Top 10 Worst Movie Based Video Games

There are 3 things in life that are unavoidable: death, taxes, and God-Awful movie based games. Hollywood enjoys rushing out the digitized tie-ins with flagrant disregard for quality, hoping to make a fast buck and these atrocitites stink to high-heaven. Brace yourselves for the worst of the worst movie-based games.
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1 E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial

Like you didn't see this coming. With only weeks to complete the project, Atari cranked out a game where you were supposed to help the titular alien gather phone parts and Reese's Pieces while evading government agents, but the vast majority of the time was spent falling into pits and trying in vain to get out. Although it was the best-selling game of the 1982 holiday season, it soon led to the vast majority of its stock being crushed and buried in a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico and helped contribute to the Video Game Crash of 1983. Seriously, if you believe that this game shouldn't be on any list of 'Worst movie-based games", please see professional help.

2 Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game

Yup, you heard it right. A horrible game based off a horrible movie based off the greatest 1 on 1 fighter of all time. Horrilbe digitized graphics, janky animation, and horrible controls only helped to tarnish the image of what was already considered a horrible movie. The other games on this list might be worse, but the way this travesty tarnished the holy grail of all fighting games cannot be forgiven.

The movie was already bad though, so why do we need a game out of it? It's dumb and not a good idea to make a movie out of a game and decide to make a game out of the movie about the game.

3 Friday the 13th (NES)

When you think of Friday the 13th, you think of a bunch of barely legal, horny teenagers going to a lake-side cabin lot to get drunk and/or stone, get laid, and get picked off 1 by 1 by a hockey-masked psychopath. But Atlus, the very same company behind the excellent Persona series, had other ideas. You play as one of six counsellors to roam the camp site to search for (and ultimately) kill Jason Voorhees. Horrible overworld music, confusing map layouts, and nasty difficulty put even Jason X to shame.

What! WHy is this on the list! It doesn't deserve this list! It deserves a positive list! It's so good!

4 Back to the Future (NES)

If you ask people about the game, don't expect them to talk too much beyond the first level, because that's probably as far as they got. They couldn't get past the simple act of evading one-hit kill obstactles that were constantly getting in their way and the bad controls definitely hindered the process. Then there were levels where you had to throw sodas at thugs, perform a jam session, and pilot the Delorium evading thunderbolts, the very same thing that would power it up in the film. Thankfully, TellTale Games took this travesty as a lesson and molded the series into their element. Why can't more developers do the same?

5 Thor: God of Thunder

Graphics that would've looked awful even on the Dreamcast, horrible voice acting, and stuttering frame rate were only the tip of this iceberg. Actually play the game and you'll be treated to horrendously unresponsive controls, wonky collision detection and a camera that refuses to stay still and you'll wonder why you even started playing it in the first place. If the actual movie was this bad, there's no way it would've spawn a sequel.

6 Beethoven

This is actually based on the 2nd film where you control the titual St. Bernard looking for his lost puppies and escorting them back to his wife. It was made unneccesarily difficult due to the fact that you had to jump over spiked fences and that while most player controlled characters stood upright and could clear such obstacles with minimal effort, Beethoven was on all 4s, meaning that simply brushing them would result in damage. And you also had Beethoven's 5th Symphony constantly playing via different instruments throughout the whole game (save for one level). Seriously, the film, as bad as it wasy, had nothing on this.

7 Aladdin (SNES)

Remember how awesome the Sega Genesis version was? Yeah, the Super Nintendo version was nothing like it. Instead of fast-paced Prince of Persia style gameplay, what SNES players got instead was a generic platformer where Aladdin jumped on enemies, threw apples and had only six levels to play in. Why couldn't Capcom have just relinquished the publishing rights?

8 Total Recall (NES)
9 Ghostbusters

Wait until you play the game to the 2016 remake.

Genesis does what Nintendon't. Genesis version is so much better.

10 Enter the Matrix
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11 Back to the Future II & III (NES)
12 Ghostbusters 2 (NES)

Say what you will about the film, no one can deny that the game was incredibly difficult to complete. You had to go from right to left shooting and trapping ghosts. Adjusting the angle of your proton pack (? ) and using traps was a nice touch that just didn't really matter. All the levels where you played as the iconic paranormal hunters played exactly the same so the change in scene didn't matter. Then there were the vehicle stages that were just as atrocious. The Statue of Liberty level was the only part that was remotely enjoyable. But the end level was where things came to a head where the player had to clear the level 4 times. And don't forget that there was no pause function. Even if Paul Fieg's all-female reboot was the disasters fanboys made it out to be, it still wouldn't be half as bad as this riffraff.

13 Home Alone (NES)

The entire game consists of just one thing; running around a 2D plan of Kevin's house whilst evading the 2 burglars for 20 minutes didn't even qualify as fun on the drawing board. Did I mention you can use traps and hide behind furniture?

14 Last Action Hero (SNES)

Austrian-born actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was a poster boy for violent as hell films in the 1980s but his career started to falter in the 90s, mainly with Last Action Hero that didn't do as well as Columbia Pictures had hoped. But even worse was the SNES travesty. What was worse than a poor script and a poor director? How about ugly graphics and a difficulty so steep that you can't even get past the first level? Enough said.

15 Fight Club
16 Wayne's World
17 Jaws Unleashed
18 Top Gun (NES)
19 The Karate Kid (NES)

Remember this cinematic gem from the 80s and its stellar sequel? Well, the game took elements from both and with horrible results. The first level of the game was at the end of the first movie with Daniel effotlessly fighting his way through the tournament, a far cry from the punishment he endured in the film. The rest of the game is played Viglante style where the player control Daniel in a rather clunky matter, using punches and kicks and pushing up to jump (seriously). There are also mini-games from the films, including ice breaking, chopstick fly catching and the drum technique, none particularily fun. It's incredibly short, not much fun and the ending really sucks.

20 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
21 Charlie's Angels (Gamecube, Playstation 2)

I'm surprised the 2019 reboot didn't get a game.

22 Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

Where I live, this game got cancelled. I will probably emulate this game just to see how bad it is.

The firing is unresponsive, the aiming is garbige, and a bunch of bad language.

23 Bebe's Kids (SNES)
24 Bill and Ted (NES)
25 The Terminator (NES)

Aw come on, Aladdin and Karate Kid weren't that bad. If you want horrible look no further than Terminator NES.
The graphics are ugly as hell, the controls are broken beyone belief and the music is some of the most bare bones one track crap imaginable.

I'm honestly okay with this game. It's not special or anything, but I tolerate it.

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