Best Call of Duty Zombies Guns

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1 Thunder Gun

Unupgraded, best, upgraded, bester. This gun literaly sends the zombies flying away which is great when your surrounded. And it comes quite easily so whats not to love.

That gun save my life so many times.
Also it is awesome rate train gun.
Also it keep work past 100 rounds.
And has lot of damage

Although it has unlimited damage it has very crappy range. That is why I don't like it has much as other Wonder weapons

2 PPSh-41

Has so much ammo it is ridiculous, Basically becomes a laser with its fire rate it is so fast. It can slay zombies on any round no problem

Simply the greatest gun in the history of call of duty. It speaks for itself.

This thing is legendary. When I first got it on Der Riese I was filled with joy. Seven years from then and it brings me to tears when I got in gorod krovi.

3 Galil

I have to agree. Second best zombie assault rifle besides the AN-94 which I have no idea why this is not
On this list. With great damage, great ammo, and In both black ops this can kick some serious ass. Always happy to see this thing out of the box

The galil is a miracle worker when it comes to head shots and for zombie train control it just mows 'em down. Works well past wave 40-50 depends on your skill and weapon taste.

This thing has a lot of ammo and it's very powerful for being a non-wonder weapon. This is something your never unhappy about getting

4 Wunderwaffe

This should easily be in first place. Those that didn't vote for this have clearly never used it. It literally has infinite damage and kills all the zombies around you just by shooting it anywhere in the area, and it's the most satisfying thing to see and hear.

I mean, believe me... I love the Wunderwaffe, It has always been my favorite Call of Duty/Nazi zombies weapon in all of zombies history... but do you really think the wunderwaffe is the Second best gun? I'm not sure about that guys.

Should be a little lower. I think this is overrated because of hardcore nostalgic zombie players. I too love this weapon but other weapons like the sliqlifier or however you spell that is better. Think of the wonderwaff can only take about 15-20 but the sliqifier can take multiple trains and has better ammo

5 Blundergat

It's a beast, medium reload time, acts like a monkey bomb when PaPed and has high damage and a 1 shot to round 15-20 and 2 shots brutus till round 20,that's not PaPed. With speed and DTRB it is flawless

Best gun packed in zombies ever with speed cola and double tap root beer!

Best gun. Ammo, damage, fire rate, and reload time its got it all.

6 Commando
7 Ray Gun Mark II

Good I think the ray gun is better but not a bad gun no splash damage but runs out of ammo pretty fast.

8 Wave Gun

This thing is better than the thunder gun
-better range
- always kills
- no dud shot
Plus the zappers are better than the ray gun because it doesn't have drop off
Nobody appreciates this weapon even though it's better than two wonder weapons and it's one gun! #wavegun#1

Thunder gun is number one but this does everything thundergun does plus even more

9 AN-94

Best assault rifle in Call of Duty zombies history. Great damage better than the galil and Commando and 650 ammo upgraded this gun is a badass gun. A shame it is only in die rise and buried. This gun feels so smooth and I always get this either on buried or die rise any day of the week over the galil and even the LSAT because it basically has the same ammo (just 50 less) lighter and five times faster reload, this gun need to be recognized

The best non wonder weapon gun in the history of zombies. Upgraded with double tap 2.0 and headshot perma perk, it is a one shot to the head till round 25! What other full auto or even sniper rifle can do this?

Wall buy with 650 rounds!

10 STG-44 (Origins)
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11 Ray Gun

This should not be this high. The Ray gun II is way better and that isn't even the best. This is the most overrated gun. When you hit the 50s it does nothing. Only the noobs voted this because they just think it is the best thing ever because Of it's apperance in Nacht and because it is in every single trey arch zombie map. Plus when you upgrade it, it doesn't even add more damage, just more ammo. The pros like me know to get rid of this after round 25-30

Semi-auto and does lot of damage.
It also get points and kills.
Also it is fast. Also keep work past 50 rounds

12 AUG

Amazing just perfect fire rate with really good damage
Just a beast overall

13 RPK
14 Sliquifier

Should be higher not number 1 but at least higher than number 1 this thing can kill a whole train man this is great but its not a great panic weapon though because it kills kinda slowly.

A must have on die rise. Always a one-hit kill and super epic with a lot of zombies in a train

15 Staff of Ice

This is the best staff in the game it is more powerful then the wind and lightning and it can't crash your game like the fire staff.

You can literally sit inside its charged shot and all the zombies die around you.. why is this not top 5?

16 Staff of Fire

Great weapon not the best staff though in my opinion its lightning but I say it should be in top 10. fire staff is good I would recommend it if people take the lightning.

Great for training and good ammo would be higher but it's not a box gun.

17 Drakon

Line em up and put em down with the drakon, ELO and pack a punch along with double tap, then you are set for rounds beyond 30.

In my opinion the best sniper in zombies because of high damage one hit kill for a WHILE and semi auto unlike locus and svg.

18 MG08/15

This gun is a very great gun that was based in the war, because that gun is a powerful, fast paced gun ever for an LMG. Personally this gun has good recoil and handling in origins.

19 Paralyzer

Good as hell get infinite ammo and if used in bursts this never has to cool down so this should be higher like in top 7 or so.

20 MG42

Best gun in Call of Duty zombies history, why is it 35th?

21 Staff of Lightning

This is amazing great panic weapon fastest fire rate and kills lots of zombies.

I would say this is at LEAST in top 10.

22 Apothicon Servant
23 M16

Honestly The M16 is really good, but when it is Pack-A-Punched, even with grenades, it seems to get worse. Great wall weapon in tranzit as you can camp and train by that wall weapon

24 Haymaker 12

Good but runs out of ammo too fast I don't know how people don't notice that fact. I think that the 205 brecci PACK A PUCNHED is better hence the pack a punch part because it doesn't waste ammo NEARLY as fast and has higher damage so 205 is better than haymaker.

Kind of like it I mean it mows down hordes but after that you have no ammo

25 Scavenger
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