Top 10 Ways to Spice Up a Game After You Beat It

There are a few games that I could play a million times, like Undertale, Minecraft, Zelda: Wind Waker, Kirby Super Star, Mario 64, you get it. While I don't really get bored of these games, it's nice to do something new in them, or just look at the things you missed. If you want to throw in a new challenge into the game then go for it. I like to do some of these. Here's some things to do after you beat a game.
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1 Complete the game 100%

It may seem a bit tedious but once you complete it you will feel accomplished. I did this with my Kirby Super Star Ultra copy. It was a ton of fun. Along the way you might find out something about the game you never knew before. For example in my Kirby game I completed Helper-to-Hero with all of the helpers and I found out once you complete it with all of them you unlock cutscenes from the original game. It wasn't necessary for 100% technically (it said I had 100% before I did it) I say that's truly 100%'ing it.

2 Randomize it

Taking the top spot for me is randomization. Now a lot of games are randomized differently: for example, Wind Waker randomizes the locations and the locations of items and some of the graphics while Pokemon games randomize trainer names, wild, gift, and opponent's Pokemon, stuff like that. It really adds difficulty to the games and forces you to strategize what to do next. If you're playing a Pokemon game and want to REALLY make it difficult do a randomizer nuzlocke. If you don't know what that is, it's a randomized Pokemon playthrough where if your Pokemon faint then they're dead and can't be used again no matter what. AND you can only catch one Pokemon per area. A bonus rule is to give all of your Pokemon nicknames but you don't have to do it but I recommend doing it for fun. It may take a bit to randomize games but once you do it will be a lot of fun.

I always do this in games, whenever I finish playing it, especially in Pokémon games.
It's actually kind of fun to do.

3 Don't collect items such as coins in Mario games

I'll just assume you're doing it with a Mario game. If you're trying not to get coins then you'll have to pull off hard jumps occasionally and its satisfying when you avoid them. Of course it's not possible to complete some of the games without collecting them but it's fun to see how far you can get.

4 Play it again with friends

Solo playthroughs are fun, but playing it again with multiple people will be a different experience that would be fun for you and your friends. There can be a lot of funny moments (why else is there YouTube videos of people playing games with others?) during the playthrough and it's a nice bonding experience.

5 Use cheats

OK now this is really fun. I love seeing people break Pokemon games with cheats as they can lead to weird, funny, and/or creepy things. It's just fun to mess with the game in general. You can also get answers to questions you have about the game like "what if I access this area early?" or "What is this area the developers didn't want me to go to?"

6 Do a "Pacifist Run"

If you've played Undertale before then you'd probably know what I'm talking about. In these you don't kill any enemies. It makes it much tougher, and if you want you can add bonus rules like trying to "save" them.

7 Get the different endings of the game if it has them

There are a few games out there like Kirby 64, Cave Story, and, of course, Undertale, that have different endings. Some are creepy, like Undertale's genocide, weird, like Stanley Parable's Baby/Art ending (yes you really have to press those buttons for hours to get it), and there's disappointing endings and the true ending. Getting the different endings can be fun. Try doing that.

8 Play the hard mode of the game if it has one

I mean if you're going to beat the game you might as well beat the harder version of it. Let's see how good you are at the game.

9 Buy a DLC
10 Speedrun it

Now I'm not a speedrunner at all but I see why speedrunning communities are so huge. It's basically the Guinness World Records book of completing games as fast as possible. You'll learn a lot of tricks (like Mario 64's backwards long jump) by doing these speedruns which makes you get better at the game especially if it's a game like Mario Kart Wii. People who hold world records are professionals at the game and it's insane watching them. If you hold the world record for a game then I am impressed. I'm not gonna speedrun entire games anytime soon probably but it looks like a lot of fun. If you don't want to go for World Record but instead a personal best and for bragging rights then that's also cool. Have fun.

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11 Search for glitches
12 Limit your control options

For example, don't press left in a Mario game. This forces you to think much harder and strategize your actions. It's pretty fun.

13 Mod it
14 Play it in other consoles
15 Get all the achievements (If the game has any)
16 Kill everyone in it

That's pretty much Rollercoaster Tycoon in a nutshell. You can either make the coasters crash, launch them off the drop tower, or drown all of your guests.

17 Try to make it look better using ReShade
18 Do it backwards
19 Nuzlocke
20 Play with a different character
21 Make it a let's play of that game
22 Only hit 1 button
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