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1 Card Jitsu Party 2012

Fire and Water went into war while fire burned the sky and water made storms you were now able to become water ninjas.

I loved this party! Also there was a secret in the pizza parlor you can make food appear on the tables by wearing the aprons

This party was just amazing the decorations were awesome and you got to meet sensei!

Best party ever

2 Medival Party 2013

I loved this party! CP hasn't had another Medieval Party for what, 3 - 4 years? All we've had this year is a BORING Halloween party and BORING parties all about Disney movies! I joined during this party. Real fun. Even though I wasn't a member!

You could be princesses or brave knights. you could transform yourself into dragons, unicorn puffles, fairy, fleet, hovering or orge size even funnier, if you used a incorrect potion mix you turn into a chicken puffle!

I loved this party! I pretended to be a chicken puffle!

I remember this. The igloo area was so much fun!

3 Operation: Blackout

This party traces all the way back to players who were PSAs around 2008. It was not targeted for cringey preps or pookies, no, it was targeted for veterans. Players who actually took the time to speculate who the director was, how to solve PSA missions and saw Gary as a fellow workmate instead of a celebrity. Hell, I bet pookies don't even know what the PSA is.

The fact that this party took on a sinister turn is what made it so good. It wasn't a cliche party unlike most. Not to mention it gives you a lot of nostalgia thrills, especially to old-time gamers such as myself.

There is a lot of attention to detail, you can actually see the island slowly get covered in more snow as time passes. I think the appeal of this "party" is that it's more serious, with the stakes coming higher as more agents are being kidnapped while everyone is left to freeze. Also, there's a lot of freebies for nonmembers! There's a reason why Operation: Blackout had the highest number of logins after all.

It really made you think and every single day brought a new task for you to complete to save the island and you then found out the Director's identity after years of her keeping it secret!
What's not to love about this party?

Easily the best Club Penguin party of all time. It was fun and engaging which is what Club Penguin is supposed to be. Perfect.

4 Star Wars Takeover 2013

Sensei would be dressed as Obi-Wan, Cadence as Princess Leia, Herbert as Darth Herbert ( A parody of Darth Vader). Sensei will teach members how to become Jedi warriors you can travel to lands that resemble Tatoonine and other galaxies. And in this game you can earn a Stormtrooper Helmet.

I mostly watch the old Star Wars movies.

5 Puffle Party 2014

Why is Puffle party 2014 here? This puffle party 2014 is stupid and did not look like Puffle Party. Puffle Party 2009 is better. 2009 had balloons, puffle domains, and 2009 - 2013 is So colorful. 2014 did not look like a puffle party. All it cared is the Cat and dog puffles. No balloons and not colorful. This should be removed

You can get adorable new puffles orange tabby cat and blue border collie. The puffle park was added so was the Puffle Backyard and you can turn into your Puffle Friends!

6 Prehistoric Party 2013

You cat get a Dino sweater in the Dino Egg Dig both members and non members. Member can transform into dinosaurs by finding a egg in the Dino Egg Hunt.

7 Halloween Party 2013

You go trick or treating to find candies that turn you into Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies and Bat Puffles. there were also cool new items and non members find it fun too!

8 Muppet World Tour 2014

You can earn a muppet passport and members can travel across lands too learn fun tricks and when your done all of them you can perform on the muppet stage!

9 Penguin Cup 2014

You choose a team The Sharks, The Space Squids, The Hot Sause team or The Fluffies. You can do shoot outs earn shoes and play on a field with penguins watching the team with most goals win the Penguin cup.

It was okay. If probably would've appreciated it more if I were a soccer (football) fan.

This party was awesome! Just in in time for the World Cup!

Hated this crappy party

10 Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013

You choose to be a villain or a hero. Heros can play a game and earn a hero costume. Villains can build robots and terrorize Club Penguin Island. And you can dress up as your favourite characters!

I loved this one allot as a kid because you could literally be any avenger. BEST

This was one of the most epic events in club penguin!

Loved being a robber and robbing the bank!

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11 Frozen Party 2014

It hasn't happened yet but CP showed us and it was OP. You can buy a ice place and listen to Elsa sing let it go on the first week of the party and dress up as Kristoff, Prince Hans, Anna, Elsa and possibly Olaf if not Olaf he will appear as a puffle.

I hate this party

12 Card Jitsu Party 2013

The Island was completely decorated and Card-Jistu Snow released.

13 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

To be honest, this party was not my cup of tea at all. It's so boring and we watch these two idiots play music all day. The penguins looked HORRIBLE and you could barely collect any items in the party! The only semi decent thing I liked about this party was the surf room and the high way. That is it. ONE THING I LIKE ABOUT THIS PARTY! Rather than that, this was a terrible party and if you did like this party, THAT IS GREAT! It's my opinion and I hope you agree.

Wait this party was bad

This is a best

14 Rockhopper's Quest 2012

Amazing party. It showed that maybe, just maybe, club penguin was original.

15 The Fair 2012

This party will always be the most memorable for me.

What can I say this party was great!

16 Water Party 2007

One of my favorite Club Penguin parties ever, as well as one of my first! This party came out only a few months after I made my account, and I loved it so much! It's too bad that most of the non-holiday themed parties are not just about crossovers and takeovers now.

This party showed club penguin at its best. It was not based on a movie or puffles; it was just the creativity of the club penguin artists. I also love this party because they made it so fun without completely changing the island. This was truly the best party in the Club Penguin's history.

Water party 2007 was a great party. The creative story line of a tragedy turning into a fun party where everyone could have fun. Oh, those where the days. Sadly this party hasn't returned since 2008. I miss the water party.

BOI! Number 23? I like water parties! I say we put it in the top 10.

17 10th Anniversary Party

This was the best party I have been to.

How come is this not in number 1? This is the best anniversery party!

This should be #1

18 Fashion Festival
19 The Fair 2014

It was one of the best parties ever with awesome music like Into Orbit, Bull's Eye etc. I really enjoyed the games and rides and it was so much fun even if you're not a member!

I like the fair!

20 Waddle On Party
21 Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam

The party starts now! This was an amazing party, I loved it. We had a concert with Cadence and the Penguin Band, it had lots of rooms decorated pretty well, it had an amazing new song. It was amazing!

22 Holiday Party 2013
23 Halloween Party 2009
24 9th Anniversary Party

What. This party sucked. The 10th Anniversary party was the best!

Why is this on the list? The tenth was amazing!

25 Future Party
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