Best New Super Mario Bros. Worlds

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has been released, and while not many care about getting the game, it gets some attention, and I will celebrate the release anyway. How? With top ten lists! A few days ago I ranked the best and worst worlds in the series in general, so now I will just be ranking the worlds in their respective games. Keep in mind that since New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U already have their lists, I will just do lists for the portable games in the series, which are New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2, and this time it's about the first entry in the series. Without further ado, let's start!
The Top Ten
1 World 8

Certainly my favourite world in the game. It's not only the best world in the game, but probably one of my all-time favourite worlds in the series of New Super Mario Bros. Due to how original most of the original game was, it's no suprise that a lot of the worlds are very original and fun, and the last world proves it the most. The first half is located in this dark valley filled with spiders and a creepy athmosphere, and we are greeted with Dry Bowser, one of the best clones in the mario series! After that boss you realize you have only come halfway through and now you get to the lava part of the world, and it gets even better here! The levels are even better and more enjoyable, and certainly the most memorable part of the entire game. 8-5 has you in this underground volcanic level, 8-6 has you needing to travel vertically up in a volcano because lava is rising, 8-7 (favourite level in the game) is an athletic level with the underground music and all Hammer Bros. types in one level (excluding Hammer Bro's but they are replaced by Sledge Bros so it's ok) and 8-8 has you running through an overworld stage with meteors striking at you, it's awesome! While the second tower level isn't too great, at least the final level is excellent! It's easly the best world in the game

2 World 2

A desert world is in the top two? That's right guys, this might actually be one of the best desert worlds in any 2D Mario game. I love how all of the levels feel very different in their own ways and are overall fun to play. Let's not forget the awesome desert overworld music played in these levels, it's so catchy. I really liked the castle level as well. Really good world

One of the few castle levels that's not your generic castle level. In fact, half of it takes place OUTDOORS.

3 World 4

Before jungle worlds were a thing in the New Super Mario Bros. series, there used to be a forest world instead, and as the fourth world by the way. To be honest I really liked this world. As a huge fan of forests this world had tons of pretty good levels. While it's dissapointing the overworld music is the same as in World 1, at least the level design was for the most part really good. Apart from the two terrible levels this world has which are the ghost house level, and 4-3 which is an underwater level, the rest is really good, especially the levels that do take place in the forest! They are just so memorable. It's kinda unfortunate that this is technically a secret world, but I'd choose this over World 3 in the game easly, which I will talk about later

4 World 6

This was surely a pretty good world. The levels for the most part were pretty fun and the boss was so as well. Although an underwater and forest level in this world feels a bit off, I kinda respect the forest level. For the most part the levels are interesting and enjoyable as well so there's that too. This was also along with World 8 the only worlds in the game with two tower levels

5 World 5

As a world in the game, World 5 feels bland. That doesn't mean it's awful of anything, but bland is a word to describe it. It kinda lacks an athmosphere, as while there are snowing details, they aren't very impressive, however a problem like the other worlds, the overworld music is the same music used in the standard overworld music, so having that and not a new and original snow overworld music makes this world bland and boring, this makes the levels of course kinda boring to play through. Nevertheless, there are a few good and fun levels, but in general this world is kinda bland and boring

6 World 3

Well yeah excluding World 1 this was certainly not that enjoyable of a world. As it's a water world a majority of the level takes place underwater or on the beach. While the beach levels are ok, they use the normal overworld music so it just makes it bland, and it doesn't look interesting either. However underwater worlds are the worst, as they are slow and boring, and frustrating as well, you can thank the Bloopers for that. It even has a ghost house to make it even less enjoyable. This world has a minority of good things but they are practically invisible due to the majority of negative things in it

7 World 7

Like World 4, this is also a secret world in the game, so World 6 is technically the second-to-last world as well. However, unlike the World 3 vs. 4 comparison where I think the secret world (4) is better than the other one, comparing this world and World 6 yields a different result. In my opinion, World 6 is better. Nevertheless, this world does have some good things. For once, as someone who dislikes cloud worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. series due to their lack of originality and generic nature, as the levels there usually feel like World 1 athletic levels but harder (at least Meringue Clouds had some nice visuals, I guess, but not much else), World 7 from the original New Super Mario Bros. game was surprisingly fun in a few ways, although I would still consider this world below average. Some levels are actually quite enjoyable (especially 7-A, which gives me some Super Mario Bros. 3 vibes), and the boss is quite fun. Of course, there's 7-5, which is a big no, but other than that, I did enjoy most of the levels in this world. In my opinion, it's still a below-average world, partly due to that level and also the ghost house, I guess, but it does have a few positives as well.

8 World 1

Overall just your typically boring and easy tutorial world of the game. There isn't too much to it and the levels themselves are kinda classic, but really bland and easy as well. Not much to say about this one, but it's certainly the worst world in the game. At least World 3 is kinda interesting, this one isn't