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1 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This Battlefield has the most thought-out multiplayer of all games. It might be simple in many aspects, but that's why it worked. Pratically everything was balanced out in a "risk-reward" mechanic, vehicles felt powerful, but still vulnerable, and team work always won the day. It had a fantastic selection of maps that all worked great with the main mode, Rush, and had a lot of care put into the sound design. In no other game can you plan around after recognizing that the guy screaming next door is an engineer or a recon. All of this combined made for an extremely fun experience.

I loved Bad Co. 2. The single player was fun and had a decent story, and was a good way to get a hang of mechanics. The multiplayer was what was the best part. Not too fast, or slopw, it was balanced, and it relied on real teamwork. Pilots couldn't be successful without gunners, cars were almost useless without other people in it, etc, etc. The classes all had use too. Snipers could spot and take out targets far away, engineers were there for vehicles, assault was there for just power, and medics could heal and bring teammates from the dead. Also, I loved the vehicles. All had advantages and disadvantages.

The best if the franchise. Somehow with an older frostbite engine, it pulls off destructible buildings better than 3/4. Nothing like lobbing a carl gustov into a straw hut and watching the whole thing disappear. Hiding inside a house is never safe against vehicles. The levels are designed much better, especially rush, which weren't just conquest maps that someone turned into a rush mode, they were maps designed around rush and so had a waay better feel and progression. Obviously there was some change in management or design when they switched from bad company to bf3/4.

The graphics were ground breaking. EVERY map was fantastic, unlike BF3 where there were some maps where one the play could be stuck for ages on on point of play (e.G. Metro).

This game had it all - strategy, team play, fun, skill and the list goes on.

It didn't try to overload on weapons and hence complexity. The philosophy was simple - concentrate on game play and the rest will follow.

There probably will never be another Battlefield like it.

2 Battlefield 3

The best first person shooter of 2011 and the most realistic game of all time! If that doesn't deserve top spot then I don't know what does.

The campaign is really really good and I enjoyed every minute of it. I really liked the story line and it was the greatest story in a Battlefield game.

The multiplayer is just absolutely amazing! There is a great variety of weapons, the maps are giant and the games can last 10-20 minutes and the vehicles you can drive/fly are just awesome.

Best Battlefield game ever. Perhaps the best graphics so far in any game (up until 2012). This and Call of Duty 4 are my 2nd favorite games, 1st being black ops and Uncharted 2/3. Don't listen to the guy below, he doesn't know anything bragging about how Battlefield is better than Call of Duty. Which one is more played? , which one is more famous, which one has split screen multiplayer online and offline? The answer: Call of Duty. But shut up! Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. People that want to play Battlefield let them play Battlefield, the people that prefer Call of Duty, prefer Call of Duty, who cares about the graphics? It matters how much fun it is. My preference: Call of Duty, but I'm not going to brag about it. Battlefield and Call of Duty are both sick! (awesome) and a ton of fun. For me I hardly prefer Call of Duty, only so extremely slightly. BF3>MW3, BO>BF3 Bo>Call of Duty 4, BF3=Call of Duty 4.

So much fun and I really can not STAND when people compare this to Call of Duty. Sure, they are both First Person Shooters but they are set up differently!

Call of Duty is more of a run and gun type of gun and you really don't need to worry about anyone else besides yourself. It has smaller maps and close quarter combat. There are killstreaks and the guns kill incredibly fast. This game is incredibly unrealistic but is fun and anyone can pick up a controller and play.

Battlefield is more of a strategic game. It is a TON more realistic and is the definition of modern warfare. You have to be aware of your surroundings and the maps are huge! You need teammates as you can get ambushed very easily and YOU CAN FLY PLANES. You definitely need to be more smarter and keep caution when playing this game but I love it!

I think that this is the best Battlefield game just because of the multiplayer alone. I got this on my PS3 and played it for days and days. There were no hackers on multiplayer as I remember, and the only campers there were were not very good at camping. Everyone who played the game seemed to be a good sport when they lost matches. No one would be hungry for your blood if all you did was kill them.

3 Battlefield 1

Best Trailer ever! The weapons and cars, tanks, planes and more are perfect! I hope that the story is good but the multiplayer is more important and I play it more than the story.

I am stunned. The campaign is brilliant, the multiplayer is outstanding, and the graphics are incredible. Infinite warfare is going to have a very hard time comparing to this.

Despite the game having its flaws, it still promises us everything that we have been hoping for. Though not the best Battlefield game, it's definitely a promising release.

The first Battlefield game I played, and the best by far. Most of the guns are balanced, the design looks very lifelike, and it captures the insanity of the War to End All Wars.

4 Battlefield 4

Honestly, this is not only my favourite Battlefield game, but my favourite video game of all time! A great game, good story, beautiful and smooth multiplayer (it's all I personally care about, but the campaign was still pretty good), and unfortunately- underrated. I like how Ghosts was more hyped up than this and had more players, but was one of the worst video games ever spawned from the pits of Hell itself compared to Battlefield 4. Same with Titanfall. Let's be realistic, people: Titanfall is Call of Duty with robots. BF4 is months older than Titanfall, but still has better graphics, maps, weapons, everything!

I've been playing this quite frequently for three years now. My second favorite Battlefield game behind Battlefield 3. When I play this game, I am constantly worrying about having to deal with a hacker or glitch exploiter. Other that that, this game is great! The campaign was mind-blowing, to say the least. The multiplayer is amazing. All of the classes are balanced in power, unless you have a one-shot sniper, but it takes a certain level of skill to properly use a sniper, anyways.

Despite EA's partially false advertising, poor servers, and loads of bugs (though the last two were very well patched) bf4 still manages to bring back total destruction I missed from bfbc2, has the largest amount of guns I've seen in the games I have, which is all the console ones, and despite murky current gen. graphics the game still looks beautiful, not that I really care ( I really don't care about graphics as long as the game is good) plus unlike most bf3 matches, the players in this game use more teamwork and go for the objective, and they have brought 64 player matches to next gen, plus commander mode, and there is nothing better than dropping a cruise missile on a couple of snipers.. While I can't say this game is better than bfbc2 it is at least at par with or close to that games master piece. And unless your intent on getting bonus multiplayer weapons don't bother with the campaign, it's terrible. But never the less, this game is truly a role model for military fps and is ...more

As a hardcore sniper and shotgunner, I by far think BF4 is the best. For sniping, the maps are amazing. Variable zoom, range finder, PLD and also being capable of using C-4 makes it a far better class than it was in BF3. There are some great maps for shotguns. Operation Locker is perfect for a shotgun squad with a DMR backing them up. Also the Second Assault maps bring the best maps of BF3 and put greatly improved versions into BF4, specifically Operation Metro, which is one of the best ever made in my opinion.

5 Battlefield 2

Best Battlefield and the second best is Bad Company 2. My oppinion is that Battlefield 3 only won best Batlefield game because of it's hype. Battlefield 2 didn't needed Frostbite 2 and all the hype to be a great game. The teamwork isgreat and all the different maps and vechicles offer a large array of tactical warfare. If you still want to have the good times or you are looking for a new shooter Battlefield 2 and/or Bad Company 2 are the best choices.

The game was well balanced. It is simple enough for people with crappy hard-wares to play, but it was also really fun. And don't forget, the game's single-player mode was actually multi-player with bots, not some storyline (I know you guys put a lot of work into this, but, like boyfriend always being better at multiplayer than Call of Duty, Call of Duty is always better than boyfriend at SP storyline). Therefore, even if you have crappy internet, you can still have that nearly as fun as multiplayer experience.

Wait, did I mention that BF2 is also modder-friendly, too. Even someone with just little experience in the field of modding can edit the game to suit what they like. And, it's really easy to get more experience and knowledge in modding, because the lines of code in BF2 are so simple. This leads to many, many mods and addons, like EoD, AIX, FH2, PR. So even if you don't want to spend time modding, you can still experience BF2 in many different ways.

As a diverse game fanatic. None has satisfied my gaming experiences more than a modded BF2 with AIX addons. The Alpha gameplay is fun, I'll give you that, but seeing the incredibly vast amount of mods there are out there on the net makes it that much more fun. The modification compatibility feature that 3rd parties have integrated into this game goes far beyond my expectations. Making it feel like a real war game, and not just that. The shooting mechanics embedded in this game are just so satisfying, especially when you're going total Sniper Elite V2 on a prison compound integrated by the AIX mod makes it so fun. This is a must for any Battlefield fanatic. I've heard that's it's been rebooted by a 3rd party company over on is you want a free copy of the game. Well, that ends my review here, and if you see Yukimura21 on the fields, give me your greatest condolences for recommending you this fun experience.

Incredibly fun game and I believe that the older games are better than the newer ones (Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2) because those games are way to serious and not fun. Battlefield 2 was perfect and there will never be one as good as it.

6 Battlefield: 1942

This is the best Battlefield game ever made and surely the best WW2 ever made. I think many of you'd agree that older games are better than newer games. They're just more fun to play, and they have all that is needed to provide the intense feeling of an actual war. New games are all about graphics and hype and they DO NOT have as good stories as the older ones. So soldiers, thumbs up for the original Battlefield game! This is how it all started!

-Hilarious physics? Check!
-Great music? Check!
-Enjoyable maps? Check!
-Plain fun? CHECK!
It may not have "next-gen graphics". It's enviroments may not be fully destrucible. But, ┬┐who needs all that stuff when you have bazookas that send people flying across the map?!?!?!

Maps are not cluttered. The new battlefield games has too many things.. Trees, houses.. Etc etc..

This is the best Battlefield game of all times. No doubt about it.

7 Battlefield: Bad Company

Although not as 'well looking' or 'patched' this was my first FPS shooter and the ps3 and boy.. I put a lot of hours in this game. Simple amazing the choppers, artillery and of course.. those destructions at its time! Purely nostalgia its number one for me!

Great game, was groundbreaking with its Frostbite engine. A great buy at only $6.99 at gamestop.

Great Game you have to get it!

It worthed my time

8 Battlefield: Vietnam

Probably one of EA's most overlooked games of all time. I don't remember any advertising for it, and I was really lucky that my brother purchased it by chance. If he hadn't, would have never been able to experience this masterpiece. The landscape, structures, chosen battlegrounds, and radio chatter really draws you into the Vietnam War. It wasn't just a game; it was 'Nam, and it was intense. Very little BS mechanics wise and balanced how it should have been (US Air superiority, Vietnamese special perks). And no one who played can forget flying through the skies in a huey while blasting Surfin' Bird, Fortunate Son or any of the other great tracks in this game. In fact, whenever I hear music that was featured in this game, I think of my experience in Vietna... Er... I mean Battlefield Vietnam.

Great Game!

No doubt, although it's quite old, but the fun is unbelievable. Loved everything about the game from the instant battles against bots to the glories of multiplayer fun.

Still my favorite after all these years. I kept my pc running XP until last christmas because of how much I love the music and online play compared to battlefield 2 and 3. No game will beat the feeling of flying a mig 17 in this game

Simple game with really nice chopter handling. Also enjoyable asymmetrical fighting sides, giving motivation to do something clever if being on the side with less hardware.

9 Battlefield: Hardline

It's the best game I ever played. The story is very short but very good. I just play multiplayer. It isn't just like the other battlefields. It is with cops and gangsters and the places are very good!

Battlefield Hardline is a very fun game to play. It can get very tense in Multiplayer. Story is pretty good but very short. Multiplayer is what makes this game. Worth the buy.

Pretty fun, I guess. The episodes are really really fun and the multiplayer is very good, hardly any hackers or glitch abusers.

"There is more weapons and gadgets to use to your advantage, better graphics, and you don't have to level up to unlock weapons and gear because you can buy them

10 Battlefield 2142

My 3rd Battlefield game ever (my first being Vietnam at second being 1942) I played this game to death online back on 2006 good times...good times. By the way anyone miss this games multiplayer? This Battlefield game is the best futuristic game of all time Infinite Moneygrab!

What other battlefield offered what 2142 did? Mechs, future weapons, high tech equipment... The maps were the best of all too. They should have just build on this idea and not have gone back to old war or modern settings.

For it's time the graphics are fantastic. Like all Battlefield games it requires teamwork and skill.
Highly recommend to try this out for anyone that hasn't played Battlefield 2142.

The gear was futuristic and fair the armor (walkers, tanks, APC, ext ext ext, were all greatly designed and balanced. It had by far better Air combat then any battlefield (never played 2 or 1942) o and a little thing called TITAN MODE its number 1 for sure.

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11 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

This is a very unique experience that makes the original bfbc2 gameplay look slightly boring! And trust me that is very hard to do!

Probably the only DLC I've ever seen that is actually 100% worth the money.

The only game in the series that makes Bad Company 2 look sort of dull

12 Battlefield V

It's great. Not historically accurate though.

Absolutely amazing game!

13 Battlefield 1943

So far the only game to use frostbite for the WW2 era, this game was, in my opinion, one of the best experiences you could have in a game. It's brutally simplistic gunplay (no rds sights in WW2) made it much more authentic and accessible.

Also, nothing beats running around with a katana.

Great graphics, always fun, and a good game to play when you get bored. It's perfect for people who are always getting killed by the same guns over and over, as you don't unlock new guns.

Cheap, great graphics, and no unlocks. A great game to play without having to dedicate time to it.

14 Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
15 Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
16 Battlefield Play4free

Aamazing game! And on top of it its free.. I love it... It's just fantastic! Awesome and Great game..

17 Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
18 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

This game started it all, the multiplayer hooked so many people into the FPS category!

Online mode in this game was way to much fun.

19 Battlefield Heroes

I have worked on most of these boyfriend games, and my all time favorite and the game that I am the most proud of is boyfriend Heroes. I'm even in the trailer!

Awesome game. Loved it, and it's a beast game. Why us this not in top 5?

Game was legendary. Don't understand? Play it now. You will see.

You and me both man. Best battlefield out there

20 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
21 Battlefield 2: Euro Force
22 Battlefield Online
23 Battlefield 3: Aftermath
24 Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Added a new twist to battlefield saga. Spent countless hours playing, Smoke grenade launcher was awesome!

25 Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
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