Best Bosses from the Streets of Rage Series

A video game series that began by SEGA by its debut in 1991, which Streets of Rage became one of the most well known and successful beat em up games and one of the best SEGA games of all time. So let's get this going.
The Top Ten
1 Mr. X

Ah yes, the classic boss from Streets of Rage through Streets of Rage 3 (Robo X). Usually armed with a Tommy gun so that he could enjoy the show blasting the smithereens out of you including spraying his bullets all over the place that will affect not only you but his own goons!
Just the diabolical megalomaniac villain we need in this video game series. He's the villain who defined Streets of Rage

2 Bongo

Who would forget about this fire breathing morbid chinaman who sprays fury like a red dragon? Oh I certainly can't forget about him. Though he can appear as one of the enemies in Streets of Rage 2 through 4, he's an enjoyable character to play around with.

3 Onihime and Yasha

Japanese twins who are both very strategic and agile fighters. Don't greatly underestimate their power and abilities, they'll beat and kill you in a heartbeat. I highly suggest thinking like them to beat them.

4 Abadede

Caucasian wrestler who's very buff just like Max Thunder. Very strong and cunning for a wrestler like he. Very dynamic and jolting in energy. Seems to be an easy boss to beat, though beware of his thrashing uppercut. It will cost you more than you'll ever bear.

5 Rocky Bear

One of the toughest opponents I've ever faced in any Streets of Rage game. It's like nearly impossible to beat him. The cheapest way of defeating this tough SOB is to slash him with a Samurai sword many times until he falls down. This Russian morbid boxer sure does have furious fists of steel!

6 Shiva

Ofc, Mr. X's right hand man. He's rather one of the most flashy, agile, and the best fighters in the franchise. But he was formerly a criminal and instead led his life teaching at a Buddhist monastery.

7 Estela Aguirre

An alpha gal who turns out to be fluent in hand to hand combat and is never afraid to use force and to hold her ground even though she's shown to call in reinforcements from her walkie talkie. Pretty intriguing boss. It turns out she snapped herself out from the brainwashing causes by the Y twins and joined the side of the vigilantes.

8 DJ K-Washi

A DJ whose role is to brainwash the entire city by its brainwashing music but was stopped by the vigilantes. The attack set of his is pretty intriguing and adds more flavor to the combat when it comes to fighting bosses. If I'm honest here, he's the boss with the most variety out of all bosses all because of his design and his attack set.

9 Jet

Pretty much the easiest opponents I've ever beaten alongside Barbon. Just play their anticipation and jump kick his face. I put it this low because the boss seems pretty bland compared to DJ K-Washi

10 Barbon

A bartender who turns out to learn karate and resembles the appearance of Freddy Mercury. Easiest opponent out of all.

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