Top Ten Level Soundtracks in Super Mario 3D World

A few days ago Nintendo released a new nintendo direct, and the main focus of it was kinda the sequel to Super Mario Maker, and it's called Super Mario Maker 2. It looks way better than the original, and the big suprise was definitely the fact that you could make Super Mario 3D World related levels. So why not make some lists related to Super Mario 3D World and related games maybe? I thought of making a list about the best level soundtracks in the game. Level soundtracks are soundtracks played in levels of the game, so no boss music, world map music or misc music. Just music played in levels. So, here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 Simmering Lava Lake

Definitely my favourite. It's such an intense soundtrack with awesome instruments and it really gives a heroic sense of adventuring and that you need to complete the quest. It's just such an epic piece of tune that is easly the best song in the entire game, not only the best level soundtrack of the game. I mean I could go on more about how much I love this song with a passion. Have huge nostalgia of it as well

2 Champion's Road

An awesome remix on the already awesome but overrated Gusty Garden theme from Super Mario Galaxy theme. I think this one might be even better, and it kinda showcases the epicness of the hardest level in all of mario: Champion's Road (I can't take people seriously when they say this is easier than The Perfect Run). It's a very epic, fun and adventurous theme that deserves to be in the top three

3 Snowball Park

A remix of Snow Mountain from Super Mario 3D Land and even better. Snow Mountain from 3D Land was among the best songs from the game. It was catchy, original, nostalgic and kinda touching. It's the song that plays on the first day it snows of the year. One problem the song suffered from though was that it sounded a bit plain and boring. This one has an orchestria in it instead though and it sounds so much more alive! It's the song that plays during a christmas eve in a winter village. It's so good

4 Chainlink Charge

In my unpopular opinion this may be one of the best athletic themes of all time. I really like the sorta circus but sorta danger theme of this song and it's surely quite catchy. It's played in two of my favourite levels in the game and I really appreciate both of those two levels. It's definitely one of the top four songs

5 Route to the Great Tower

The music played in the very final level of the main story in the game and it's surely one epic theme. It's kinda of a short level but the song is awesome I must say. Top five easly. It gives such an adventurous feel and how you're close to the final boss

6 Fort Fire Bros

Very cool soundtrack in my opinion. Despite being a castle theme, played in the castle levels of King Ka-Thunk and Boss Broulder, it's a relatively calm theme, but keeps the spooky and dangerous theme of a castle theme. Very good

7 Mount Must Dash

A remix on Mario Circuit from Super Mario Kart? Now that's what I'm talking about! This new and more energetic theme of Mario Circuit from Super Mario Kart is one awesome tune! Very competitive theme and energetic and one catchy one as well! It simply is an objectively good song. I have no idea how anyone couldn't resist listening to this

8 Bowser's Lava Lake Keep

A remix on the soundtrack from Super Mario 3D Land known as simply "Castle Theme". I actually think that version's better, but this one has a bit more emotion and feelings put into it and I really appreciate it. It's very calm and gives a sense of emotion surprisingly

9 Super Bell Hill

The soundtrack used in the very first level of the game with the same name is very good. Although the overworld theme in 3D Land is better, this one's cool as well. It has more instruments into it, while the main sounds are saxophone like in 3D Land's version as well. Overall I like it. It symbolizes what the game is all about

10 Bowser's Big Bullet Brigade

I think it's better than The Bullet Bill Express for a couple of reasons. It's catchier and better structured. I really like it. It may only be played in a few levels but it's quite awesome. I love seeing tanks and soldiers marching to this theme, and if you play the game you'll see what it looks like. It's simply an awesome soundtrack

The Contenders
11 Hands-On Hall
12 Piranha Creeper Creek
13 Switch Scramble Circus
14 Sprawling Savanna
15 Conkdor Canyon
16 Double Cherry Pass
17 Bowser's Highway Showdown

Bowser's car is super pimped out. His neon cruiser is even flashier. How does Bowser devote so much time and energy to destroying Mario and still have so much in the way of luxury?

18 Footlight Lane
19 Beep Block Skyway
20 Underground Theme
21 Title
22 World 1
23 World Bowser
24 Fuzzy Flood Mine
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