Best New Super Mario Bros. 2 Worlds

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has been released, and while not many care about getting the game, it gets some attention, and I will celebrate the release anyway. How? With top ten lists! A few days ago I ranked the best and worst worlds in the series in general, so now I will just be ranking the worlds in their respective games. Keep in mind that since New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U already have their lists, I will just do lists for the portable games in the series, which are New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2, and this time it's about the latter game. Without further ado, let's start!
The Top Ten
1 World Star

World Star is easly the best world in the game, at least in my opinion. It's certainly the most unique world with the best levels that are the most fun and original. With an extremly small minority of bland levels, almost all of the levels in this world are very original and different from what we've seen in this game! At one point you will be in a underwater fortress, another moment you will be on a spooky and creepy beach, and another moment you'll see traveling in a level similar to World 1, but night and pretty new! It's easly my favourite world in the game

2 World 3

Even though I normally do not like water worlds, this game had a pretty good one. That's mainly because this is not just a water world. It's actually a mix between a water world in the first half, and a jungle world in the second half (even though most halves have both types of levels, anyway). I really liked most of the levels. Even the underwater levels are somehow fun in this game, and that is saying a lot since I usually hate those types of levels. I especially like the jungle levels, mainly because I like jungles, but also because they look very pretty. This world surely deserves to be here

3 World 2

Seeing as the theme for the game being coins, which are gold, a golden desert surely fits with the game! There's a lot of gold here and there in the world, heck, one of the levels have a bunch of golden bars in the background. I really like this desert world a lot and would consider it to be one of the finest desert worlds. Pretty much all levels are fun and enjoyable and it introduced the enemy known as Boohemoth, a giant boo that makes a level work like an autoscroller in a way. Overall I really, really like this world

4 World 4

I thought this was quite a cool world. A lot of the levels are interesting and are set in very cool (no pun intended) and interesting locations. As a snow world, there is actually an underwater level, and while I normally hate those types of levels, this was a unique movie as it's a snow world. There are a lot of other interesting worlds in the game as well. Just look at 4-A. That gorgeous scenery is excellent! It's surely a great world for me

5 World 6

I will admit that this world feels kinda uninspired, and I wouldn't even call it a great world, but it's a decent world I'd say. While it rehashes World 8 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it has some twists. 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4 have some original elememts, but on another hand, 6-1 and 6-A feel like they have been rehashed from the Wii game. Nevertheless it's a decent world

6 World Flower

Overall compared to World Star this world is a bit worse, but compared to the other bonus world found in the game: World Mushroom, this world IS World Star. Basically I'm trying to say while this world has a few uninspired levels, it does also have a few original levels, thus making this a decent world, although I'd say it's above average. I mean there is a level set in the mountains with a completely golden sunset that is gorgeous to look at, and there's also a jungle level with a porcupuffer in it, and a very cool part. Then agian it has some uncreative levels as well, but at least it has a few interesting ones as well

7 World 5

This world was bad. As you may know I generally do not like cloud worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. games, simply because they juts feel like athletic World 1 levels except easier. That's what I feel about them, and World 5 from this game is no different. While it may have some decent levels, a lot of this world is very boring and unappealing so that's why it's a below average world

8 World 1

Well how can I describe this "new" world of a lame and uninspired rehash of World 1 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii? There's nothing interesting about this world as it just rehashes the Wii version of World 1 in every single possible way. I mean sure the water level is now 1-5 and not 1-4 but that does not change the quality of the level. Now ok, 1-A is original, and that's it. There's nothing interesting about this world, and yes 1-A is the only thing that saves this world from being last

9 World Mushroom

This world was the worst in the entire game, it's quite a hard choice deciding between World Mushroom and World 1 from this game, but this world just had no redeeming qualities at all. The levels are absolutely terrible and uninspired as it just feels like they took random levels from random worlds and added barely any new gimmicks and called it a "new" world. The terrible ghost house level made it even worse, there's just no redeeming qualities at all about this excuse of a bonus world