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1 Cattail

Cattail rocks! She can pop balloons, which is really useful; she can attack zombies hiding in fog, which is useful if you don't have plants like Blover and Plantern, she can attack anywhere; she is cheap (250 sun), and is just cute. Overall Cattail is just the very best. It stinks that it's not in PVZ 2.

The pool easier to defend than the surrounding lanes, so what if there was a plant that would be able to shoot projectiles that could damage zombies on all six lanes and pop balloons.

Cattail can shoot anywhere and can shoot any zombie and it's so cute! It is so useful and the only problem is they can only be planted on lily pads so you can't use them on 3 of 2 level parts on pvz1

Cattail is OP it follows the zombies! But the bad thing is that you can only place it in water.:( But on the bright side it does so much damage and it is pretty cheap if you have a lot of sunflowers.

2 Sunflower

One of the few day plants (in the original game) to still be useful after beating adventure mode. Chomper and Potato Mine aren't too overpowered. Peashooter, Snow Pea and most of the other day plants get replaced with stronger ones later on. However, Sunflower remains useful in day, pool and roof levels.

This is what you need to plant any plants! (But sadly, sun buff (25 to 50) per sun is bad. The purpose is ruined, though you're never getting ever even a repeater with sun falling! )

I agree that sunflower is the most important plant in the game. I take extra good care of my sunflowers but putting wal nuts right ahead of them

You gan get sun when it falls of the sky but if you want to get sun faster use this plants.

3 Winter Melon

I really like winter melon because he does so much damage to a group of zombies. Plus it slows them down to. It is my personal favorite plant in the entire game. Also I love watermelon in real life so it is awesome in both ways. Some people say it is to expensive but I dissagree. As long as you plant 2 rows of sunflowers, you will find this plant fairly easy to purchase with sun. Anyway, winter melon is definitely my favorite plant in all of plants v.s. zombies.

Can kill zombie in 2 shots, is like a Snow Pea but in Watermelon form (watermelon is already great), and it also is way cheaper than plants like cob cannon which takes a while to reload even if it can kill a zombie in 1 hit + it is also cheaper than a cattail which is worse because it does so much less damage, it is also less expensive and better than the 3-headed peashooter, and gatling pea.

Meet Winter Melon. He can kill normal zombies in 2 shots (with splash damage), so around 3 shots alone. He also slows zombies which is always great. The only zombies I think it is bad at is the Gargantuar and the Gigas, but the Gigas are pretty much a given. Again, I just noticed, why are the characters I like the most (ala Winter Melon) the underrated ones? At least beat Winter Melon!

Winter melon: more damage than the melon pult AND can freeze things. Seriously overpowered in Last stand: Endless. Why is this 6? It should probably be higher, at least 3. This can also destroy groups at a time unlike a forward shooting projectile plant who only gets the first zombie. Two of these alone can take out a pack of giga gargantuars.

4 Peashooter

Used for start in the game. In PvZ 2 the most cases where Peashooter is desired, Electric Peashooter or Shadow Peashooter is functionally superior.

It is way better than cattail! It's the most common and the best! How could some wannabe plant defeat Peashooter! Peashooter is the main plant along with Sunflower. Cattail, what are we zombies with no brains! (Get it)

Peashooter is the best plant for the first wave, it's cheap and useful.

Pretty much the best plant you get until the chomper.

5 Cob Cannon

One of my favorites. You can attack with a cob cannon in your desired area. It's just like a recycled cherry bomb. Most effectively used in Survival: Endless.

It was once said that the might of a titan always paled in comparison to that of a god.
Cob Cannon's immense power reigns supreme, and even the greatest warriors tremble under his might

These sites are broken and have too many little kids that think this is pvz 2... What a great site! I can see how this got here from having no email to vote

Kernel pull should be way higher than this garbage.

6 Doom Shroom

The most powerful plant in the game. Leaves a crater and has long range unlike other explosive plants. The best of all!

I save up sun for the doom shroom to activate for the final wave
A huge wave of zombies are approaching

This plant is just awesome. PVZ 2 should add him as a premium. Of course because of his radius and the fact he leaves a crater.

If you use this after all of the zombies from a wave show up, they will all literally vanish in a mushroomcloud.

7 Snow Pea

Okay when you on have the peashooter. Becomes almost overshadowed when you get the Repeater.

Badass, Powerful, and really good at taking out those pole vault zombies, the snow pea!

How is the peashooter above Snowpea? The snow pea is way better. It can freeze zombies it looks cool.

Very useful in adventure mode, especially when combined with kernel pults!

8 Repeater

Very useful against zombies in earlier stages. But it cost 200 sun.

Because the peashooter is cheaper.

Why is this lower than peashooter?

I like this, but it's a bit pricey.

9 Hypno shroom

Need to get rid of a pesky zombie that is too hard to take down? No problem, use a Hypno Shroom! The hypnotized zombie can even attack other zombies! This is a really cool plant.

This should be at the BOTTOM of the list because they spend almost all battle sleeping plus all they do is put zombies on you're side, so it's OBVIOUSLY the worst.

I think it's amazing. It makes zombies fights zombies. I love it!

This is my most favorite plant.

10 Chomper

Chopper shares characteristics with dogs. Put it in the first slot and if it didn't eat anything it scratches it's head with its leaves like a dog. It's particularly useful against zombies because I won a Big Wave Beach Hard level with Chompers and Toadstools.

I love it! It eats every zombie. Just put another Chomper in front of each chewing one and it would be endless. Watch out for the huge zombies, though.

IT can eat a zombie

So godly. Number 3 now.

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11 Wall-nut

I think this plant is good enough, but when you get to the new premium plant explode-o-nut the regular wall nut is... well just put it this way, you will NEVER want to use the regular wall nut again. I survived several levels using the explode-o-nut. But I still like the wall nut

Wall nuts are really cool I think. I use them ALL the time. Every level I use them.
They block zombies and there useful.

Wall-nut. Tall-nut. I like nuts.

Tall-nut is better.

12 Pumpkin

They don't cost to much and they protect your most valuable plants. Not essential but usful.

A go to on every loadout. Use on Sun Producing plants and anywhere you need shoring up.

13 Jalapeno

Jalapeno usually isn't good for the first wave but in the last wave it is super useful. It can burn a whole lane of zombies!

Jalapeno does take a little while to refresh, but it is really cheap for the massive damage it does.

Jalapeno is very good and useful. Plus I think his face is funny.

I think jalapeno is really good. Plus I think his face is funny.

14 Melon-pult

This should be #1. Not only is it essential to the game in multiple scenarios, but you can plant it ANYWHERE. It is the toughest plant in the game other than the insta kill plants, and you can use it in every level, unlike my second favorite, Cat tail.

Most of the player use this for a huge wave of zombies it can kill door zombies and an original zombies in just 3-4 shots.

How is Melon Pult above Winter Melon? Ah well, it's still a good plant to take out tough zombies.

This should be higher. its one of the most powerful catapult plants in the game

15 Gatling Pea

The best by far. Have you tried plant food on this thing?

Best of all peashooters

Best peashooter ever

Such power very wow

16 Gloom-Shroom
17 Squash

Really, REALLY useful in many situations. in the first game it is good, in number 2, if you level it up, it does 3 SQUASHES (level 3) (one smash, jumps back, squashes again) and so on. You can kill a new garg with ONE of these

It can squash two or more zombies at once... this is MUCH better than a 26 ranking!

Squash is super underrated here. Great to have to save yourself if you have a weaker lane

Squash is great for getting rid of pole vaulting zombies early on in online version, and it doesn't have to charge like the potato mine, so it is a good replacement for the online version

18 Spikeweed

Spike weed is AMAZING. Anyone who disagrees has only used them to pop tires of vehicles.

Dude, just make it a Spike Rock and BOOM!
You got yourself a deadly ground trap!

Put these in front of a wall nut or tall nut and the zombies get damaged wall there eating it

My favorite plant

19 Kernel-Pult

Also I found this, Kernel-Pult can attack Snorkel Zombies, what I meant is that Kernel-Pult can detect and attack Snorkel Zombies even when they're diving, the butter also hits too!

An awesome plant that has an awesome stunning effect. Kernel-pult combined with snow pea = WIN!

Why is it so underrated?

Kernel punt is great, probably should be #7 on this list. People, vote for KERNEL!

It's very useful and very hilarious when a zombie gets smacked with butter.

20 Cherry Bomb

This should be in the top 10. Always helps to use this to clear out a large section of zombies

I love that they give you an instant kill really early.

Cherry bomb is good but grapeshot is better.

Haha cherry go brrr

21 Fume-Shroom

I like the attack when given plant food. It can push back and destroy zombies.

22 Tall-nut

"How is this so far under Wall-nut? I think this is super useful. It takes way longer to chew. And it recharges faster then Wall-nut. That makes it more useful. Ya,you need 3 more Sun. 3 SUN,people. Seriously!

Keeps pole jumpers out and almost everything else.

How is this so low?

23 Umbrella Leaf

It is very important in survival mode, and in addition, if it was in the second game, it would be even more useful. Like pumpkin, this is an under-rated plant that is cheap, yet useful. Just think, it could block thrown-imps, it could stop seagulls, stop Zomboss missiles, stop Zombotany cabbagepult zombies, and protect surrounding plants, something it is good at, etc. This plant has a fast recharge and a low cost, too.

Gets rid of bungees

24 Blover

This plant is more useful in PvZ 2, since there is a lot more Flying Zombies! It's even cheaper! (50 Sun.) Which makes it VERY good when you consider the fact Sunflowers now make 50 sun.

25 Magnet-Shroom

One of two mushrooms worth using in day levels with Coffee Bean.

This should be higher

This plant is so amazing that you need just to put them in the slightly high and bottom rows! Helpful in all stages :D

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