Best Super Mario Bros. 3 Worlds

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a timeless classic that encapsulates the charm of early console gaming and arguably remains one of the best titles in the Super Mario series. Since its original release on the NES in 1988, players worldwide have been captivated by its ingenious level design, addictive gameplay, and an array of unforgettable worlds.

Remember the first time you stepped into the lush landscapes of Grass Land or the sandy dunes of Desert Land? Recall that sense of awe and anticipation before facing the challenges in the Sky Land or the tricky puzzles in Pipe Land? Each world in Super Mario Bros. 3 offers a unique adventure, complemented by a distinct environment, a collection of fiendish enemies, and an array of secrets waiting to be uncovered.

This list explores the best worlds in Super Mario Bros. 3, where 'best' is as diverse as the game itself. It could mean the most challenging levels that tested your platforming prowess, the most visually striking ones that took your breath away, or even the ones that offered an unforgettable gaming moment.
The Top Ten
1 Giant Land

The fan-favorite and for good reason. First off, it has the best map aesthetic, at least for the SNES version, as it brings me the most nostalgia, thanks to Super Mario Flash using the aesthetics of this map for its own map.

And the music is just amazing! The gimmick here is that everything is huge. It makes for such a different experience alongside Pipe Maze that it obviously just needs to be high on the list. Sure, some levels omit the Giant theme, but the ones that do are such a joy to play!

2 Desert Land

By far, the greatest Desert World in any Mario game. It's a simple world, but a fun one! Each level brings something new and is fun to play, especially the Angry Sun one, which remains one of the most unique levels of all time.

The only problem is that this world is a little bloated: it's comprised of two halves but has as many levels as Grass Land.

3 Sky Land

This one is also unique in its own way, as the first half takes place on the ground, while the second half takes place in the clouds. To travel between the two areas, you go through a Tower level. It's a really unique take!

The reason it's down here is because the levels are kinda so-so. Not bad, I have fun with them, but most of them in the second half are just kinda boring sky levels.

4 Ice Land

This is the largest world in the game, containing 10 numerical levels and three fortresses. The levels are again super unique and fun. While I wish more of the levels were actually based on snow, I still like the levels for their unique concepts. One actually requires you to think to complete.

5 Pipe Maze

Pipe Maze is the most unique world in the game by far, and it's part of why I love it the most. Most worlds in this game are straightforward, so this is a nice change of pace.

This entire map is comprised of several different islands, connected through pipes and riddled with Piranha Plants. It's basically a giant archipelago of pipe forests, and I love it! You can't go wrong with pipe forests!

Every level involves more puzzle-solving compared to the usual speedrunning levels, and it really leaves a stronger impression as a result. Overall, the best world.

6 Grass Land

One of the best opening worlds ever. It gives you a bit of everything this game has to offer, and the levels are easy but satisfying.

And unlike the bottom four worlds, there aren't really any negatives about it. It's simplistic, but it's sure fun.

7 Water Land

It's a water world. I don't like water worlds, but at least this one's pretty good because there are only two of several levels that are underwater-based, and one of them is optional.

Most levels have an athletic theme to them, with water on the ground. Two of them have you getting chased by a giant fish. Not to mention the map itself is the most fun to navigate, as you can travel on the water in a boat. Really good!

8 Dark Land

Not a bad world either. But as far as these worlds go, this is the least interesting one by far. It's difficult and satisfying, but it's just not that interesting compared to the rest.

The levels aren't really environmental, rather auto-scrollers taking place on airships and tanks, which is fun but not in the same way the other worlds are. So it's my least favorite one.

The levels in World 8 are just so classic! I love the gameplay and the dark themes! Best world ever!

9 Warp Zone

This "world" is basically the game's save feature. Use a warp whistle you find in some random level, and you can teleport to whichever world you want here. Nothing interesting.