Top Ten Most Colourful Sierra Entertainment Video Games

I'm presenting you the most colourful video games by Sierra Entertainment, one of my favourite video game companies. This won't be the top ten best games, but rather the games with the most colour in them. So here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

It's definitely the most colourful. Not only the most colourful Space Quest of Sierra Entertainment video game, but one of the most colourful video games of all time. Why? Simple. It has tons and tons of different locations and planets and all of them have happy or a nice variety of colours to the point that's what you think about when you first think about the game. Every location has tons of colour varieties and while sticking to one particular colour mostly, it has tons of varieties. The starting location, the garbage freighter already tells this is going to be a colourful game. It's mostly blue and cyan but there's tons of "garbage" everywhere with so many more colours it's just eye-popping. And we've just begun. There's the pink desert planet Phleebhut with a tourist shop, Ortega, a dark volcano world with a ' lab in it, and Pestulon, a forested planet with a video game company with so much colour. Do I need to go on?

2 Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero

Oh yes, one of the GOAT games on the list. Quest For Glory I is in my opinion the most colourful of the franchise and it mostly has to do with the setting. It's set in a forest, and unlike in the VGA remake which didn't look too pretty, all the different shades of green and cyan makes it very beautiful in this game. And you see the forest isn't the only think in the game either. The town, brigand lair and the wizard's tower all have tons of colour making it look very beautiful. It's not number #1 though because I thought the colours were much more varied and better coloured in Space Quest III, but still

3 King's Quest III: To Heir is Human

This one does have a lot of colour. Although this is where the games on the list will start to get a bit less colourful, this one has a lot of colour as well. The game itself is highly frustrating but I love a lot of the backgrounds. I think the fisher town in particular was highly colourful and lots of backgrounds in Llewdor as well were beautiful

4 Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

Another Space Quest game? Yeah, the first three space quest games, the one that used the EGA colour palette are the most colourful. But wait, this is an AGI game, where the colours weren't too varied. That's true, but this game actually had a lot of variety on colours. I mean to start off there's Laibon, the very main setting of the game is a forest planet, and it's gorgeous. While it's for the most part just green, there's a few plants and trees as well with other colours and I like it. It gets better as the game goes on as you get to see cliffs, swamps, skies and caves with tons of colour (although the latter not so much). It gets more colourful once you get to the final area, a giant liar with tons of colour. Cyan, red, blue, you name it. It's very colourful and this game deserves a mention on the list

5 King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne

Oh yeah. My favourite King's Quest game, which somehow is most people's least favourite. Anyway. This is on this particular list not only because of the beautiful land of Kolyma that has tons of colour, but the ending. The ending is set in a completely different land, a very colourful one. Basically the sky is red, the sea is purple, the cliffs are blue, and then there's a beautiful island in the sea where the grass is yellow. I mean this deserves to be here

6 Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire

Yeah, I'm putting a game with a desert as the main setting in even the top five on the list. Yeah, it's actually a quite colourful game. Not only is the desert actually pretty (especially during the night), but the rest has tons of colour. The beautiful town of Shapeir has tons of it, the wizards institution, and let's not forget the beautiful "The Forbidden City". That area has tons of colour

7 Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter

Yeah, all three original Space Quest games are in the very top five. This one may not be as colourful, but it's surely almost as colourful as the second entry of the series. Although it doesn't have like a super green forest planet, it has tons of other cool things. There's the pretty cool desert planet Kerona with an awesome looking cave in it, and the beautiful sarien and Arcada space station. I mean it's still a very colourful game

8 Quest For Glory III: Wages of War

This is the only game with the VGA colour palette on my list. I thought mostgames after the EGA games felt like uncolourful and had too many dark colours and I didn't find it colourful. The only exception would be the third entry in the Quest For Glory series because while it is my least favourite of the bunch (excluding the fifth and VGA remake on the first game), and is surprisingly bland, it at least has settings with lots of colours. I mean the savannah is boring and kinda uncolourful, the jungle, while pherhaps even worse, has tons of colour at least. The Lost City especially has a lot of colour. Oh yeah and the cover art is colourful as well

9 The Black Cauldron

Yes, there's a video game version on the disney movie "The Black Cauldron". The best thing is that it's much better as well. Because despite being much shorter a bit confusing at times and not maybe looking as complex, it is much, much more enjoyable and colourful. All the settings here are just so colourful and I highly recommend this game over the movie itself to be honest

10 Caesar IV
The Contenders
11 Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

It's not as colourful as the other entries on the list but there's some pretty colourful moments here as well. I really liked the whole casino setting near the end as it had a lot of colour and pretty much everything else had as well

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