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1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game represents the best melding of a classic, quest-oriented rpg, with a first person shooter ever created. The environments are breath-taking. The depth of the characterization of the npcs is surprisingly vivid and the arc of the game itself, encompassing a no-boundaries, open world is immensely satisfying; even the sound track reinforces the grandeur of the game play. My only critique would be the dearth of voice actors. Different, important characters brought to life by the same voice talent is disappointing, at times cartoonishly so. Overall, this is the best game I have ever played and it is so by a considerable margin.

There are two main versions of Skyrim: without DLCs and with Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
Without DLCs Skyrim is awesome, and Oblivion and Morrowind can compete for the best Bethesda game ever.
But with those DLCs there's no way they can compete.
I've been so (un)lucky to have to wait until the release of complete experience before playing Skyrim.
And it was AMAZING. I couldn't literally stop playing it, I eventually took days off the work to keep playing it. I ignored my kids and wife.
I literally shutdown any kind of social life interaction for about 120 hours of non stop gaming.
And I don't regret it. And I know it hardly will happen again.
It's not just thew best Bethesda game to date.
It's one of the BEST GAME EVER to date.

2 Fallout 3

I played skyrim WAY more than Fallout 3, but this is way better. fallout 3 feels more like a game because half the time I played skyrim I had to look up everything to understand it, but fallout 3 tells you, or shows you what happens (or what happened), what something is, and just helps you understand. it is a game with an ending, but without one as well (as long as you get dlc). the cap is 30, but that's fine because every time you level up you feel like you have accomplished something, and you are rewarded amazingly, unlike skyrim.

I played Skyrim and Oblivion before this. (I know, those are not to be compared to this, this is different, but it's a Bethesda list so..) Oblivion bored me, Skyrim addicted me, and this.. oh, this, beyond addicted me. It sucked me into it's world and didn't let go. So much freedom too. The choices was what Skyrim was missing. It's worth getting this game set up on Win 10. It's that good.

3 Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout new vegas gives player more freedom than fallout 3. Where the courier is a character we can feel like ourselves without having quest of finding our father

Better story, better lore, better location, well it beats fallout 4 and fallout 3 a lot because of its originality.

By far the best. It's probably due for a graphics revamp but I'd be ready to play it through for a third time.

4 Fallout 4

Get a lot of hate yet it is still loved by most people who played it. It's different from Fallout 3 but I think that's what makes it a step forward for Bethesda.

This was the first Fallout I played. I've never been a fan of games like this but quickly was drawn in to the story and flow of the game. I love it!

I'm shocked to see Fallout 4 ranked this low. This game is the best game I've ever played. The story the mechanics the choices I dare say it's perfect

5 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

First Bethesda game I ever played and I have well over 500 hours on it. This is what got me through middle school and some of high school. Oblivion was there for me when I was depressed and had to escape the world. I recently bought again and am feeling the nostalgia hit. I'm much better now and it when I play this game, I'm able to kinda go back to past and see where I am now. Best Bethesda game ever for me. 2nd is Morrowind haha!

Skyrim in my opinion is overhyped. Oblivions's quests were waaay better. Going into someones dream and doing tests is hard to forget, Competing in the arena is badass and had much more interesting faction quests. The Mages Guild and Fighters guild gave a nice hq in every city and in Skyrim a small village burns down, in Oblivion a city. And dragons get boring fast while going into daedric realms is quite a lot more interesting.

Provides hours and hours of enticing gameplay. Replayability is a lot higher than Skyrim's, and I love the environments and the characters.

6 Doom (2016)

Doom is one of the most violent and brutal game. However, you will really enjoy rip and tear. The background music and the graphics do a great job on creating a intensing atmosphere. The story plot is also with logic and it makes Doom 2016 become an unique FPS game.

Possibly the fastest game I have ever played, managed to have a ton of action while also having a convincing yet discreet storyline.

This throwback to the original is one of the greatest additions to the FPS genre this decade.

7 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Morrowind is the best game that Bethesda ever did, by far. Daggerfall is a very good game and revolutionary in many ways and Morrowind is Bethesda masterpiece. Both games are extremely better than Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3/4 in terms of desing, mechanics and content. Morrowind and Daggerfall are truly rpgs and include intelligent, adult design -in the real sense of adult, serious, convoluted, deep-. Morrowind specifically offer the most detailed and original world in videogame history, one of the best art designs, and the largest set of possibilities in a single player game -is one of the longest to "finish" games ever-, also no game before or after made so well the exploration.

Skyrim: never played it, but I hear side quests are bland, so meh not interested. Graphics (for the special edition) and combat (against dragons, specially) are the best. But still kinda, meh...

Oblivion: plot is cool with all the oblivion gates. graphics are fine. It's biggest flaw is when you level up, everything levels up with you which makes leveling up altogether just pointless and makes the game a bit of a chore. Pretty good game overall, I guess.

Morrowind: My vote. I hear it has a great story. Want to get, hear it is amazing, but only minor flaws are graphics (which are pretty okay anyway on the Xbox One S/X) and it has luck based combat, which isn't really too bad since it's still real-time and when you level up you get luckier and hit/block more efficiently. This part is good because you can really tell you are leveling up, especially when the world isn't leveling up with you (looking at you, Oblivion.)

8 Dishonored

Easily the best game Bethesda have made. It takes nearly all of the things Skyrim tried to do and does them properly. We can only hope that the people responsible for Dishonoured are involved in Elder Scrolls 6, too. Dishonoured has a great story that, even with a silent protagonist, still somehow forces you to care about the result - something that Skyrim failed to do. Dishonoured also has a beautiful setting. Even though it is not open world, and doesn't even try to hide that fact, it is still a hundred times more immersive than that of Skyrim or Fallout (both of which feel more like under-developed premises than proper worlds: Skyrim spread too little substance over too great a space, and Fallout feels more like the dream of the protagonist in which events only ever happen when the protagonist is there to witness them).

Honestly, astonishing graphics even with the lowest settings (if you play it for a couple of hours at least) It depends a lot on your choices, honestly my favourite game. Better than Skyrim (And I've spent thousands of hours on Skyrim) The soundtrack is amazing, the story is amazing and last but not least. The DLCs are amazing.
To sum it all up. Dishonored is an amazing game which is based a lot around your actions and your choices. Amazing.

Just, amazing

9 Wolfenstein: The New Order
10 Rage

I don't see why everyone hated this game, from the minigames to the actual missions I loved it. The graphics were decent and the missions were pretty fun

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11 Brink

The action was just awesome and you never felt alone.

12 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Anybody who says The New Order is better than Wolfenstein II probably just never played it. The New Colossus is one of the best FPS ever released on the PS4. It's not only the best Bethesda Wolfenstein game ever released, its also just a fantastic experience and story even upon replay. Seriously give it a shot. Most think that The New Order was "good" but never bothered to buy the second one, that's because the New Order is not as good as they think. It lacks greatly in comparison this installment. Play it!

13 Dishonored 2

The best thing about this FPS game is that you can choose to become one of the two main characters. The story line of both characters are quite different and you may want to play it twice. The power ability in this game is also interesting and players can use them for many tricks.

14 The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
15 Pirates of the Caribbean
16 Fallout 2

This was made by Black Isle Studios. The title was later sold to Bethesda.

17 Fallout
18 Prey

The most unique thing about this FPS game is that there are many open endings you can choose. As the identity of players ourselves are a bit...special, it also might affect which kind of ending you will like to pick. And that with each different choices you pick, it will greatly affect the story development after that.

This is the best bethesda game since skyrim. Starting with the soundtrack, OH MY GOD that soundtrack is a masterpiece. The gameplay is beautiful and the graphics are like something out of the National Art Museum.

This game has a great soundtrack and is just gorgeous. A real blast to mess around in

19 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn
20 The Evil Within
21 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
22 Doom II: Hell on Earth
23 Fallout 76

It's a good game, it's a game stile I love, and it might have some glitches but all games do (well maybe not as many glitches but they are working on that) But soon maybe after most of the updates it will be a better game.

The game is good. Bethesda gave us what we wanted.

Good game gets loads of hate by people who haven't even played it

24 The Evil Within 2
25 Doom 3

I don't know what is wrong with this list doom 3 is more worth than these in the list, I mean there is Grand Theft Auto V on the list which bethesda didn't even make. DOOM 3 was what elevated the doom franchise and most people here on this list are 10 year olds. This retarded list put RAGE one of the worst games bethesda made at 8, I mean just go to any gamer who doesn't play and scream at fortnite and ROBLOX how DOOM 3 would be ranked on this list, most of them would say 5 or 4 and not 33. And apparently DOOM 2016 has better mechanics than DOOM 3(THE BEST IN THE FRANCHISE)

I agree with you

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