Top 10 Best Mobile Games of All Time

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1 Clash of Clans

I remember when this game was first made in 2012 and tried to play it. I had no clue what was going on so I ended up deleting it. However my sister became hooked to it and played it for ages. I recently downloaded it out of nowhere and it is one of the best games I have played for a long time. My favourite characters are the Archers and the Wall Breakers. (If you want to friend me I am #Q8YJORQL9 )

This should definitely be above Pokémon GO. That game died out in about 2 weeks whereas this game is a lot less popular than it used to be, but is still enjoying pretty high success at the top of the App Store.

The game used to be hard due to expensive upgrades and training troops takes a lot of time. I'm just glad they fixed it.

This is a bad game, pay-to-win based.
I'm stopped play this early, kinda bored of long levelups.
2 days for town hall?! Only donaters can get fun of this game.

2 Robbery Bob

Its not dumb it's fun

3 Flappy Bird

People rage so much and its funny. But over-all it's a very well designed game.

The most addictive game that ever hit the market period.

Gameplay FTW, first flappy bird, second raging thunder 2, third ninjump.

4 Minecraft - Pocket Edition

This game is... Just amazing! This app has made over 15MILLION sales! You have your own world in which you must survive, by farming, building, fighting and mining. Hostile monsters will come and attack you at night if you haven't made a shelter, but if you don't like fighting you can just go into creative mode and build build build!

I like how you can make a world, do creative or play competitively. It has a mode for everyone!

This game is amazing! It really beats anything else I can think of!

A really awesome building game. I love it. The addons, seeds, maps and everything else.

5 Angry Birds

There were 2 or more sequels, at least 10 spin-offs, 3 or so crossovers, a movie, a toy line, board games, a T.V. series, a "remake" (I count Friends as a remake), a "reboot" (Angry Birds 2 felt sort of like a reboot to me), how is this not at least in the top five?

Of course the best game ever made!

Must be on the 1st place!

Should be number 1

6 Jetpack Joyride

Love the game. No problems here!

This should be no 1

7 Extreme Road Trip 2

It's a game so its good. ( I don't even know)

I like this game.

8 Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
9 Plants vs. Zombies

A classic. It has evolved from just PvZ to PvZ 2: It's About Time!, PvZ Adventures, PvZ: Garden Warfare, and PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 is almost out. Try the classic one, it is very addictive. There is a ton of different zombies and plants, each with different statistics. After you discover a certain type of zombie or plant, it's statistics gets put in the Almanac, which is unlocked when you start getting addicted. With different backgrounds and gamemodes, you will find that even after completing the story mode you will find that there is much more to do. After you beat PvZ, you can move on to another game, like PvZ 2, which is not as good as the classic but still adds a good theme. PvZ Adventures is only for Facebook, and is what you should play if you like a game to play while you are bored. PvZ: Garden Warfare is as fun as the classic PvZ, with first person, giant maps, and online mode. This brings back my childhood.

You wont know despair until you try your best on a level then see the zombies ate your brains because of that one last gargantuan.

I remember playing this. It's fun and addicting.

Best game ever

10 Temple Run

So FUN! I honestly prefer the 2nd one.

Better than Temple Run 2

I love this game

Probably one of the first apps people downloaded once they got a smart phone

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11 Clash Royale

Gameplay has no tactic involved and it was designed before the corporation "SuperCell" was created, in old 1998. Overrated game.

A fun game, creates the feel of nostalgia for clash of clans players (like me) but updated graphics and even more cards.

This is one of the worst mobile games, by far. There is heavy imbalance and cash-whoring tactics galore here.

There are so many different deck possibilities and all the cards are always balanced out so that they are never too good or bad...well...except sometimes *cough elite barbarians *cough. It was a very well persecuted game idea.

12 Doodle Jump

I play this on my TV now

13 Cut the Rope
14 Crossy Road

I love playing this game along side my friends we compare our scores and chose our favorite skins

15 Dumb Ways to Die

Ended after 4 years of playing, due to one of my friends "being in love" with one of this game's characters and talking about her "kidneys".

1: It is really funny!
2: It has a video that doesn't need internet.
and 3: Another reason I cannot think of!

I used to play it

I just love it

16 Respawnables
17 Geometry Dash

This game is not old and nobody plays it anymore, it's number 3 on the App Store

Why is this game so hated!

I like the music plus you can make custom levels. But when I almost beat a level I rage.

This game is really fun! I'm rusty though

This has to be higher.

18 Candy Crush Saga

It may rip off Bejeweled, but that is a rip off of Diamond Mine; plus, CC has evolved over time as well with versions like Friends (perhaps the most underrated, Twist with Bejeweled). All of them good though but in their own respective ways.

I never knew that people hated this game. I honestly like it.

I love this game, am so addicted to it and every level are so challenges

19 Pokemon Go

Fun, addicting, and easy to play, Pokemon Go is great for Pokemon fans who want to play while on the go, no pun intended. With updated sounds to classic Pokemon, an easy gamestyle to learn, and with friends to play, Pokemon Go is a must for any who like Pokemon.

For people saying the game is garbage, ok but it's better than Clash of Clans or any other mobile games.

Good for a good amount of time. Just made new people make a fool of pokemon doe.

Best game for fitness

20 Army of Darkness

I like to play

21 Fruit Ninja
22 Temple Run 2
23 Block City Wars
24 Subway Surfers

Subway surfers was my childhood! Me and my bro were so good, and so was my dad. My dad even had a account!

This is really fun in my opinion! I never get bored with it!

25 Disney Infinity 3.0

Love it! It' really fun!

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