Top 10 Best Video Games of 2016

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1 Overwatch

Blizzard is just an amazing company. They do everything and work 24/7 to make the community happy. They aren't money pigs, either, like many other companies. It's sad how the Blizzard community is also kind of toxic.

Ok, now more about the game. It has an amazing concept with balanced heroes and abilities. The possibilities in this game are endless. This game is different from the typical Call of Duty. It doesn't get boring. Blizzard nailed it, and although Uncharted 4 is a great game, I think Overwatch deserves the number one spot.

I used to love TF2, but I would always be crushed by people way above my skill level, or with better weapons. Overwatch has so many more characters and an actual storyline through animated shorts. They are also adding new characters and it pairs you with people around your level. If quick play gets boring, custom games are amazing. My sister complains about having to turn off YouTube when I play because Doomsday isn't the same with lag. I constantly play this game.

2 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Beautiful graphics, developed, likable, relatable, unique characters, funny one-liners, intense moments, and fantastically executed stealth add up to the best game I've played all decade. And that's just the campaign. Then there's the creative and addictive multiplayer. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a creative, wonder-filled bedazzlement that I am ecstatic to see at #1.

I could have picked any of these other games for the year's best: Overwatch is more addicting, Battlefield has better constraint when it comes to tone, DOOM is more entertaining to play, and Dark Souls is more difficult. But guess what? Uncharted is the only game to nail all of these at once. 97/10.

This was a pretty weak year for games, with a lot of disappointments, so it's easy to see why Uncharted 4 comes out on top. It's honestly the only game that stood out this year and also happens to be one of the best video games ever made. There's just no competing with that.

3 Battlefield 1

This game is so awesome! I don't even have it, but the gameplay is so badass I was thrilled! The different guns and classes make the game so diverse and unique compared to other games, cough cough, Infinite Warfare. The maps are so realistic it seems I'm at the battle myself. This game deserves to be in the top three, and all of you know it. I'm SO HYPED FOR IT!

One of the most realistic, if not the most realistic, war games ever, even in multiplayer. Overwatch is much worse. It's overpriced with less content and gets old quickly. BF1 has better matchmaking, better maps, a not overly ambitious campaign mode, and is just all-around more impressive.

The graphics made it feel like you are actually fighting in the Great War, but my only negative point is that you have to pay for the amazing DLCs, just like every other EA FPS. If they made it a completely free-to-play game, others and I would be extremely happy and willing to play the game until the very end.

4 Pokémon Sun

Pokémon Sun and Moon, for lack of a more poetic phrase, feel like a breath of fresh air for the Pokémon series. Even though Sun and Moon will be familiar to anyone who's ever played a Pokémon game at first, closer inspection and further playtime show two games that take more risks than any main series Pokémon game since Red and Blue. The fact that they embrace change rather than what's worked in the past gives them the distinction of being two of the best games of the year. (Slash

It's pretty good. My friend was able to finish the ENTIRE game in about 40 hours (he plays at night until 6 AM, which is just plain sad)! All he had to do was capture the Ultra Beasts, and that was it. He also said it had a pretty sad story, which was better than Minecraft: Story Mode.

The game is good, but the starting point is WAY too long. It's like Nintendo needs to teach you every little detail that most of us already know! Just make an option to skip the tutorial for God's sake. So, if you don't want to, you don't have to! The game is a great one, though.

5 Doom

This is a mostly old-school shooter from 2016, and it is so good. This game is just pure intense violence and joy. It's almost as good as the original (one of the best games ever). As much as I love Overwatch, I just appreciate Doom more, and the fact that a game like this was made in 2016 and became a success is remarkable.

The game also does a very good job with the characterization of the simple protagonist. I love how the protagonist's emotions are delivered through action, not words, and the feeling of Doomguy perfectly matches the player's emotions. The multiplayer and SnapMap aren't great, but the single-player experience is just so good.

Such an IDGAF attitude. I felt like a total badass the whole time. Gameplay was polished, and the graphics were a morbid version of beauty. The level design kept me coming back to this game long after I played it. Every time I came across a stash of ammo and weapons, I felt a rush of adrenaline, knowing that I had an intense battle coming soon. This was my favorite game of 2016 because it was an amazing throwback to when games were just games, not interactive cut scenes.

6 Watch Dogs 2

Yeah, this is fun! It's a free roam game where you can do whatever. Whether it's hunting down other players, playing the campaign, or co-op. Or even being a hypocrite to the campaign and blowing people up!

It's a great game that Ubisoft made, with an amazing storyline and character! The graphics are awesome, and how Ubisoft created Watch Dogs 2 in general is wonderful.

Fun as hell, way better than number 1. Positive ratings everywhere you look, and packed with side missions. Totally worth it.

7 Dark Souls III

This is the perfect swansong for Dark Souls. Its difficulty is back, its combat is a lot more fluid and fast-paced, the AI is very smart, the graphics are stunning, weapon arts change up tactics, and more. This deserves game of the year, hands down.

Full orchestra music, epic boss battles, a large variety of enemies, several types of weapons, and extremely fun exploration in a unique map design.

Dark Souls 3 was the best experience of my life. I cried and cried and cried during the whole game. It was hell for me, but it was also beautiful!

8 Pokemon Moon

Oh man, this was the best video game ever. The story was brilliant, the characters were likable (except for Lusamine, of course), the region was gorgeous, and the graphics took my breath away. Also, Team Skull had some of the most meta quotes in video game history, and ya boi Guzma is awesome.

I love the idea of the Island Challenge, where you travel across Alola to complete the trials and defeat the Kahunas. I felt like it had a POINT, unlike gym battles in earlier games. A lot of people got really annoyed at the abundance of long cutscenes, but I didn't really mind. The characters had distinct personalities, unlike in XY, where every character was a carbon copy of the last.

It's something fresh for the Pokémon series, and I love it. Every new generation of Pokémon is reminiscent of the days when video games weren't dominated by generic shooters and adult content. Pokémon has remained popular despite how everyone's "growing up." Nintendo, thank you for daring to be different and being the better choice for people who prefer family-friendly gaming.

9 Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 definitely needs to be in the top 10. It's just a shame it was released at a stupid time, next to BF4 and IW. Yet, it's a fantastic game. I finished the campaign and was never bored for a second. It makes you feel attached to the titan in quite an impressive way. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who *SPOILERS* was upset when BT died.

Such an underrated game. The multiplayer is fun and addicting, with very fluid movement mechanics. The story in this game is amazing on top of that. This game and Battlefield 1 put Infinite Warfare in the ground.

This game is so much better than the first, with a surprisingly good campaign and awesome multiplayer. It's just a shame that it was released between Battlefield and Call of Duty.

10 Fire Emblem: Fates

Excellent. Fire Emblem is one of the only turn-based tactical RPGs still alive and strong, along with Xcom. It's basically anime chess, but with a strong focus on gameplay and character development that makes all 3 games in the package a joy to play.

This game gets way too much hate. Not only is it super enjoyable, but it also got me into Fire Emblem as a whole.

They are fun games, but I liked Conquest more than Birthright.

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11 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

I'd say this is the best game of 2016. It has so much charm and polish. It's much better than Overwatch. I hate team-based first-person shooters. People often don't know how to work as a team, and that fact alone ruins the game. In this game, you fight alone or against a single person, so you don't have to deal with the incompetence of others.

I love that you can finally select an actual stage to fight on, instead of just the World Martial Arts Tournament. Finally, they added Cooler. They have a full roster of 68 characters.

I have played neither of the two Xenoverse games, but I watch people play them, and they look very fun. I just started watching DBZ about two months ago. It is really cool.

Much better than the first. It still has its problems, but it's still worthy of a spot in the top 10.

12 Batman: The Telltale Series

I generally dislike Batman, but this game was amazing.
Good job, Telltale Games, you did it again.

I love Batman and Telltale games. I wish they did A New Frontier on PS3!

Can't go wrong with Batman.

13 Forza Horizon 3

There's not much to say other than it's a Forza Horizon game - so pretty much perfect, right? It's incredibly fun if you're the right person. That's why I think it's so low on the list. Unless you're into cars and customization, you probably won't care for it.

For anybody who missed the time when FH3 was at its peak and was still being updated... you really missed out.

Best graphics. Great gameplay. Countless hours of fun.

14 NBA 2K17

A lot of people may complain about 2K17 for many reasons, but it's definitely a fun game. MyCareer never gets boring if you use your imagination, and you can always hop onto MyPark or Pro-Am if you do get bored of it. MyTeam seems like a waste of time, but pulling off a crazy team without spending VC is temporarily fun. MyLeague / MyGM never gets boring. The only thing is that you never end up playing the games. You just simulate them, which does get repetitive. Definitely one of my favorite games of the year.

NBA 2K is an annual must for all sports enthusiasts, with stunning graphics and visuals. Plus, the game physics are improving year by year.

This is probably the first non-shooter, non-violent, non-Pokemon game out there. I can't stand any of those, so this is my favorite.

15 Pokemon Go

It helps make people exercise more and play more with friends. I think most of the people in the world know this game. It's free to play, and you don't need money to be good. This game is just awesome.

A lot of dead bodies have been discovered while playing this game. People playing it have solved many reported missing cases.

I extremely enjoyed this game. No game blew up quite as much as this in 2016. Great game, especially during a quiet year for games.

16 Street Fighter V

Best game ever.

17 Tom Clancy's The Division

The updates ruined it for me. Fun while it lasted, though!

Great video game. Awesome fun with aspects of third-person shooter and RPG.

I liked this game. The gameplay was fun.

18 Far Cry Primal
19 WWE 2K17

I only buy these games so I can go on a gauntlet of beating everyone with my created character, "Satan." Then I snap the disk.

Good game, but John Cena sucks though.

It should be number 1.

20 Pokken Tournament

PETA's going to be mad at this...

21 The King of Fighters XIV
22 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

A great conclusion to an awesome gaming franchise!

23 Valkyria: Azure Revolution
24 Gears of War 4

Amazing game. Great graphics, plotlines, story, characters, foreshadows, and the weapons.
What makes this game so satisfying? A chainsaw in a gun!

25 XCOM 2
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