Best Video Game Boss Themes

Boss battles in video games are a test of all the skills you've acquired in the game. And the theme that plays during the battle can add to the atmosphere and make it all the more epic. Here is the top 10 best boss battle themes in video games.
The Top Ten
1 Dark Bowser - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

It deserves to be number one. This was the first time Nintendo tried to do tragic music for the final boss, and the result is absolutely perfect!

This is by far the best thing I have ever heard. I like Adventure's End too.

It's called In the Final, and it is the most epic song ever!

2 Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI

The sheer emotional experience that this song provides as a capstone to an all-time best game full of emotion and struggle cannot be understated. You can sympathize with both sides of this timeless battle as you either triumph over the tyrant or fall to the insignificant. Best game song ever.

It has four phases. All of them could be number one!

Eighteen minutes of pure amazement, including great use of the organ and that Kefka laughter.

3 Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06

Even with all the issues this game has, this fight was epic as hell! But really, it's the music that makes it good. An orchestral remix of the main theme was a genius idea for the final boss theme. His World is already epic, but this made things so much better. Love this soundtrack!

Sonic 06 had a great soundtrack. Not as good as some games, but this theme is epic. Enough said. And why does everyone hate this game? It's like Adventure, just modern! The only thing I didn't like was always running into walls. And thank God Elise won't be coming back... Unless when Generations comes out!

4 Zero Two - Kirby 64

Gets you so pumped. Should be in the top 3, not 6. And for some reason, it makes me think about my life. Hmm, mysterious. Anyway, I prefer this version to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl version. This song deserves to be at least 2.

This theme is the best. You can listen to this theme for hours. This theme should be number one.

Zero's theme is beautiful but dark. Also, C.R.O.W.N.E.D. from Kirby's Return to Dream Land should be on this list.

5 Final Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This song is so amazing! It sums up your whole adventure and ends it by fighting a giant dragon turtle flying through space and knocking meteors into his face! If that's not awesome, then who are you?

This is the most amazing final boss theme in any Mario game. Screw that, in any Nintendo game ever.

I can't believe that an awesome theme would be completely wasted on a boss as easy as Bowser.

6 Hopes and Dreams - Undertale

The song and coordination really give the player the aspect of hope and encourage them not to give up.

Best Undertale boss theme and best boss theme ever!

7 The Sun Rises - Okami

This song is fantastic. You're fighting the Emperor of Darkness, and then you hear this song and know you can do it. It's just awesome.

The amount of emotion and sheer beauty behind this piece is amazing. Instead of being 'epic' with bombastic horns or choirs, it has a more empowering theme.

Many of you may have never heard it, but I implore you to give it a listen:

Wouldn't it be amazing if Japan could somehow slot this theme into the 2020 Olympics!

8 Red - Pokemon Gold & Silver

Nothing will ever surpass the feeling of summiting Mt. Silver and hearing the first notes of this tune. The god of nostalgia, the master of Pokemon themes.

9 Shadow Queen, Phase 3 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Best Paper Mario boss theme ever.

10 Iris - Pokemon Black 2/Pokemon White 2

Pokemon had the best of everything!
Best villain, greatest hero and villain, greatest boss battle, and more.

This music sounds very good!

The Contenders
11 Megalovania - Undertale

This should without a doubt be number 1. It's the most epic, amazing theme ever composed. You can immediately tell that there are many bad times ahead when this song plays in the Sans fight.

My favorite theme from Undertale. It's epic and fast-paced. It gets you IN THE ZONE! You can tell right from the start that you're gonna have a bad time.

Absolutely fantastic. Up there in the top five of my favorite video game songs ever.

12 Final Xemnas - Kingdom Hearts 2

The epicness of this boss is so awesome! We have 3 phases of the boss and a few fights in the final battle! The OST with Disappeared, A Fight to the Death, and The Darkness of the Unknown are just amazing!

I think the second part of the song (Armored Xemnas) is better, but yeah.

Deserving song for a dark lord.

13 Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This is the best music ever. Just listen to it! It's like there's no hope left, but in the end, you can manage to do it. Hands down the best final boss music ever.

Pretty fun fight. Too easy in my opinion, but the music is amazing.

14 Demise of the Ritual - Shadow of the Colossus

This theme fits perfectly with the final fight. After a cinematic that makes a lot of people cry, you reach the point of no return. You are thrown into the battle, the weather gets stormy, and the final colossus stands in front of you near a cliff. The music plays as you have tears streaming down your face.

You have killed every colossus and have this weight on your shoulders. Was it worth it? Well, you can't turn back, and you have to fight your final battle. The music captures all of these emotions.

15 Rawk Hawk Battle - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

Throw up your rawkfist! If you're ready, let's drop this! Wrong song?

16 Bowser Battle - Super Mario Galaxy
17 Francis - Super Paper Mario
18 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - Dark Souls

This song is arguably the simplest but most effective song of all time. It perfectly shows how Gwyn was reduced from an almighty god to a hollow shell of one. That said, he's still tough, so don't go easy. This theme plays a very melancholic piano piece as the Chosen Undead faces off against a powerful husk of a god.

The icing on the cake was its use in the Soul of Cinder's second phase, as that theme encapsulated the series' bittersweet close. The Soul taps into Gwyn's power as a last-ditch effort to stop you.

19 Tor - lji
20 Jubileus - Bayonetta
21 Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra
22 Final Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy
23 Alphys Takes Action - Undertale

Really, REALLY underrated song and probably the all-time greatest and most jaw-droppingly epic usage of leitmotif I've ever heard.

Honestly, both the song and the fight kind of put Sans' to shame.

24 Lechku & Nechku - Okami
25 A Despair-Filled Farewell - Shadow of the Colossus
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