The Top 10 Common Types of Counter-Strike Players

As a regular csgo player, I've encountered so many types of players. You'll probably run into them too. Check out this list so you will be able to identify them in game.

Enjoy :D
The Top Ten
1 The Noob

They are everywhere, you could probably be one too. Anyways, noobs are the backbone of every game. They lack skill on both the maps and weaponry.They grow out of that eventually and can even become some of the best players. Doesn't it disappoint you that the last guy alive is the dude going 4/19?

2 The Camper

We all hate them. Campers are the more "stationary"players (obviously). They tend to sit in one spot where they know an enemy will have to pass through and kill them once they enter. To deal with these players, you have to play smart (memorize all of the map's camping hotspots, flashbang spots you think they may be hiding at, etc) to beat these cowardly little bastards.

I hate these guys, they show up outta nowhere and kill you and hide again. Aghhh

3 The Nade Waster

This is the one guy you definitely DON'T want on your team. This guy usually throw grenades everywhere for some reason I don't completely understand. There are times where he can be useful (lucky nade kills an enemy) and times where they harm the team (flashbanging the entire team). Overall, they're not a player someone would want on their team.

4 The Rager

These guys are unbelievable. If they get killed by anyone (usually campers) just a FEW times, they will scream their lungs out into their mics, calling you every bad name in the book. If you encounter one, I strongly suggest that you turn your volume down REALLY low.

5 The Awp Blocker

No need to say much. This is the one moron who blocks you while you are looking down the scope. He/She will do this to you nonstop, even if it gets both of you killed.

6 The Spray and Prayer

Defintely a common sight. Most of them are armed with P90s, MP5s and UMPs (because they're legit "spraying weapons") though you may see a few of them wielding AKs, M4s,FAMAS, Galils etc. When an enemy is in sight, they will just hold down on the left click until the clip is empty, hoping that they land a luck headshot.

7 The Deagle Dude

They are the guys who don't spend any money on primary weapons. They buy a Desert Eagle...Some of them are very good but most of them don't last long.

8 The Smurf

Not every low ranking player is a bad player. The Smurf loves to prove us wrong. Basically, a smurf is a pro player in disguise as a low ranking noob. If you see a silver one going 42/9, he must be a lucky ass noob or a smurf.

9 The Awp Guy

The guy who buys nothing but an AWP. Always depending on his team to buy him an awp if he can't afford one.

10 The Ass

The Troller...The Ass...they're basically the same person. They love to mess with everyone, regardless friend or enemy. They love to shoot teammates, tbag campers, and run around the map for no reason even if they have 30 sec to plant/defuse the bomb. A real pain to be around.

The Contenders
11 The Russian
12 The Buddy Campers
13 The Toxic
14 The Scammer

He doesn't actually play the game, sit home and scams little kids out of their skins

15 The Shotgunner
16 The Idler
17 The Baiter

The one guy who analyzes the fight and attacks when enemies are distracted

18 The Graffiti Artist

This guys likes to stay calm and loves to spray graffiti over the dead body of the enemies.

19 The Tourist
20 The James Bond
21 The "N" Word Practitioner
22 The Terrorist
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