine is a glitch!

Pretty rare to see a charged creeper in the wild. They are really strong though and can pack a lot of damage if you stand next to them or they creep up on you.

Charged Creepers are so easy. When they come after you just run back then sprint forward right through them. They blow up and your out of range.

I only know one creeper but I think charged creeds sounds much more deadlier then a normal creeper if you ask me.

5 Skeleton

I Feel like it is so hard to get near them when it just seems like their arrows are living beings that have a reputation push killing you away from their master not wanting you to kill king skeleton. ANOYNE!

Skeleton are actually harder to kill than creepers. Creepers can only attack you once, in about a 5 block radius, but skeletons can attack many times as far as 20 blocks away.

I rage a lot. I punched a hole through my comouter screen, ripoed my mouse apart then threw my keyboard out the window and ran it over with a car. I had like 130 diamonds and died to skeletons.

Not flaming arrows thankfully! There are already annoying enough! Not as tough as Herobrine or the ender dragon!

6 Cave Spider

A bucket of milk will help with the poison.

I hate these things

7 Giant

These things are hard to kill for sure if their spawned in by some idget. But if you want to have fun spawning them in then go for it it can be quite fun but changeling

Although it's an unused mod, it's very hard to kill these over sized zombies!

Giants are just one mega sized Zombie! No need to worry!

8 Zombie

A siege of Zombies is hard to kill. But you can keep them away at night. Just follow these simple tips.

1 DON'T sleep in a village. ( it's where there most common)

2 Use an iron door with a button instead of a wooden door on difficult. ( Zombies can break them down) or you can put a dirt block in front of the door.

If you want to fight them it's hard ( varying on numbers) but not impossible. Just do this.

1 Bring Your Dog's

2 bring food

3 use armor

4 bring a sword or bow.

5 use a strength potion if a large siege.

Wo wo wo wait a second a creeper is stronger than this and also a charged one and their not on the top ten list this thing is a lie!

Yeah zombies are hard to defeat but when they are in a group insane! They ripe your armor off in 20 seconds I counted my self!

Seriously? A Zombie? Use a sword or bow and arrows.

9 Ghast

Now number 1 why do you cry. Number 2 why are you the hardest non-boss. Number 3 actually I don't need to. I always die with these guys and when I come back the place is already on fire with a hole.

These things are so hard to kill. I went into the Nether and a Ghast came out of the gloom and attacked! They can detect you from 1 tenth of a kilometer away! (100 blocks). I tried to shoot it but it would always shoot me with basically flammable arrows first. And then I moved in to kill it with a sword but it flew up and up and just shot me some more, so I ran. It followed me to the edge of a cliff and hit me with a fireball. I was knocked over the cliff for a fifty block drop onto hard ground, and also I was burning! Instant death. Luckily I had keepInventory on.

Ghast is hard to but the real thing is to get its tears 10% for it to not drop its tears in lava by the way they are usefull to activate the portal if there is no flint and steel.

Just sprint sideways to avoid attacks, and pause once in a while to shot it with a bow in order to kill it. It only takes to hits with a bow.

10 Zombified Piglin

If you kill a Zombie Pigman with water damage in the overworld. Other pigmen won't attack you. Because it counts as environmental damage.

As for the nether. Use a strength potion with either a sword or bow and arrows.

Don't go near a hoard of 10 or more. Same if there are groups of 3 everywhere near you. If so, you'll end up with 50+ Zombies!

If many Zombie Pigmen are nearby, why not just don't attack them? After all, they leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Hit one next thing you know 50 chasing you though
The nether until your dead.

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11 Spider Jockey

These little marvels are efficient killing machines. A spider's ability to climb walls and poison the player combined with a skeleton's ranged attack is a formidibale combination.

I'm glad there's no spider riding skeletons in real life. Good thing they have a 1% chance to spawn, or I don't think I'd be able to play on any difficulty but peaceful.

These thing's are rare they have 7.47 % chance of spawning an I can't belive they climb walls gotta go there some chasing me right now I'm playing Minecraft at same time I'm doing this

Spider Jockeys are sooo scary! I'm good at fighting mobs, but I forgot to bring a weapon and I relied on a friend to kill it.

12 Witch

Actually, you might think these dam things are like weak but these uglier evil villagers are so dam hard to get rid off and kill! One day, instead of going to bed I went out when night was almost over and a witch showed up behind me, I kept running but in just one throw it poisoned me down to half lives and I almost died. Luckily, I made it to my upstairs but it wasn't over. It then turned morning and I Turned around and that witch scared the crap out of me. it stayed there in the field all day and then it found a whole to hide in so that when I came out it could kill me. I looked outside and saw a black thing thought it was a floating coal, it wasn't. I then realized at the moment I saw purple, it was the witch. It like stayed there for one whole night and morning until the next night it left before the sun came down. Witches are so dam sneaky and smart and I hate those things so much!

Witches can get you down to half a heart then kill you with their harming two potions that can deal 5.5 hearts each or 11 damage

All you need to beat a witch is

A bucket of milk.

A golden apple.

And a sword with armor.

I used hand to defeat this but are killed by a phantom afterwards

13 Iron Golem

Has one hundred health

14 Blaze

Don't forget to drink a potion of fire resistance before attacking! And use snowballs first to weaken the blaze.

Try deflecting the blazes fireballs back at it. Use bow and arrows as well. Or build a blaze grinder

Guys blazes are balls of fire how cool is that and they can fly and go through lava or fire

Blazes are epic

15 Wither Skeleton

Definitely the hardest. All my deaths in the nether are because of them. Gives wither affect and do loads of damage. Their the reason I hate the nether!

Me and my brother just discovered them. I turned around to wither effect and a sword.

Just like a regular skeleton. You just need a bucket of milk.

16 Phantom

I don't even know who he is!

17 Chicken Jockey

These mobs are hilarious like baby zombie riding a chicken like wow

18 Elder Guardian

I hate these things

I hate those things

19 Zombie Villager

Potion of weakness. Golden apple. These 2 are keys

20 Chicken

I have 0 Idea why a chicken would be on this list especially when it does no hurting damage to me! Even with wooden tools!

They lay eggs all over and lag up the game. However, one swipe of a sword can take care of this egg-laying pest.

Nope. Cannot attack and can be killed using one hit with a sword.

Chickens are Chickens. 2 hits with your fist!

21 Magma Cube

Magma Cube's power can be the strongest. The bigger it is, the stronger it is. Killing on will only result in more. The reason I didn't select slime instead is because Magma Cube is fire resistance and the tiny cubes do dammage as well

Just like slimes. Easy.

22 Silverfish

Why is this weak thing here?

23 Rabbit
24 Ocelot

Chase them into a pit.

25 Warden

They aren't even meant to be beat. Best not to try facing off against this 500 health beast.

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