Call of Duty Games With the Best Multiplayer

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1 Modern Warfare 2

This was the first Call of Duty game I ever played, and it's still really fun and nostalgic to play it again! This game has the best maps in the Call of Duty franchise... wait. I mean in the whole generation of fps games! Terminal brings back the good ol' days, the idea of a Russian airport is so unique! The multiplayer in this game contains balanced guns, fast paced yet fun gameplay... and overall Insane terrain!

How is this Call of Duty on number 3 list it should be. And 2 should be Call of Duty 4 mw2 best color characters weapons first to feature titles emblems selective killstreaks first to feature 2 attachments on the gun. Best feel of any Call of Duty game. The only Call of Duty games I play is this and Call of Duty 4 but I like mw2 better

It has OUTSTANDING multiplayer. Well... before MW3 came out and it got overrun by hackers. But when it first came out it was the best. It had amazing maps, Terminal, Rust, High rise, wasteland. It also had shotguns in the secondary section. Also the perks and kill streaks. What's not to love!?!? :D P.S: This should be first ALWAYS! P.P.S: The newer games suck. :P

The absolutely best feeling Call of Duty that was made. Every weapon had the perfect feel and mobility to it. Every map had its high traffic areas. Wish they would bring this game back and make it played again.

2 Black Ops II

Over 3000 hours in BO2, this game's multiplayer had it all for me. The movement was fast paced and fluid, the maps were spectacularly designed and vibrant, the guns all felt overpowered in the right situation and updates would tip the balance in different ways over time as the game evolved. Whether it was the MSMC (SMG), the Remington (shotgun) or my all-time favorite CoD gun the DSR-50 (sniper rifle) - every gun felt unique and deadly in the right hands. It was also the period of time when the sniping community was as its biggest after growing massively during the MW2 era, legendry FaZe/SoaR/nV/Dare teamtages and montages were coming out daily. It was a great time to be part of the CoD community overall and I'm glad to have been part of it.

This Game should be higher up on this list. Easily. Maybe not #1 but above Modern Warfare 2. Now don't get me wrong MW2 was great. But, BO2 multi took all of the Call of Duty multi's and put them together and took out all the bad stuff. They added overpowered guns, underpowered, great and horrible maps, great personal feels and goals to achieve. I personally have spent over 2300 hours on BO2 alone because of the multiplayer. #Nolife

Story Eh, BUT... Multiplayer was absolutely AMAZING! Best ever in my opinion, Balanced weapons, balanced players, very enjoyable/playable, and... Best Competitive game made thus far! If anything, this should be looked at once more for 2020 Release on the new Call of Duty. Free-to-play, Expandable, and Tier Challenges with Crates. (ex; Challenges to unlock special "rare" items like get 100,000 kills in a month for "PeaceKeeper". ;) You're Welcome. #CodNation

Everything since (accept perhaps BO3) has been a disappointment where players get rewarded for hiding in corners and crevices, and stats are more important that actually having fun and getting better. Remaster the game, and put it on PS4 so I can waste another couple years of my life.

3 Modern Warfare

COD4/Modern Warfare is the best Call of Duty ever made. This baby IS the icon. This game set the standard for all the other ones.

The Maps were excellent and were remade or retooled into other CODs.

Weapons where perfect and acted the way they where suppose to.

This Call of Duty was the last one that was fun in Multiplayer and should be remade on XB1

Best maps of any Call of Duty game. It also was pretty balanced and sniping actually feels like sniping (unlike MW2 or BO2) and takes skill. The only thing I wish they would've done (and hopefully for the remaster they do this) is add camo for all guns to unlock, title cards like in MW2, and some new killstreaks maybe.

Best Call of Duty game, hands down! Only downside is that your cannot pick your kill streaks. Other than that, the best!

Best Call of Duty ever played! Well there should be an update on guns, moreover I play it a lot.

4 Black Ops

The maps in this game were amazing. Objective placements made sense between not being too easy to attack or defend, the flow of the maps was beautiful and brilliant. The maps were arena-like without feeling or even looking arena-like if that makes sense.. Except for Hanoi and Launch, maps were largely asymmetrical yet played very equally and fair. Head glitching spots are non-existent compared to say, MW2. Ghost was very powerful but nowhere near as bad as One Man Army paired with Danger Close, also in MW2. Second Chance was just an annoying perk but rarely did one die from someone using it that made the difference. Killstreak S we're strong but nowhere near as overpowering as yet again, MW2. I feel if MW2 were released today with the mentality gamers have now, having good experiences in it would be borderline non-existent on top of people just looking back to '09-'10 with fond memories, but this was at a time where almost nobody had surround sound headsets and people played far more ...more

The talent, the soundtrack, the story. Black Ops was both the last and only game of its kind. It was bold enough to dare follow up on the enormous success of MW2, beat that game in sales, and manage to keep Call of Duty fresh while still grounded in it's own gritty attempt at reality. This was before double jumping, wall running, and future weapons. This was Black Ops. It's about time to go back to black on Xbox One.

Black ops 1 has the best multiplayer so many great weapons great maps and good well balanced kill streaks. I loved that you can customise your soldier a bit. Call of Duty points was a cool idea and fun wager matches. black ops1 by far has the best multiplayer it was fast paced I loved the dlc maps and zombie dlc maps and I had the most fun on this Call of Duty then on other cods.

Black ops 1 has the best multiplayer it is fast pace and it's so much fun. there were so many great gun the commando was my favourite I loved the kill streaks and maps. pro version's of perks, Call of Duty points, prestiges up to 15 instead of ten made you play the game more. I loved theatre mode wager matches and combat training was fun and that's way black ops 1 is the best Call of Duty and has the best multiplayer

5 World at War

No other Call of Duty was like this in terms of realism and the maps were absolutely classic. The atmosphere was also a massive influence in the game. They will never make another Call of Duty like this ever again sadly.

It is actually realistic and is one of the few call of duty games to based on a real war. Guns were pretty balanced and it also had one of the best perk systems. Call of Duty WaW was one of the most creative campaign and multiplayer

Not only is the multiplayer gory and realistic, the maps are actually really real and spooky! Like in Asylum. That has to be the scariest multiplayer map EVER!

I would place it higher up, there is a great map balance between small, fast paced maps for SMGs and Shotguns and large slower paced maps for Snipers and Rifles.

6 Black Ops III

The new movement system is smooth, boost jumping isn't OP like Advanced Warfare, wall running adds a great new way to strategically move around the map but adds the thrilling risk of falling off the map.
Specialist characters are the best things added to Call of Duty since Killstreaks/Scorestreaks. Specialists weapons are fun and not OP. Specialists abilities give you a strategic advantage over your opponents but does not do damage.

I got to play the multiplayer beta and I LOVED it, though to be honest I'm a casual Call of Duty fan.

Good game has lots of things to keep you busy like dark matter, hero armour, level 1000 and more!

Yea bo3 had some amazing things and bad stuff but it was pretty underrated.

7 Modern Warfare 3

Without a doubt, hands down, MW3 was, and remains, the best multiplayer Call of Duty has ever produced. Anyone to say no to this needs to look at the series overall. There is a reason that Call of Duty sales have been down the past 3 years as of January 2017; this is because it is the multiplayer that sells the series' titles. When brought up for discussion, MW3 has sold the most titles (Call of Duty) series of all time, what else needs to be said...

I wish this game and Black Ops were also an Xbox One game and not just Xbox 360. This game and Black Ops were my favourite ones by far and they only put it on the older consoles. I know you can download Black Ops or it's backwards compatible with Xbox One, but I want a physical Modern Warfare and Black Ops game for Xbox One.

I think this game deserves more credit than it gets. The campaign was awesome and the spec ops and survival were fun but this is about multiplayer. The multiplayer had its problems but was overall fun with good maps (including DLCs) and fun new game modes such as infected, Team Defender, drop zone and face-off.

I'm quite addicted to MW3 multiplayer even now, four years after it was released. I know it's inevitable that the servers will be shut down, and sometimes the many modders and hackers with God-mode/invisibility make it aggravating, but when I want a gritty multiplayer environment with a real-world feel, this is the game I return to.

8 Advanced Warfare

Good not great. Exo movements were choppy and eliminated nearly all strategy for coordinating attacks through the mini map. Not enough gun variety and NO, Variants do not count. Only 3 shotguns? They were useless anyway. I did like the graphics and new gamemodes. It was good but got old really fast.

Exo suits, fast paced, awesome camo challenges, unique weapons, scorestreaks, they're all just amazing. This doesn't deserve no. 1 but at least a close 2nd

The Multiplayer in this game's decent.

Without Exo Movement this game would be good but the maps were built for exo suits so I don't know

9 Ghosts

I love it amazing graphics the guns are just really good like, ripper, maverick,maverick a 2, I also like extinction because of the aliens.
1 thing they should do in extinction they should remove nemesis and make the items and game modes free in the nemesis pack.
please make the game better

I don't really mind the maps because people vote for the popular maps anyway and it helps because campers can't camp because they have to sit in the back of a big map all day while the action is in the other side.

Many players are quite crappy on this game as they aren't tactical enough. Sound is v important so get a headset follow pro gamer tips and its amazing!

Most balanced Call of Duty. its Infinity wards best, love to noob tube, and everyone complained in mw2, then black ops it was unrealistically underpowered. Here it is balanced as it should be. Strikezone 24/7 for the win

10 Call of Duty 2

Call of duty 2 is one of the best call of duties because I believe it is the most historically accurate and is fun.

Really?! Call of Duty 2 was probably one of the greatest Call of Duty games, how is Ghosts above this?!?!?!

One and only, nothing tops this, how the heck is Ghosts above this?

This was by far the best of the series for multiplayer. No annoying rank system to unlock guns and such. Just raw skill.
Wish they would remake this :(

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11 Infinite Warfare

My favourite single player campaign of all the Call of Duty's. The setting didn't seem to lend itself to multiplayer though, but man that single player... the most intense and emotional Call of Duty ever. What a roller coaster. Well worth checking out.

The Greatest Call of Duty that ever came out. This game is the best selling game of 2016 and I even recommend buying it in 2019 over

It may suck but it has some pretty neat space themed action packed maps for multiplayer...

Why is this even on the list.

12 Modern Warfare Remastered
13 Black Ops 4

For someone that spent $100+ on this game I can say that I rather go back in time to 2016 and replay all of iw through it's entire life cycle then play bo4. if you ACTUALLY need me to explain why this game is bad you are a special kind of breed.

Best Multiplayer there is, I mean that was the main focus of this Game!

Honestly, the multiplayer is great, zombies is super fun and blackout is addictive, even thought this doesn't have a single player campaign, this was worth my money

Its foot on ground and its not exo witch exo boost gives people advantage and way harder

14 Modern Warfare (2019)
15 Black Ops: Cold War

Because it has everything you want!

16 Modern Warfare II

I love the multiplayer. The guns are great, and some mas are good. There isn't enough maps though. Awesome multiplayer though.

It is a ton better than some of the more recent games with people jumping all over the place and it does not take as many shots to kill as it would take in other games, just wish that some of the weapons stats were more like their real world versions

My favorite call of duty mulitplayer. The mulitplayer has a great feel. It's a classic.

It's Call of Duty on point.

18 Black Ops: Declassified
19 Call of Duty

Best war-game, It gives the feel that you're in the war and you have to shoot to stay alive.

20 Call of Duty 3

Best Multiplayer ever, this should be what the next battlefield should have

21 Vanguard
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