Top 10 Worst Things About the Call of Duty Franchise

I do not hate COD. In fact it's a really good gaming franchise. I just noticed that many people hate COD and I want to know the main reason why they hate it. Don't forget to vote.
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1 It's the same game over and over again

Too boring, graphics are dull and so 2007 (they still haven't reach first Crysis' level until now), gameplay is too futuristic. I don't know what duty they are referring to but the plot is not realistic at all and resembles some sort of Steven Seagal boring action movie. The system requirements are also pissing me off, although I meet them without any issues. But the simple fact that the latest games require i3 or i5 as minimum requirements, regards the crappy graphics, that is simply annoying. I wish they would use a plot similar to the first Call of Duty games but with today's setting. But that's just my wish and Activision does not care. He cares just for the money from these Star Wars DLC's he calls new Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty is not the same as how it used to be four years ago when Black Ops 2 came out. Even though that game had a futuristic setting, it was still an amazing game. I just think that the whole future era of Call of Duty is too much now and it's getting old. More than half the kill-streaks that were in Black Ops 2 or games before that are not even present in the game anymore. Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare are all the same games. Same weapons, kill-streaks, and maps. Zombies is terrible now and it doesn't even make any sense. The one thing that I really didn't like was that they ruined the Black Ops series after Black Ops 3 came out. The story doesn't even tie into the last two Black Ops games. The first two however were great, 3 was that good. Where I thought that Black Ops 3 was Titanfall, Infinite Warfare looks like Star Wars. When I watched the trailer for Infinite Warfare, I just thought it looked like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 together, but when ...more

It's disgusting that Activision are milking the franchise like this by having Infinity Ward and Treyarch release the same, re-skinned game every year. I stopped buying the games after Black Ops and I will never again so much as turn my head at the newest Call of Duty game in my local game shop. Activision are setting a large example of how NOT to make people like you. They deserve to be shot for completely RUINING the gaming industry with this series.

It's really upsetting that they keep making every new Call of Duty game set in the future, what's also bull is that you have to buy Infinite Warfare just get Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered Edition. Seriously, A lot of people pre-ordering Infinite Warfare is just so that they can get Call of Duty 4 remastered. And it's going to make treyarch and Activision think that this Game is "successful" so it's going to make them create another Call of Duty.

2 Annoying little brats

I have this problem with whining 5 year olds who stalk me around the map just to pull a knife and talk about how they're better than everyone else because they "are sneaker than everyone else". In reality, they are probably the most cowardly Call of Duty gamers in multiplayer if they have to stalk everyone. This also applies to campers, though not the ones who only do it once before going back to being Rambo.

They think they are the kings of quickscopes, they hack a lot (And most still don't win), they rage a lot, they don't work as a team, most don't know how to play, if you steal their kill they rage and start calling you loser and tell you that you don't know how to play, even if you are the best in the team, they shouldn't be playing M games, and a lot of more reasons.

I am English and this infuriates me, every other player in this game is a bloody chav and the only other gamers they play are FIFA. It's so surprising that they get laid by their hot girlfriends, the two games aren't for sex appeal.

I hate these people so much. They act like there grown ups and speak rude languages. They need to get a life and stop screaming whenever they die when I play multiplayer.

3 Campers

These people just sit around and wait for you when you are busting your ass for a high killstreak or medal. Target finders, bouncing Bettie's, claymores, IEDs, and much more only help these guys. Black ops 2 would've been much better without campers and they need to be dealt with

My biggest pet peeve. I hate these more than campers. It's a cowardly move in my opinion. It may work in real life but it a weak move in video gaming.

The campers just expose the same corner over and over again. sure, they do move around, but they stay in the same general area THE WHOLE TIME.

Who hasn't had to deal with campers in any first person shooter

4 Lag and glitches

Most of my Call of Duty games don't have much lag... then there is Call of Duty Block Ops 2. Demonstration time: three minutes of play time= five twenty-five minutes of migrating host time.

Every time I play TDM on Black ops 3 there's always someone with a lag switch or too many players online, mostly hackers or trollers!

As rare as this is, I don't find fun either.

I'm only found this in Call of Duty WaW

5 Hackers

First of all I want to say this guys, if u find a hacker in Call of Duty just say that they suck at all video games if they hack in Call of Duty. Second of all, hackers are just people who suck at video games and need a way out of there bad lives. The way they do this is by ruining the experience for everyone else and being a complete dick. They think they are invincible but really there more retarded then ever cause if they reveal themselves they a band and yet they still don't learn their lesson and do it again. If they want to be hackers fine but they need to REMEMBER this, don't ever go on PC and do that cause people over PC a serious and will not think twice to ban ass that deserve it cause PC gamers are on PC for a reason to be mature and to avoid asses like hackers.

Every single multiplayer match has at least one if not several hackers running aimbot at a minimum. I've got tons of them on video as proof including screenshots of the Elegance program they are running. The only way to even play the multiplayer Black Ops 2 game as a legitimate gamer anymore is to get on the team of someone that is hacking and hope his software hacks are better than the opposite teams software hacks. 74 kills and 3 deaths in Hardcore is not a good player it is a hacker period.

How is this not higher? It is not cool at all to force your idea of fun onto everybody like that. Worst of all, most of the time, it's just some little kid that thinks they're some video game god because of their hacks

Remember the legendary Call of Duty 4? Remember World at War? Remember Modern Warfare 2? Good games, right? Not anymore.

6 Little kids play it

Here is my opinion little kids are always going to get there hands on games like these. I've met a 9 year old on Grand Theft Auto V so I mean you can't really fix this but parents should be more careful.

Starting the age of bad parents. I don't get how kids think they'd be cool by playing M rated video games and watching R rated movies.

The appropriate age that they should be allowed start playing Call of Duty is like 10.

Meanwhile the oldest Call of Duty player turns 15...

7 Overpowered guns

The Call of Duty community doesn't seem to care about variety as much.

More like 1 bullet from an smg kills you

Two shots in ghosts from an assault rifle kills you. what

It adds realism

8 Tryhards that don't play objectives

Call of Duty = kill everyone and get a good k/dr.

9 The awful memes

Memes are bad

10 It's getting futuristic

Yes, in my opinion the older Call of Duties felt great to play. But now that most of it's game are futuristic, it feels more repetitive. Feel free to disagree as this is just my humble opinion.

Honestly, I like how Call of Duty is being futuristic because it goes above and beyond their capabilities, showing their limit break. Also, I like sci-fi, so the futuristic Call of Duty games will make Call of Duty better for me.

It's a good thing that they going to the futur and don't seeing them forever. They will disappear and became Halo so after a while goodbye series of crap!

Advanced warfare at least used prototype technology. Blacks Ops 3 creators just ate shrooms.

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11 It gets boring

It can get repetitive. You have to be in the mood or want to do something like set a goal for you to play for hours. It's still fun for me

I think it doesn't boring, both Treyarch and Infinity Ward always make innovative gameplay

The only non-boring game in the series is Call of Duty 4...

I can only play like 3 matches before I get bored

12 Trolls

Trolls are they worse especially when they record you

There's always going to be trolls.

13 Horrible spawn system

Mw2 was the last decent Call of Duty game in terms of spawn locations and flow of play for Tue maps. Recent Call of Duty''s seem to support camping and camping and poor play flow making it easy to camp and hard to find people as well as pick people out from the environment at a distance. In Mw2 I could go 90+ kills and less than 30 deaths on the map with the oil rig but now I'm lucky if I can go 22-17 on a good day because of camping, spawn raping and horrible flow and generic graphics of the games...not to mention hackers

Time after time it's just spawn...then dead after 2 seconds in game because someone spawns behind me

Spawn-campers and instant death galore!

No you don't always go all the way back

14 It's overrated

The reason why it's overrated is that a swarm of 12-year olds pounded are security systems that are supposed to protect the Ball Of Call of Duty that is used to not ruin Call of Duty.

I really hate how much people like this game, and yet they constantly rage at basically everyone else who's playing. Just play a different game! Scratch that, a better game!

Black ops 3 gets 9.2/10? Yeah sure. IGN obviously gets paid by Activision or used a fanboy to review Black Ops 3. And Uncharted 4 got 9.0.

It is so overrated that it towers over all the actually good games like journey or portal 2

15 Quickscopers

People should wake up, these Quickscopers ruin Call of Duty.
Why? It's because it is so easy to quickscope nowadays, and everyone is using it as an advantage.
Quickscopers are far more annoying than Campers and Lag, they even OWN campers the second they see them anyway.
1 shot everyone... 1 shot and you're screwed, and if you're lucky they might miss... When they do miss, then you have to kill them as quickly as possible before they press RT.

They suck. It is so frustrating when you are using an SMG and you are playing to the strengths of YOUR weapon only to die once you put like 2 shots in them.

How do you defend against a glitch in the game that gets you a one shot kill.

Annoying and stupid, after they show-off the game

16 It's unrealistic

Somebody can magically stab you from 15 feet away and instantly kill you, but a grenade or rocket going off 5 feet away from someone doesn't kill them? What? And also the game would be 1000x better if they could get at least a few of the guns right. It seems like they just pick a random gun, change everything about it, rename it, and throw it in the game.

This game was great what the hell is this halo destiny crap with Call of Duty nowa days it's like playing a cartoon shooter with these graphics.

Wow. What a good reason. (Sarcasm) Video games are meant to be unrealistic.

People who put this on this list was actually never play WaW, and MW series

17 Fake FaZe fanboys

Faze is just too much drama and overrated.

18 Activision is reusing the same game engine

I get they are getting a new one for ghosts, but come on. You should use the same engine for 1, 2 titles max, not for SIX YEARS. Anyway, I really do like the franchise, but this is annoying considering how much they get from the series.

This applies between MW2 and MW3 as no improvement of graphics between bothof them

19 Racist people

It's just a bunch of kids who get angry they have to yell a bunch of racist stuff

20 Boost jumps

Its WAY too stupid. Its not Even fun anymore. Its annyoing, cowardly and gamebreaking. People can just jump and shoot you. They can Get to camping spots and glitches with this stupid feature

21 Friendly fire will not be tolerated

If there is a character that I really hate in the campain and I just wanna kill. I shoot them and then it just says that message and I die. I know it's related to the plot but it should be gone in ghosts. Instead just make them tell you to stop because it is so annoying.

22 Broken hitmarks
23 Campaign gets worse in each game

Well it turns out advanced warfare had finally have a good campaign

People who puts this on this list was actually never played AW, and BO

Yes like soap dieting in Mw3

24 Christmas noobs

Mann they need to chill! All these little kids getting Call of Duty for Christmas lmao

25 Killstreaks are annoying

Should go to back Call of Duty 4 kill streaks. UAV, air strike, helicopter. That's its.

Streaks are what make the game unike.

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