Best Planes In Pocket Planes

Here is a list of the top ten planes in Pocket Planes.
The Top Ten
1 Aeroeagle-M

Aeroeagles are the backbone of my fleet. They feed New York and Shanghai with jobs so the big planes (Cyclones) can carry them across the pond. They then carry the layover jobs the big planes left off at the hubs to their destination.

Also, I have some for just bux sitters - sitting at an airport shuttling bux jobs around. Overall, Aeroeagles are hugely important to my fleet and earn a whopping 80,000 coins per hour due to over 20,000 per 30-minute flight! Even though I am level 35, I still have five of these babies running.

2 Sequoia-M

Great for anyone with several class 3 airports. Operating costs are low, and it has a very nice range.

Great for people that don't want to constantly babysit their planes. I have 24 of these and nothing else!

It's a great plane. My whole fleet is these planes, and I'm making tons of money.

3 Cyclone-M

It may not carry as much as the Cloudliners or be as efficient as the Sequoia, but it is the best overall plane. It can fly across the whole world in straight lines after upgrading max range. I'm level 31, and I have eight of these!

With fully upgraded range, a Cyclone-M barely makes it from New York to Istanbul to Shanghai/Beijing. The route is almost perfectly straight, and, with the help of Aeroeagle feeders, I can make around 12,000 on a 45-50-minute flight.

It has a good look and a good amount of passengers, not too much, not too less.

4 Concorde

Easy to earn because all Concorde events occur at Paris and London. So if you start in Europe, you are almost 100% certain to get it.

5 Cloudliner

Great plane. Loads of space if you have the patience to fill it up. I randomly started with one, so I'm level 13 and have a Cloudliner circuit! It really changed my money income.

Takes time to fill, but makes so much coins and bux! This will be your Most Valuable Plane!

6 X10 Mapple Pro

Several of these will hold you down for the majority of your journey. At level 17, I still fly around with five of these amazing guys. Great speed, very decent range (even at stock), and low operating cost (however, not nearly as low as Kangaroos).

Holds both passengers and cargo, and it's good for 25% bonuses. I'm on level 15, and it's my top earner with 3,456 coins per hour.

Best class 1 plane you can have. Limited range but good capacity and can land anywhere (if you muck about with class 1 airports).

7 Mohawk-P/C
8 Kangaroo-M

I call my fleet of four of these "Old Reliable" for a reason. With enough upgrades and rest stops, these can easily go transatlantic. Very useful for event delivery.

They also serve to shuttle cargo and people on layover trips after they land en masse on an Aeroeagle. Very good plane, super cheap, speed is pretty good, very reliable.

Great range for level 15 and under. It will not cross the Atlantic once you start progressing. Mine make good money still at level 17, but I'll be ditching the last one soon. I have a Kangaroo-P also, and it does fine.

9 Birchcraft-M

Good for when you have a few class 2 airports and maybe some class 3 airports. Great operating costs and range.

Backbone of my airline, transporting everything to London then over the pond on a Cloudliner.

10 Equinox-P/C

Easy to make a load, cleans out layovers, and delivers fast. Great range, light (economical), and perfect to complement larger planes to fill in the gap. I have five in my 13-plane fleet.

Upgrade it all the way. Highly recommend. It can land anywhere globally, except class one airports.

And really, who needs those!

Another must-have. Great for Inter-Asia, Europe, or the U.S. Fast and has great range.

The Contenders
11 Fogbuster M

A good plane if you can wait to get everyone going to the same place.

12 Pearjet-M

Great range and with five spaces, it's awesome for mid-level (13-20) players to empty out stockpiled layovers quickly. I run them from Seattle/SF down to Rio/São Paulo all day for $2,500-$3k+ per trip! I have two in my 13-plane fleet and am looking to ditch one of my Mapples for a third.

One of the best-looking in my opinion. Can do transatlantic from Brazil to Africa so it's useful.

Good plane. I run mine from Melbourne to Paris and fully stock them. Makes 3,000 each flight.

13 Wallaby P/C

Nice plane. Used to be my top earner.

14 Mohawk-M
15 Navigator-p/c

Great plane. Early on, starting again - I'm level 6 - I have six Cs, 3 Ps, and 2 Ms. Each averages at about 2,000 coins per hour.

Great for start-up. Good money earner.

16 Bearclaw-P
17 Airvan-P

The first plane you get that can carry three passengers and is very economical to run, even without upgrades. I'm level 16 and still use two of these for my regular service.

Makes lots of money for newcomers. Also has good range.

18 Griffon-P/C

It is very profitable and good for small airlines. It has a better range than most planes its size, and it is good to carry layovers.

19 Tetra M
20 Airvan-C

My Airvan-C is still my top earner when I'm at level 15!

21 Anan-P/C
22 Starship

The Starship is great in the job of a bux sitter - sitting at airports for bux and then flying them to their destinations. At level 35 and trying to get thousands of bux to blow on big planes, bux are way more important than the 10-15 thousand coin loss from operating the Starship.

23 Supergopher-P/C
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