Top 10 Predictions for Yoshi's Crafted World

A few days ago a trailer for the upcoming Nintendo game Yoshi's Crafted World was released. It's certainly my most anticipated video game of 2018 so far, as I am a huge fan of Yoshi's Woolly World, and this game is a sequel to that game, and it looks quite impressive. Here are ten predictions I have for this video game, so without further ado, let's start!
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1 Princess Peach Would Have Big Boobs

Yoshi's story and Woolly world had baby Bowser. So Crafted world will also take place in the past where Peach is a baby. Let that sink in.

I don't want this to happen, its too inappropriate.

2 It'll Have Six Worlds

I think this is the most obvious and likely prediction of the list. The first Yoshi game, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island had a total of six worlds, so did Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Wooly World, and the latter two I mentioned are part of the same Yoshi series as Yoshi's Crafted World as well, the yoshi platform series. There's no doubt that this game will have six worlds as well. Sure, if we're lucky, we may get eight or seven worlds (seven if a bonus world is included), but so far I think it'll just have six worlds:

EDIT: Looks like I was wrong..., we have SIXTEEN worlds!

3 It Will Have Motion Controls

It's no suprise that a lot of Nintendo Switch games may not rely much on motion controls, but they surely do have some sort of motion-control gimmicks poured in a few games. Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party and Mario Tennis Aces all had them, in different gimmicks, I would not be suprised of motion controls were put in this game as well.

EDIT: Surprisingly that didn't make it in.

4 The Music Style Will Be Similar to Yoshi's Woolly World

The music in Yoshi's Woolly World are some of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time, mainly because of the cute and calm tone they have, and the nostalgia they bear. A lot of the music there are just beyond excellent in my opinion. In the first trailer of this game, there was a soundtrack that kinda sounded similar to the songs from Woolly World, most likely being the soundtrack for the first level in the game, I think the rest will have a similar type of soundtrack as well, and I certainly hope so.

EDIT: Well, half-right, half-wrong. While it for the most part has a similar safe style, it's more "snooze" than "cute".

5 There Will Be a Space World

If you look at the cover art for the game, you'll mostly see a World 1-like scenery with a house and rail, possibly being the first world in the game. However if you look higher up, you'll see a rather dark blue background with planets, stars and a rocket. World 3 from Yoshi's Wooly World did have a level with a rather space-theme level with the rockets and plush suns, but the world itself was a cloud-themed world. I really hope this game will have a space themed world though, as it would be very interesting and original.

EDIT: Woohoo, a correct prediction!

6 It'll Will Be Centered Around Vehicles

In the first trailer of the game released at E3 in 2017, we saw a an overworld level with grass and stuff, and that very level had a railway with a train. In the same trailer, we saw a purple train, resembling a dragon, most likely a boss battle. Notice how I talked about space and rockets on the " There'll Be A Space World" item? Well I think all the worlds will be centered around the basic mario worlds, but also center around vehicles and stuff. Maybe a desert world could have some bus stations? Or drills, so that it could reference Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., one of my favourite mario games. I surely think this

EDIT: Hmm, not so much in the end though

7 It'll Receive DLC After It's Released

This I certainly wouldn't be suprised if it actually happened. Super Mario Odyssey has recieved the Balloon World game mode and costumes for the player at times after the game was released, Mario Tennis Aces recieved a new character for each month after the game was released, and even other Nintendo Games like Splatoon 2 and Arms recieved DLC after the game's release. Super Mario Party hasn't recieved any DLC yet, but there hasn't been a Nintendo direct (excluding the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate direct from November 1st in 2018) yet after the game's release so I would not be suprised if they announced DLC for that gamer in the next direct, and this game will surely recieve DLC as well later on as it's released.

EDIT: This game chose Super Mario Party's route. AKA, no DLC

8 A New Yoshi Colour Will Be Added

At the moment the yoshi's that exist are Green, Red, Blue, Light-Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple, Brown, Black and White Yoshi, whereas all of them excluding Brown, Black and White Yoshi have been confirmed to be playable in the game. However maybe another yoshi colour will be added. Maybe grey or teal? That would certainly me a pleasure if you ask me.

EDIT: Looks like Nintendo went old-school

9 Baby Bowser Will Mature and Betray Kamek

This would be quite a cool twist if you ask me. In most Yoshi games from what I believe Kamek is the main antanogist in the series and he raised Baby Bowser who is usually the last boss in these games. However I think it would be quite cool if he matured in this game and maybe betrayed Kamek, similar to betrayals in games like Super Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. I would really appreciate such a twist.

EDIT: Meh..., they went the safe route

10 It'll Be a Great Game

It surely will be! As it is a sequel to Yoshi's Woolly World (which is one of my favourite video games of all time) there's no doubt this will end up being another masterpiece! The main difference is that this game focuses on cardboard while the predecessor focused on wool and stuff.

EDIT: Of all things..., this was wrong. Well..., it's good but so much wasted potential

The Contenders
11 Yoshi Will Commit Tax Fraud
12 It'll Be Playable with Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons

Seeing as the main theme for this game is cardboard, and Nintendo Labo was games being played using cardboard, known as toy-cons, I wouldn't be suprised if it either referenced it or it'd be playable with toy-cons, although I'm not entirely sure, as it would pay the developers to be very creative in what way it would be played.

EDIT: THIS of all stuff didn't make it...

13 Poochy Will Gain Power-Ups

Although this isn't very likely, it could be possible. Yoshi doesn't have power-ups in these types of games, but instead is able to transform into different things, such as helicopter, boat, and even a giant. It would be quite cool if his pet Poochy would be able to gain power-ups, and maybe be able to walk extra fast, or breaks through certain blocks to find secrets, etc. The possibilities are endless.

EDIT: One interesting idea sidelined...

14 It Will Be Cute
15 Yoshi Will Avoid His Taxes

Why do you want yoshi to commit tax fraud.