Best Team Fortress 2 Soldier Weapons

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1 The Black Box

Despite its 1 less clip, it can heal the soldier up to 20 health per rocket. A good all-rounder, for beginners and pros, when you wanna have power and survivability in one weapon. Plus it is good for pubs, since no Medics can only focus on you, and when healthkits are out of your reach. Even the design of the black box is cool and very battle-aesthetic. That's why it is my favorite soldier weapon.

To be honest, I don't know why people think that the -25% less clip size is really bad since it drastically increases Soldier's survivability because of the healing. Also, Black Box + Conch = Medic in a box.

The black box is recommended for mann vs machine. Earn up to 5000 credits and upgrade the clipsize, reload speed, projectile speed, firing speed and healing points and you can now destroy those robots.

2 Rocket Launcher

Really helpful in very confusing situations and also it can help out a lot. I really suggest this weapon strongly for soldier, it may be a stock weapon but that doesn't mean you can't do awesome stuff. So go try it out!

I prefer this weapon over the black box. I tend to spam the fire button once I see an enemy, thus the extra rocket I think is helpful.

Balanced stats, high damage, good reload, good clip size, how does it lose?

3 Direct Hit

Very good with good aim, and engineer's might rage-quit because of it destroying their sentry. Difficult to use, but OP.

The Direct Hit is really good because if you can aim it right, it does insane damage as it does more damage.

If you have good aim, you can pretty much wreck the entire enemy team.

4 Beggar's Bazooka

This weapon has gotta be on the top ten. A quick burst of 3 rockets can change the tide of battle easily. Be it to quickly kill a heavy from close distance, snipe the enemy medic and people that try to block it, severely damage a few of the enemies or simply for the lolz by spamming 3 rockets all over the place, it is great. And if you get the timing right, you can guarantee yourself 3 rockets ready to be spammed as soon as you enter the battlefield. How is this not a good weapon?

Actually you CAN get ammos from dispensers, you just need to take another weapon in your hands?

Awesome! Three projectile burst! Now you can be op and kill everyone!

5 Concheror

Heals your team, heals you constantly and gives you a speed boost on use.

6 Market Gardener
7 Escape Plan

This is a great and very useful weapon in all escape situations.

Amazing for escapes after overextending.

8 Gunboats
9 Air Strike

The air strike's firing speed is increased by 65% if you're in midair. Combine with the B.A.S.E. Jumper and spam rockets to your heart's content.

What are those menacing green things with a white trail behind that are heading for me and why do I feel like I should run?

It's not the most effective weapon soldier's arsenal (That would be stock or black box), but damn it is surely the most fun.

10 The Original

Original is good and op

The Contenders
11 Liberty Launcher

It's a great rocket for combos with reserve shooter but it has low damage its great for rocket jumps.

Good weapon with fast rockets.

12 Buff Banner

Best soldier secondary. The meter takes a lot of damage to charge though. But that is not really a downside if you are a good soldier. And minicrits are awesome.

Eh still prefer the battalion's backup for sentry buster but still very good nonetheless

13 Equalizer

Best melee weapon for soldier.

14 Rocket Jumper

No damage? Use a shotgun for once

15 Cow Mangler 5000

The Alt. Fire is great for sentry nests

16 Reserve Shooter
17 B.A.S.E Jumper

It can slow down the speed. Then it can be no damage for rocket jump flowing down.

18 Battalion's Backup

It great but hard to use

19 Pain Train
20 Righteous Bison

Ok 20 max damage on a soldier weapon.

21 Mantreads
22 Half-Zatoichi
23 Disciplinary Action
24 Panic Attack
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