Best Cars in Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

It's the rating of the best cars in the best release of the Need For Speed franchise. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. It's Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. Simply the best and arguably the ultimate in terms of driving experience and its breathtaking plunge into reality. Reality can't get any closer. So rev up your engines and lets roar!

*Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit - Voted best nfs game in a media magazine poll.
The Top Ten
1 El Nino

Unsurpassable prowess in the game. Makes up with speed what it lacks in handling. Fastest car in the game. Rockets to 100mph in about 2 secs! Although it has poor handling, if one's experienced with this tiny monster, you can blaze past the sharpest curves with ease... Switch on your engine, fasten your seatbelt and punch the throttle!

2 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR

Is it a bird, is it a airplane? No, it's a supercar! A superfast car that feels like driving a jet. Excellent body dynamics and awesome horsepower. Better handling than the el nino but slightly slower but this car can easily beat any other. With near perfect acceleration, it can match up to the el nino if driven with perfection.
The brakes are the best part. The air-brakes create a mushing sound when the brakes are applied. Like I said, it feels smooth like a jet.

3 Ferrari F355 Spider

Why is a class B car here you say? Well, this list is not only about sheer speed. This car perhaps provides the most realistic feel of a car and top notch in driving pleasure. The high-pitched gearbox, the stylish looks and fast speeds make this a favorite amongst gamers. Handling is pure unadulterated perfection. It's the real thing! Fast speeds and perfect handling make this a must drive in the game.

Ferrari is The Fastest Car it will can go 0 to 100 Mph In 1.5 Sec.
So Please Vote For The Ferrari this is the best car in real and Game to so please vote For him!

4 Lamborghini Diablo SV

Diablo indeed! Simply one of the most popular cars of the game. Why? Because of its monstrous engine, brute horsepower and tough muscle combined with the iconic lamborghini design. On equal terms with the maranello and schierra, its handling is slightly lower than the maranello but makes up for a slight increase in acceleration.

This is the best car, not only in this game, but in any game! I last played this game almost seven years ago, and because of this game it is still, to this day, my dream car.

5 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Looks more of a luxury sedan than a sports car but looks can be deceiving. Faster than its lower cousin, the ferrari f1 spider, this is one car that upholds it reputation for its perfect handling. Just like the spider. A fast class A car along with a good handling, what more do you need to win.

6 Jaguar XJR-15

Looks like a close relative to the mercedes clk-gtr. Almost same in every aspect. Scintillating aerodynamics and a road feel like no other. One thing set apart from the mercedes is that you can feel the raw power spewing out of this monster. Its tires rolling past the asphalt. Again another good car.

7 McLaren F1 LM

Nice car nice handling nice style nice speed just acceleration is bad but this is most stylish car

8 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Yeah it's a chevy corvette. The real deal! Smooth engine, near perfect handling and a fast drive makes this a competitor especially on curvy roads.

9 Italdesign Scighera

Batman car? Unique design, fast and powerful. Although this could be a neat car to drive in, the handling is quite unstable compared to the maranello but the tag of class A gives it all it requires to win.

10 Lamborghini Countach

The lower cousin of the diablo. Its class B tag puts it in par with the ferrari spider. Poor handling as compared to the ferrari gives it a disadvantage in tight corners but on straight roads, its all about raw power. If the driver is as good as the car, this car can win you a race against several class A cars provided you take advantage of corners like the ferrari spider without sacrificing much speed.

The Contenders
11 Aston Martin DB7

Class C but the fastest of the category. Reasonable speed, slight slack in handling. A good car to race when you want to feel the reality of the game. A worthy competitor on difficult to drive roads.

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