Top Ten Worlds in Super Mario 3D World

A few days ago Nintendo released a new nintendo direct, and the main focus of it was kinda the sequel to Super Mario Maker, and it's called Super Mario Maker 2. It looks way better than the original, and the big suprise was definitely the fact that you could make Super Mario 3D World related levels. So why not make some lists related to Super Mario 3D World and related games maybe? This time it's about the best worlds in the game. So, here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 World Star

The only original and actually good bonus world. Unlike being too short (like World Crown) or just having harder versions of levels (like World Mushroom and Flower), World Star has nine original levels all fun and unique. I especially love Super Galaxy, The Great Gole Pole, Honeycomb Stairway and Cosmic Cannon Cluster, the latter which is my favourite

Mushroom and flower were actually good concepts, I'm talking about them here cause I'm out of votes. Anyway this is decent

2 World 3

World 3 is definitely the best world in this game. This world has among the best levels in the entire game and only a few slightly disappointing ones, and even the underwhelming levels are quite decent to play on. However the great stuff is very good, like excellent. Snowball Park, Chain-Link Charge, Mount Must Dash, Switchboard Falls and A Banquet with Hisstocrat are among the best levels in the entire game, especially Mount Must Dash, the excellent Mario Kart styled level. All of the levels in this world have a nice athmosphere, especially Switchboard Falls which has a beautiful autumn and waterfall setting. Easly the best world of the game

3 World 6

Yeah. Overall it's a great world. Very rarely do I like cloud worlds in mario games. This one's good because it has a wide variety of levels and not just cloud levels. And the cloud level was pretty good actually: Clear Pipe Cruise. A very original level with clear pipes. The rest is quite awesome as well. The only bad level was Ty-Foo Flurries because it feels unoriginal but other than that it's awesome

4 World Bowser

A final world in game centered around amusement parks? Now that's what I'm talking about. This is one of the most unique worlds in the game. All levels are very original and fun and have their very unique sides. The only level I really didn't like was A Beam in the Dark, and Deepwater Dungeon was pretty annoying, but other than that it's awesome

Arguably the coolest Final world in the game. I mean you fight him on a skyscraper! How cool is that?

The best world in my opinion, has fun levels and an amazing hub and final boss

5 World Castle

Definitely a pretty fun one. It has tons of cool levels all a bit castle and lava influenced and it's dun. Normally lava worlds aren't too good but this one's a big plus. Simmering Lava Lake is one of my favourite levels in the game, and Red Hot Run, Trick Trap Tower and Fort Fire Bros. are all great as well. I mean some levels are kinda boring but that's only a minority

6 World 5

It's a pretty decent world if you ask me. It has a lot of ups, but a lot of downs. I like the beach theme a bit but a lot of the levels weren't too memorable. Outside of Sprawling Savannah and King Ka-Thunk's Castle the levels might have been good but they weren't the most memorable. I mean I like Tricky Trapeze Theater but it's not that good in my opinion, and same goes for Searchlight Sneak

7 World 4

Overall a pretty cool world. It has some pretty cool levels. My favourite has got to be Spike's Lost City because of the unique nature and setting. Other levels are pretty good as well but compared to other worlds this one's a bit lackluster. It has a canyon theme, but the only canyon level is Ant Trooper Hill, which is good as well. The other levels range from bad to mediocre

8 World 1

It's basically your basic overworld world, and it's pretty good. The only level I didn't like was the underground one but it's a fun world otherwise. Very good tutorial level, but I especially liked the plessie and carnival level. They were so fun. The athletic level was pretty good as well and the castle one as well. It's just low because it's nothing too special compared to other worlds in the game

9 World Flower

Arguably a pretty bad world. Along with World Mushroom these two worlds just reuse levels from other worlds but just makes it harder. It's so terrible it's not even funny. This one's slightly better than World Mushroom though I guess as it has one unique level, which is a boss rush, but it's not necessarily unique

World Mushroom and World Flower are like the dancing sequence from Disney's Robin Hood. All recycled.

10 World 2

Definitely my least favourite of the standard eight worlds. A lot of the levels were lackluster or bad and it wasn't that memorable to be honest. I don't think I can recall a level in this world that I really liked, apart from the first one maybe. But it's the worst of the main worlds

The Contenders
11 World Mushroom

Read my comment about World Flower. Same thing applies here except it's even worse because at least World Flower had one unique level. This one had none at all which is why it's at the lowest spot

12 World Crown

This world is nothing that special. It only contains one level in the game, Champion's Road, the hardest level in the game, and a mystery house and captain toad level. It's nothing too special but I really like Champion's Road. The hardest level in the entire mario series and definitely one fun one. I still haven't beaten it

Proves that the game was never going tk be easy. It's not as bad as grinding for all levels cleared with all characters though