Top Ten Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Locations

On January 11th of 2019, two mario games are released. One of them is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, but also Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey on the Nintendo 3DS, a remake on the Nintendo DS game with the same name excluding the "+ Bowser Jr.'s Journey " part. However the game is only released in the US that date, as in Europe it's released on January 25th, and in Australia it's one day after that, but I'm still going to make lists related to this game. We're going to look at the first Mario & Luigi game in the series, as well as it's the first one in the series to recieve a remake on the Nintendo 3DS, the best locations in the game, and the locations are like the different worlds of the game. Without further adom let's begin!
The Top Ten
1 Bowser's Castle

The last area in the game, Bowser's Castle is in my opinion the best area in the game. Ther's tons of puzzles, and you can feel that your adventure is almost over thanks to the amazing music! You lsiten to it, beat puzzles, beat Koopaling after koopaling, and puzzle after puzzle. I get suc ha satysfying feeling whenever I beat a puzzle, defeat a Koopaling, and you go on, and the music just makes it feel even more satisfying! It's just that good! Easly one of the best final levels in any mario game, and that's mostly thanks to the awesome music!

2 Hoohoo Mountain

This is the area I consider to be the first true area in the game, as Stardust Fields is just way too short and easy, and mostly just teaches tutorials. That area is mostly like "World 0", while this is like "World 1" in my opinion. I really like this level, a lot! The music gives a sense of climbing in the mountains and the puzzles are very fun. The enemies are fun to fight as well, and it looks cool as well. I really like the whole "drink from fountain and then spit out to trigger an event" gimmick too. Certainly one of the best areas in the game!

3 Beanbean Fields

The main setting, and arguably the biggest area in the game is truly high up on my list! I really love juts messing around here and running and defeating enemies to get EXP, the music is one of the greatest in the game as well and truly fits the area as well! It's also the area in which you can access any area without using the warp pipe, excluding Bowser's Castle, and maybe a few others. But the thing is that I really like this area. Also the Beanbean castle is lkocated in the middle of this area

4 Chucklehuck Woods

This is hands down the most visually stunning area in the game, and I really mean it. First off this is a forest with tons of tall trees and big leaves, Wiggler is an excellent boss battle in my opinion and the castle "Chateau de Chucklehuck" is quite a cool entrance to the forest with tons of puzzles. There's also the "Winkle Colosseum" which is quite a fun, as you play a very entertaining minigame there, overall I really like this area

5 Oho Oasis

Of the two water areas found in the game: Oho Oasis and Gwarhar Lagoon, Oho Oasis is certainly the superior location of the two. I really like the location and it looks pretty cool, but the best part has got to be going into the ruins nearby as learning how to control the fire and lightning element, that was so memorable and one of the best parts of the game!

6 Joke's End

The second-to-last area is quite a cool level, although way better in the remake, in which the music doesn't sound as annoying. I really like this area. The puzzles are tons of fun and I love how isolated and scary this area feels, although the music mostly was juts annoying in the original. However one big flaw is where Mario and Luigi seperates in puzzles and you can't save your game, I once had to leave my 3DS on during the night because I couldn't save, and I hadn't saved before and I didn't want to lose all my progress, so there's that. Other than that it's certianly a great area!

7 Stardust Fields

The first area in the game, unless you count it more as a tutorial area rather than a main area, then Hoohoo Mountain is the first area. Anyway, I really like the visuals on this area. It's quite creepy for a first area in game and I love the colours! It just looks so colourful! However it's incredibly small and mostly juts teaches you the basics, and is boring sometimes, which is why I put it low

8 Gwarhar Lagoon

This area is quite nice. I really like the music and the overall area is visually beautiful. However it drove me insane at some parts, as when you enter the area, you can't leave it before you beat the boss, and the boss, while col takes forever to beat and if you forgot mushrooms and stuff, then you'll have a terrible time here. Even when I beat the boss, I didn't know where to go so I basically stopped playing for a while until I came back and realized where to go after beating the boss. Overall good, but that one flaw makes it kinda messed up

9 Guffawha Ruins

This was quite a fun area overall! After events in the village Little Fungitown where Mario gets bean fever, a fever that will turn him into a beanish and Luigi must find the cure, he goes to these ruins. This area has tons of awesome puzzles that are so fun and the overall area feels quite empty and isolated, and I really love that! It's easly a pretty good area!

10 Teehee Valley

An empty desert that truly feels empty and dried out! It gives a great athmosphere! The music gives a feel of emptyness and that there isn't much life in here, but at the same time you get this feeling that's hard to describe, but it's a bit adventurous. Now sure the escort mission is quite annoying sometimes, but overall I like it

The Contenders
11 Oho Ocean
12 Hoohoo Village
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