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1 Forza Horizon 3

This is, and always will be, my first Forza game. I am new to the series, and I already love Forza. The music, the open world, intense racing on road and off, makes this game great. The dlc is good, it runs smoothly, graphics aren't bad, super fast cars, and more. If you weren't sure about a racing game, get this and you will enjoy it immensely. I did.

My first ever forza game and honestly my favourite game of all time, I like car games but the classic track only games just get a bit boring after a while, don't get me wrong some of the motorsports like 3 and 4 will always have a special place in my heart but fh3 gave me so many hours of enjoyment weather it be alone or online with friends, the sounds, the graphics, the seemingly endless amount of things to do it all added up to make in my opinion the best game of all time. Even my friends who don't like car games got enjoyment out of this game.

2 Forza Horizon 4

Best Forza ever! Love the seasons and the way they change your driving! My most favourite part with the seasons, is when it's winter and you can drive on the biggest lake(Derwent Water)! I especially love the water fall which you can jump off of. I also loved when you are a stunt driver for the movie. I hope on the next Forza Horizon, they have unlimited Barn Finds, because I LOVE THEM! I also wish they added Rat Rods and cooler Hot Rods. I hope on the next one they have no DLC cars.

Graphics it's the beat horizon. Sound... music is a bit forgetable but a bit better then 2 I'm not a fan of the changing seasons when you want to drive in the summer you have to wait till that week and all the horizons took place in summer. It's a summer festival not a year round country take over. Still fun but not as good as 1 and 3 in my opinion

3 Forza Motorsport 4

The pinnacle of the Forza franchise and the culmination of all the best features from previous games. This iteration had everything the the series needed with no fluff. It was thorough and sincere. Every Forza game to follow has been in decline with accessibility issues, bad menus, less rewarding driving experiences, and a more monotonous car selection. Forza 4 was truly the best the series has ever offered and it will be extremely hard to ever top this. Newcomers to the Forza franchise need only to get Forza 4, with Horizon 3 being a good alternative if they prefer open-world.

4 Forza Horizon 2

Pity that I got this game when the dlc aren't available anymore! I would love to play the full game and get all cars!

The best car racing game I've ever played in my whole entire life as I am a fond of racing and open world games.this games crops the boundaries for sure!

STill play the soundtrack of this today, it made the game way better than Horizon 3

5 Forza Motorsport 3

This was my first Forza game, and the best I've played so far. Awesome soundtrack, great cover car, good graphics, extreme racetracks and locations, especially Sedona and that Spanish mountain track, it shaped up other Forza games, great intro bit for when you line up for a race, and much more! I still have it in my cabinet and still play to this day.

A true classic. It's also a major improvement over the first two. This game also helped start to shape future forza games. I will always think this is the best forza Motorsport game.

6 Forza Motorsport 6

FM 6 is much better than 7. Better driving, better feel, more intuitive menus, better replays, AI is more clever, more challenging, crashes are more realistic, very good graphics... FM 7 was a big step back from this. FM 6 is best Forza on Xbox One.

A very good Motorsport, my favorite so far.

Easily the best game. So much fun to play.

7 Forza Motorsport 7

I ( SEJ JNR 888) reckon the need to put in 2018 V8 SUPERCARS. If you don't know what they are, their the cars that race on Mount Panorama, their Aussie. They should also put more Australian race tracks in! That's all. It seems that it needs more cool cars and then it would probably be in the top five!

Only last because I (CheesyNachos) added it just before it came out. Everyone likes Horizon 3 and votes for it instead of voting for a motorsport game every once in a while, despite the name of this list

Hasn't even been added yet. I know it's not out, but Auction house is coming, new Cars, etc. Gonna be amazing and will be in the top 5 at least when it comes out

8 Forza Horizon

Best forza game by far. Fun gameplay and actual progression that brought you back again and again. Had some of the best car sounds(the newer games sound crap compared to it, although horizon 2 had great sounds) had the best soundtrack, gorgeous artstyle and was the only game that really truly captured the vibes of a festival. Just watch the start menu and see what I mean. People sitting around their cars enjoying the sun, music and the people around them. None of the other games capture this feeling.

9 Forza Motorsport

Easily the best Forza. Outstanding soundtrack, amazing and original cars that you can't find in any other Forza (except for FM2) and the most creative campaign.

Just to say the first should always be the best. If the first a game didn't come out there wouldn't be another game

10 Forza Motorsport 5

Come on! This Forza Motorsport 5, the best of the Forza franchise. #1 should have Forza Motorsport 5 attached to it! NOT #6!

Average. the handling on each car apart from the f1 cars was poor and there were limited tracks

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11 Forza Motorsport 2

This is still the best Forza Motorsport game (Feb 2019.) I've played them all in order on the years they came out. This is the hidden gem! If you play this game today you wont be disappointed. It plays like Turn 10 was never going to make another game ever again. It's super polished and ready for eternity. This game also has truly the best soundtrack of any Forza game still. It's just the feeling of customizing your car and listening to a wide range of rock, pop, indie and electro that makes you never want to turn off your Xbox 360 before you do one more race. The racing also has absolutely no forgiveness. No rewind, no wide range of difficulty options, no auto brake, nothing, Just play as it is and risk it all. Winning in this game feels good... really good. Hardcore players who love racing games buy an Xbox 360 just for this game. The racing physics are perfect blend of simulation and controller friendly mechanics that make it like no other game.

12 Forza 6 Motorsport 6 Apex

This Forza game has less than 100 cars and less than 50 tracks!

13 Forza Horizon 5
14 Forza Horizon 3 Presents Hot Wheels
15 Forza Street
16 Forza Horizon 4 Presents Lego Speed Champions
17 Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and the Furious
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