Best Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants introduced the super-sized, super-charged Giants to the Skylands universe, and they brought a whole new level of excitement to the game. With their massive strength and unique abilities, these behemoths made battling the forces of evil even more fun.
The Top Ten
1 Tree Rex

He has a cool machine gun thing that shoots yellow bullet things, and you can charge it up for a powerful blow.

He's great because he has a lot of health and is really powerful!

He can walk into the little bad guys and kill them.

2 Eye-Brawl

This guy is amazing! If you like lasers, he's your guy! If you like explosions, he'll put his hand up! If you like quips, you know who to call!

Eye-Brawl is so cool! If you put a hat on him and shoot his eye off, the hat goes with it!

Eye-Brawl is the ultimate Skylander to have. His Occu-Blast is boss. Why did you not put Eye-Brawl at number one?!

3 Thumpback

He is so epic! As a fan of the series, I suggest that Slam Bam should be replaced by Thumpback with a large degree of hope. I have the Book of Elements: Fire and Water. It says that the percentage rating of Slam Bam is a lot less by 33 percent.

He is the best and strongest Skylander ever.

He is the best giant and he's a whale.

4 Crusher

Definitely the strongest Skylander. If you can control his "landslide" ability, he can travel so much quicker. His hammer deals massive damage, and it can be upgraded to do amazing combos depending on which path you choose.

5 Bouncer

Bouncer is pure awesome! He can launch missiles at will, fire ten ricocheting balls per second, and has laser eyes that can scorch anything. I also love his design. He's fast, strong, and a "button jammer". It's okay if you don't think he's great, but try him, and he'll dominate anything.

He can grow giant fists and shoot them.

6 Swarm

I love the design! He can fly, which makes him so fast! And he can turn into a swarm of bees! He also has an ability to shoot from his butt stinger! He is the best Giant ever! AIR ROCKS!

He is so cool, and he shoots from his stinger on his butt! I completed an entire set of stories with him! He is the best Giant to get.

7 Hot Head
8 Ninjini