Top 10 Best Characters from Red vs Blue

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1 Caboose

Ah, Caboose. The blues' very own moron. I prefer the blue characters over the red ones overall, & judging by the standings, I'm not alone. While Donut is definitely red's equivalent to his idiocity, Caboose is still funnier, along with having noticeably-higher levels of pure stupidity. Out of all the characters, he seems to have the best relationship with whoever he meets, so even the other characters probably agree with me on this. Also, he just has the best moments, like when Church went into his brain & met how he sees everyone else. He may be a total dumbass, but don't underestimate him. It took a while to reveal, but his combat skills are the real reason he was sent to Blood Gulch in the first place. In addition, his "first-grader trying to read" speech tone only adds to the stupidity of his quotes. @#$% yeah, Caboose. @#$% yeah.

2 Church

I think Church is the best, cause he does exactly what most people would do if they were sent to a space cannon with Caboose and Tucker.
He definitely makes the funniest scenes of all the show.
Caboose is a close second, just cause how awesome he is. But his biggest strength, is also his greatest weakness. Hes retarded, well not really, bet his brain damage has the same effect.

Church has always made me laugh the hardest of everyone. What I think makes him so funny is how relatable he is. He is basically how I think most people, including myself, would be like if stuck with the other reds and blues. But even though he is hilarious, he's also the most tragic with the Project Freelancer plot. In a way, the story is told from his perspective, hence the abrupt cut in 13's ending. It just makes it that much sadder to think that his character died after finally embracing the people who drove him nuts as his greatest family :/

3 Sarge

He has some of the most iconic lines which are even known outside of rvb "I love blood and violence! I got a boner for murder! " his accent and over the top-nes make him an even better character. Also his detective skill are something we should all aspire to reach.

Classic military sergeant stereotype. Sarge's voice, rough attitude, leadership style, love to fight, jokes, and hatred towards Grif makes him the best character in my opinion. He also comes up with the best speeches.

Easily the best character. The funniest episode was the season 14 episode where all of the "sarges" have to compete against one another to be promoted to sergeant.

4 Tucker

The one in the Reds and Blues whose character develops most, how he starts being the lazy one of the blue team to the capable leader he is now. Also he's awesome in combat, like coming up with a strategy to beat Wyoming's time thing and taking out multiple clones with ease with the sniper rifle in S5. Taking on CT's group single handedly in S7. Actually lasts more then a second against Tex in S8. Coming up with a plan to defeat Felix and Locus in S13(or is it 12)

He's a badass, probably the only capable soldier in the Blood Gulch crew, and can actually shoot that sniper rifle that no one will give him. He doesn't need it though, with that awesome sword of his!

5 Washington

I can't help but love Wash. He is funny and, despite being considered the worst fighter out of the Freelancers, is still a badass and has managed to hold his own on several occasions. He's resourceful, cunning, and has actually proven to be a very good leader despite his inexperience. My favorite part about him, though, is how much we have come to know him. While I like the other characters, I have seen his character develop from his time as a Freelancer, have seen all of his struggles he has managed to pull through, and have really come to know and love his character more than anyone else in the series.

6 Grif

His inability to work makes him one of the funniest. And whether he's coming up with excuses or just making everyone accept it, he always does it in an unexpected way. On top of that, Grif's low tolerance makes his reactions that much funnier.

Grif is an inspiration to every lazy slacker who ever slacked. At least he would be if slackers ever had the motivation to be inspired.

His laziness is easy to relate to, but I also admire his unexpected shrewdness.

7 Tex

I like tex, she's the best fighting freelancer, I don't like her as much as wash, but she easily took on three badass freelancers at once. (Maine, Wyoming and York)

Dude for me Texas is the best.
She is the most interesting for me and she has the biggest balls out of all of them.

Tex is the ultimate fighter in the show, and episode 10 of revelations made her even more awesome.

8 Donut

The grenade throw on tex halfway across the map was sick. He was the only guy to defeat tex in battle.

He's just so fabulous, I mean who doesn't think he's cool. He's the red teams Caboose.

9 Simmons

Along with being one of the most intelligent characters, he has the most skills out of the Red and Blue simulation troopers (in my opinion) which has saved the teams several times. He's also got some of the best lines, interactions, and is someone that you can completely relate.

Simmons is not only one of the smartest, funniest, and most capable sim troopers, but he's also the one responsible for the formation of the Blood Gulch Crew. He was the one who united (and their first leader) the Reds and Blues in Season 3 against O'Malley, which Led them to become the "galaxies greatest soldiers."

10 Meta

Besides being considered one of the most powerful characters in the whole show (in terms of raw power), Maine was an honorable soldier and he isn't nearly recognized for that as much as I'd like, if you were to ignore his drive to win, which could be arguably more destructive than Carolina... just less frequent. He's a serious character, a very well received change in tone throughout the series. As The Meta, he was immune to the Reds and Blues' tomfoolery. He couldn't speak, so he couldn't get dragged in like Washington. Definitely one of the most tragic characters in the series. (And the growling is sick)

The Contenders
11 Carolina

A badass merc with a mouth, Carolina is a deep character and master of combat. She is an amazing character and one of the two surviving Freelancers.

She is really pretty as well as an outstanding fighter. She is a very diverse and interesting character and has an extremely deep back story.

She is so beautiful and strong. She is one of the only surviving freelancers, and is an overall badass!

12 Lopez

Lopez is a seriously underestimated character in Red vs Blue, the "talks" he has with them all are hilarious and priceless. Best scene with Lopez was when he learned that Felix is bilingual.

Lopez is the defining character along with Sarge, Grif, Caboose and Church. This dude along with Caboose carry the show through their comedy, I love dr Grey but shes nowhere near Lopez! Lopez is a sarcastic genius

I like how nobody can understand him he just makes the show so hilarious. By the way you spelled Lopez wrong.

13 Felix

Okay, seriously? Do I even have to explain myself? HE'S FELIX. Sure, he's evil and, quite frankly, a pain in the ass, but he's FELIX. His personality is what makes him the best character. He's an ass. He's determined (even if it is determination to kill a whole f-ing planet). And finally;

Biggest jerk ever! (Spoiler) He tries to help kill a planet for damn's sake! Just for some cash! Lack of morality. More than Locus, though.

14 Locus

Bloody love this character he is just so badass and menacing reminds me of Darth Vader.

Love his story ark.. SPOILERS in 15 He was kind of a softie but rot really at the same time..

15 York

Probably the most down to earth and relatable of all the freelancers.

After he was introduced, I became attached to him and his personality almost immediately

16 Doc

He is hilarious and overall very powerful/intimidating when he wants to be. So far he has pretty much brought back the dead (Donut was shot in the head). Also considering what happened in season 13, he is absolutely mental. Surviving a dimension with no concept of space and time for an eternity and then coming out completely normal except with a new non removable version of O'mally. Him and Dr. Grey are two of the funniest people on the show and their interactions are hilarious.

My guy is probably one of the most interesting characters in the whole show that is underutilized. I mean, come on, a pacifist infected by a genocidal A.I? I'm a sucker for those Jekyll/Hyde-esque characters. He's a sweetheart, and O'Malley is a badass.

17 Dr. Grey

She is one of the most entertaining characters that has ever been on the show, She's a super genius with an I.Q. of 240, and I could not stop laughing when she was torturing that one pirate they captured.

The best medic since doc. And one of the funniest torture scenes ever with the opera over the screams of pain

She is funny, smart, and most of all, very hyper!

18 O'Malley

Just, don't get me started with him.

19 Wyoming

That mustache (or moustache or even mustachio) though...

Love the introduction of him killing the janitor.

He's hilarious awesome and dat moustache is just the best thing in existence and pretty important

20 North

Anyone who can shoot eight rockets out of the air with two sniper rifles at the same time deserves a spot on this list.

North is cool due to him being the opposite of south. They way he cares for theta is a great. Plus he's great in battel

He is a badass that upper cuts the resistance dude from season 9 episode 2

21 Sister

Oh yeah? Well they say girls can't ejaculate either, but guess what!

22 Delta

I really liked delta he just was one of the AI's that stood out to me he is tied as my second favorite AI.

Delta sort of act like is a know it all that is the only reason I hate him

23 Sheila

Sheila is just awesome. Even though she killed church (caboose killed church). She then was a pelican, so why would she be a bad character, and everyone's scared of her too.

24 Freckles

I love the name and I like how he is downloaded into cabooses assault rifle

25 The Counselor

He's s super smart and can predict almost every outcome, and I think he's really underrated.

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