Top 10 Strongest League of Legends Champions

This is a list of most overpowered champions in League of Legends.
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1 Darius

Can hard counter almost any other AD bruiser top, and functions multilaterally as an AD Bruiser, Tank, and Initiator. When fed, he snowballs to the point of no redemption for his doomed opponents. His "counters" only make the battle a fair fight- a good Darius wins almost every time. When he axe-grabs you, expect your soon-to-be gruesome death, the peals of thunder of his ultimate upon the air.

Best champion in laugh out loud in my opinion. He is ridiculously difficult to counter, his damage is insane (especially his passive Haemorrhage, which is like a second Ignite) with Decimate and Crippling Strike. If the enemy runs, he pulls them back with Apprehend and his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, just dunks the enemy to oblivion, not to mention he can redo it in 20 secs after the kill. Simply insane.

Darius is, by far, the most OP champion. Today it's easy to counter him, but he is one of the easiest champion, great ratios, natural damage and tankyness, an amazing ultimate.

Darius is a lane bully and he is certainly one of the most op champ out there. He has his stacking passive that destroys early game and late game is not even a question with his damage and his tankiness. He is certainly an easy champ to play but he is fun and there is nothing better than a fed darius haha.

2 Lee Sin

Lee Sin is hard to get used to but once you practice and get good with him, he will prove to be the best champion of them all. Not to mention he has 7 totally badass abilities.

Q: He sends a sonic wave that hits and reveals any champion. Once that is placed, he can press Q again to instantly dash to that enemy, making it easier to finish off if he is running away. Also it can travel through walls, which is awesome

W: He shields himself and/or another ally by dashing instantly to that ally. He gains a small shield that does only a portion of his health, however it is useful for the enemy to waste ignite and escape a turret without any health loss and can help escape by dashing to an ally, or even a ward. He can press W again to gain additional lifesteal, which is pretty good.

E: When Lee Sin casts E, his hits the ground and deals magic damage to enemies around him. It's a very small range but it's still pretty good. Also, once that's done, he can cast E again to ...more

Lee Sin is one of the characters that is very hard to master but when someone sees you play him like a god or a trickster, they will worship you just for knowing how hard it is to use a Lee Sin. He has the tools you need to jungle and to gank that is why when used properly, those turrets mean no thing just by ward jumping and insec kicking.

I just bought him a few days ago and I am a noob in Silver I. I can't jungle, but with Lee Sin it's very easy. And his ganks are awesome! His E slows them, Q and W close gaps and his ultimate kicks the enemy to fellow champions or turret. It also helps save champs as you can ult and kick away a bruiser. His shield also saves you or other champs from dying to ignite, very OP!

Lee Sin may be blind but he has amazing abilities that he can use quickly because of his cooldown. Besides, he uses energy, which is much better than mana. He's the best!

3 Kassadin

I main Kass right now. Today is 3/11/17. I've probably mained him for a year now. He is one of the strongest and yes, may be even broken, champions I know. He also extremely good for late game. Thank you to all who read my commenting and take it under consideration.

Kassadin has some great tools for chasing and cleaning up fights. Flash with short cool down that can aoe damage, combined with another flash for great mobility. Force Pulse is useful in team fights and his nether blade gives mana regen. Though he is somewhat squishy, his ult helps him get out of near impossible situations.

Even after the nerf, the Koreans still always ban Kassadin. Why? Because Kassadin's ult is the perfect poke and clutch getaway. Not to mention, Kassadin's E can slow enemies by up to 90% and deal over 400 damage to a large area, making him perfect for team fights with the right build. I also love Kassadin because he is the perfect anti-mage. I'm fairly new to Kassadin, but I've learned the basic combos from about 50 games.

The basic combo for Kassadin is R, E, W, Q, which deals massive burst damage to a target.

Also, when Kassadin is under a turret with minions taking the hits, poke the enemy by walking up, Eing, then W-ing, then Qing, then ulting out. This whole combo should take about 0.75 seconds if you're good. You shouldn't take any tower damage, and you should have dealt a great amount of damage to the enemy.

His ultimate is genuinely incredible. My win rate with this champion is incredible! Plus the Cosmic Reaver skin is sexy!

4 Amumu

With the right gear, This crowd control champion can be devastating especially if centered around tanking.

When someone tries to hug him they die... If they run from his hugs they still die

Do you think riven is op? Amumu is here to hug you to death!

His ult, his E's cooldown. One of the best tanks I would say. And, the most important part, he's cute!
Hey, he has no friends, be nice

5 Swain

Has been proved twice to be an excellent top laner that works all the way to challenger. Quas for example. Adaptive helmet, grievous wounds and mobile laners can prove to be problematic but besides that he is an incredibly strong champion that is never banned, works in all elos, easy to play, great to learn the game with and can provide huge aoe damage with a rotation that can blow up a squishy in a second. If you want a champion that you wont feed with, are strong at all stages of the game and can win teamfights really easy. Play Swain!

He's really a monster if well played. One of the best sustain champions to play mid, with decent damage and higher than average resistance to a mid-lane champion. Not easy to master, but really worth trying.

Extremely good counter to the current meta of squishy, high burst, mid assassins. This makes him one the the best champions for counter picking.

Op... Whatever you try you can't win the lane against swain... He is op top 2 he helped me go to silver from b5 best champ ever

6 Master Yi

I think that master yi is best done at the earliest campion. El farm has the highest damage and is very easy to play with him, all the other characters against master yi's bull! Master yi is the best champion to play if you know you can beat any counter, so I think master yi is the best champion ami!

Q: With this, he can catch up to enemies when they are running away and kill like 10 minions in 2 seconds
W: Whenever you are running low on health, Meditate can help you recover and bring you good condition to fight again
E: This is helpful in fighting against enemies with high health and destroys turrets faster
R: Master Yi gains bonus movement speed, attack speed and attack damage. He is also immune to slowing movements (which can be good for escapes)

I love his skill. To begin with the fact that meditation fneds off attacks if your in danger and can help heal. It's a good way to loop around being killed. Then, Alpha Strike is a good way to steal kills and his R key can wreck all the other champs to get a fast kill. Basically, what he does best is speed killing. Also, at the beginning, his attack speed is originally faster than the average, along with his attack.

He is very good because if you build life steal you gain more health in battle than you lose. He also has meditate witch can be like a recall. In 1 minute I could go from 1 health to full.

7 Janna

A very good support in my opinion, is in my top 5 supports. Though her attack is low, she shields and helps her teammates, which is what a support is for.

This is my favorite support!

67 Annie the dark child

Best support ever.

8 Jax

In the lore, Jax is known to be the most strongest champion of League of Legends. Since Jax was too powerful, the people in charge of League of Legends made Jax use only a lamp for fight the enemies.

This basically means nobody was able to fight off Jax's actual power.

Now that this champion has a lamp, his offense is lower than his actual power, but his defense should stay the same. This means Jax can avoid many attacks and increase his defense dramatically.

Jax can easily succeed in 1v1 and 1v2 situations when used properly. All you have to do is demolish the enemy with basic attacks and w, use e to dodge incoming attack and stun, and finally use q to finish off the enemy. Once you master jax you can kill enemies and barely losing any health.

Jax has his block while he spins his hammer, stuns and does damage, his ULT buffs his MR and Armor. He gains attack speed and stacks 6x's. He can jump into a fight stun all and chase people down. He will be redone and nurffed one day. That is why right now he banned from ranked games normally.

As of currently, the season 6 items has made Jax so powerful that, well, he can 1v1 whichever champion. After one of two items he just goes around and eats people...

9 Kog'Maw

I've been starting to play him myself now, But he is only as OP as the person who plays him. Meaning if you get a good player who knows Kog, then yes. He is a powerhouse that can bring down the walls and minds of the enemy team. All because of his 'w' and ganking capabilities of his 'e'. And then 'r' to secure kills. Yes, he's very OP when played right.

Either he's countered by ryze or he isn't meant for top lane because as ryze I was 9/0/0 until his passive killed me after I killed him and master yi at 15 min.

Kog'Maw get's really good after unlocking his 'r'. Builded correctly and staying little bit away from the fight, he can be great support.

Well I got killed by a bot when I went kog'maw... But I think he's hard to play

10 Singed

You really want to waste your time even trying to kill Singed through his tankiness? Oops, you're taking massive damage per second from his poison trail, you've been slowed, and he just flung you back to his turret, maybe just try to get someone else next time.

Owns and operates Riot Games, goes well with Dubstep and makes duo top users cry.

Just imagine, Teemo's global taunt - but more constant punishment than mushrooms.

Snowballer #1; get an early Rod of ages and nothing can stop you anymore. OP!

The Contenders
11 Sona

You are all noobs.. So why do you think you know what the best champ is? You literally do not know how to play the game or use proper grammar. Many of you explanations just list the champs moves. Sona is the most op champ because she can heal all day and stun an entire team in a team fight.. Wow Sona is so good and I love to play her. In reality, there are many good champs some of which excel in different aspects of the game. So if you look at the game from team fight perspective ONLY then you will have to look at champs that provide wombo combos.

Sona is a healer/support that falls into the wombo combo aspect. Nobody voted for her even though she play a more important role than many of the other votes cast. However, remember that there is more strategy than just team fighting. If you can understand all the strats and champion strengths you will improve your gameplay.

I main with her, if you build her right she can take some decent chunks of health out of the enemy as a support! Heals, Stuns, Slows, Buffs, has everything a team could ask for!

Sona is easy to play, and is good at support anywhere. Her heal can save many a teammate about to die, and her movement speed is helpful for running or fighting.

Sona is do damn good. Dominated with her when I was a beginner.

12 Wukong

He has a Q that will increase damage on next basic attack. A W used to create a decoy and make yourself invisible for a short time witch is great for trolling. A E that he jumps and hits multiple enemies on hit witch is great for catching up on enemies and even kill steal. And finally a R that will spin you around with increased movement speed and stuns all enemies that he hits and does mega damage. Wukong is just the best

Born from an egg on a mountain top.
He's the punkiest monkey who ever popped.
He knew every magic trick under the sun, to tease the mods and leaguers, and to have some fun.

WUKONG only got his leaving skills working, others are alright but not that high damage, also tank is not as gd as garden, no any so special just so balance.

Wukong is a great escape plan and very good with attack.

13 Zed

It's all about the shadows; remembering where you put them and remembering to use them at the right time when that time comes. If you use the shadows correctly, you should not only be able to use them to do extra damage if your enemy champions get too close to them, but you can also switch spots with them to get out of a sticky situation, or catch up with a low health champ and take them out.

Zed is incredible. Having problems with minions just put a shadow near them and do any ability. The best thing is Zed can go through walls and obstacles. Guess what, Zed can even move out of the way when someone uses their ult. All he does is trade places with a shadow.

Zed is just fantastic all around. He has incredible mobility, scary range, and huge burst damage. One of the best ults in the game too. If you use his shadow to combo correctly, he can counter tankiness, range, anything. Also he's basically a ninja, so he gets bonus cool points

Zed is a beast, he is able to burst the enemies down very quickly and harass safety, dealing a lot of damage to the enemies.

14 Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is one of the best champions because he can play defensive and offensive at the same time and also can cause devastating damage in team fights. Furtheremore, can buff the whole team with attack speed boost. At last he can trap the whole enemy team in a death hole (R).

This guy is amazing, his passive, his ultimate, everything. At the first time, you find he's hard to play, but when you get used to, J4 probably the best choice.

My Name Is Jarvan IV, I thought Jarvan VI a robot but he is good.

He is good at helping team mates and can jungle well.

15 Katarina

Q: She can hit 4 enemies with it and gets a mark that deals more damage. Also great with Luden's Echo. Op free poke

W: She can deal tons of damage with whirling her blades around her. She just spams this all the time to deal damage

E: The most op ability in her kit. She can "flash" to a target ally or enemy minion or champion. Basically a gap closer and flash all in one. Starts her op combo which lets her get her pentas

R: Channels and gets a bunch of blades running around. Luden's Echo procs so much with this ability because it gets +5 per spell cast and each blade counts as one so...

All in all she is op

Katarina is one of the great assassins in laugh out loud, because:
*she does not need mana
*perfect champion when it comes to team fight and clash
*she easily steal gold because of her bouncing blades (1st ability) and her sinister steel (2nd ability).

I took here as my first champion and since then she is my champion forever. When you know how to play here you counter everyone.

Be smart with here, use health, ability power en attack speed.

She is Op because her abilities cover each range and their rest time is also fast, to addition to it, she has no need for mana and can use her abilities right after the rest finishes!

16 Kha'Zix

Great champion overall, his Q does HUGE damage to isolated targets and has a low cooldown. His W is good for poking and when you evolve the ability it is great in a teamfight. And his E makes you leap across the screen in one click, making him SO fun to play. When you kill/assist with this ability the cooldown is refeshed. Just dive under the turret to get that kill and dive out to avoid the turret damage. He's my favourite champ and I recommend everyone to try him out. He can be used in Jungle, Mid and top.

Best assassin, he has a great deal of freedom in choosing when and how to strike, and can use Leap to get out of a jam, so if used correctly and played at the right moment, he can grab a kill, Leap, and Flash professionally, in a split second with low health.

I started playing recently and use Kha'Zix. He is so legit. All of his spells help to be super slippery and his W Void Spike is great for harassing early game. Kha'Zix is the way to go for assassins!

His jumps are good for jumping into team fights and also escaping from ganks and such instead of using flash. He was my favorite champion. His q is extremely strong and his w is also strong. He has higher health than adc's and he deals more damage than some. He is a great champion and I strongly recommend him

17 Garen

Garen is an amazing champion if you can use him properly. His abilities are awesome and very powerful. If he is made tanky and if a bit of attack damage is bought, he becomes really good, whether it's in 1v1s or team fights. With support champions like Ashe, who can stun enemies, he can take down almost everyone.

Usually, if you hide in a bush and the opponent doesn't know, you can easily kill him (especially squishy targets) with his ability combo. First, strike the enemy hard and silence him with Q, and then start spinning, which would do massive damage. Once the enemy has around 500 health, he can be executed using his R attack.

Since I've started playing Garen, I've learned to play top and how to Jungle. It's a fun game, since I don't use a glass cannon (like Brand)...

Garen is so much fun to play with! I wouldn't call his abilities cheap but they could be really deadly! He is also very easy to use! Garen definitely is one of my favourites!

Because garen is the most strongest hero for combo... And I think he is the strongest hero in laugh out loud...

18 Viktor

His poke does so much damage to squishy unsuspecting opponents, and when the enemy team groups together, his ultimate can destroy them all!

Extremely good for quick kills pretty hard though his combo needs to be done in half a sec

19 Teemo

Everyone hates him! Just hit someone about 3 times and the poison does the rest! I just can't help but steal everyone's kills with him though. Great anti-assasin, with the blinding dart (Q) and the speed boost (E) is great. Don't even get me started on the poison (E) though. IT IS EPIC! (Oh, and his ultimate puts an INVISIBLE mushroom that when stood on, inflicts an AREA EFFECT of slow and poison. )

TIPS: When using this champion, try to build up his health, ability power, and attack speed! (Especially health, then people REALLY hate you! )

P.S. I don't mean to discourage you all, but this champion was designed to attract the female gamers to play this game. I don't care though, still the best champion in the game!

Teemo is great with the ability to be fast.

This champion's passive is Camouflage. A great way to hide yourself from the enemy and to surprise the enemy.

A combination of blinding darts and poison darts can make a champion in the state of being in low health.

The ultimate ability is great for beating up your enemy. The enemy will hardly know about the mushrooms around them.

This thing is really OP. You can place the mushroom traps on top of each other. And the enemy would be like Hey! Looks like someone is almost dead. Better kill them. And then they step on 10 mushroom traps that look like 1 trap. And they would go BOOM! Great class overall. And that trap is really OP

Teemo counters Darius.

Harass the darius every chance you get, since he has no gap closer kiting him while he tries to e you is really good, keep your distance don't get caught by him but if you do your blind will help as he can't stack his passive from his aa or W.

20 Yasuo

First of all, he is broken. I love Yasuo, be he's broken. He has the lowest cooldowns in the game. His Q hits incredibly hard, his W stops all hopes for ranged champs, his E can be used constantly and can gank easy, and his Ultimate can wipe out an entire team in one use. If that wasn't enough, his Ultimate has a cooldown of 30 SECONDS. THAT'S INSANE. He is awesome and I love him, but he needs to be balanced.

Everyone in lower elo thinks that Yasuo is an easy to play, super broken late game champ, they are right about 1 of 2 things. Yasuo is a broken late game champ, but he takes much skill to play and is rated one of the hardest champions to play. You must know when to use your q knock up and your ult. The ability I like best about yasuo is his passive shield. Perfect when enemies want to poke you but then realize they can't't. <- Short comment, laugh out loud

Yasuo is one of my favorite opponent. You can abuse his health by life stealing and his priority is his damage. Ap chap with a long range can kill easily him by poking and attacking in high range. Any champ can escape his skill by one on one.

Two crit items = God mode. You can pretty much tank him up after two crit items (IE, Shiv, PD, whatever gets you going), because it is almost 100% crit. He's good in lane (if you can use him properly), has a good mid game (if you time your entries), and is easily the most OP champ late game (100% crit, 50% bonus armor penetration, outduels almost anyone with everyone in lock item mode). Of course, you'd have to survive the lane first, which is difficult for Yasuo.

21 Cho'Gath

Cho is amazing late game. With a full stack on your ult and a low cool down there isn't much that can solo him and skilled usage of his moves can be a life saver in team fights. His passive is also great in team fights when your in a lane because your going to kill minions.

His passive let you restore health when you kill minions, his ultimate is super strong, can also raise you max health. His third ability let you slow enemies and damage them, very useful

He's cool looking. His Ult lets him evolve into something unstoppable once you get it going. He Feasts on his kills. He kicks you in the air. He screams. He kills you with the fangs.

He kills you.

Cho'Zilla is the most OP champ, you can build ap and still have lots of health due to his ult, which give I think 750 health at level 16 with 6 stacks, it also makes him HUGE with the elixir of iron (hence Cho'Zilla). If you don't think this is OP, then what it?

22 Braum
23 Aatrox

I main Aatrox. Even with his first nerf he still dominates but his skills are a little hard to master. But if you time his skills well you can get at least 5 kills per game if you are a noob. And when you are in team fights you are the main distraction so all of opponents primary you first while your team pushes on. You also need to learn when to change his W skill at times when need it. Use blood thirst when below half health. Use blood thirst any other time especially
On turrets. If you jungle you can get a warmog's armor and solo the dragon with you blood thirst. Well I hope this helps please thumbs up this comment!

Once you level enough, you can easily take on the majority of the opposing team with your ultimate, Massacre, and your other abilities. You'll need a bloodthirster and a couple Warmog's Armor sets. Make sure you have Blood Well not on cool down! His Q is a huge gap closer and initiator and is good for escaping an enemy base when you follow them in. You can else fly over terrain to avoid enemies. His W makes him able to deal tons of damage or last longer in a fight and exhaust the other. The E is good to damage and slow your opponents and is one of the most important opponents. The R is basically what you do right after you Q a champion. If you have decent health, the enemy champion is most likely going to die.

Actually this champ is not really good at killing, he is only one of the best champ when it comes to pushing towers and diving them. He can only become strong when most of the enemy champ have no escape mechanism and I found out that his life steal is not that powerful because a single stun or knock back can kill him in a seconds because it stops you from healing and his life steal wont do much to burst champs. still he is good to play but I wish he could have better stats because his hp and armor at level one is too low compared to other ad fighters...

Wow, talk about underrated. Aatrox is so damn beastly. His E followed up by his Q and then Ult and they're dead and likely whoever else got hit by the E & Q. Not to mention he comes back from the dead and the cooldown on that is about 2 min. He is truly an amazing character and steadfastly becoming my favorite. Not to mention that Justicar skin is D-O-P-E!

24 Morgana

A lot of people use her as a support, but she's got amazing potential as an aggressive champ!

They never see you coming. Very few understand the power of Morgana.

Extremely powerful if in a good player's hands. My favorite. Champ!

My favorite champ in ranked! You can get easly kills in early game! Even if she is very easy to kill! But a really good assist (the best)

25 Fiora

She is awesome once you know how to use her properly... Super strong... I can use her against most anybody... Give steal, electric sword, a lil armor and I smash...

Fiora is an OP champ, especially on the top lane, quite honestly... she should be within The Top TEN!

The most strongest and fastest champion ever. You really need to buy here.

Used her got two pentakills this champ is hard to play but is very awesome so to speak. Just R-W-E-Q-Q and they are dead if you have life steal you can kill without losing health counters Gangplank very well!

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