Top 10 Best League of Legends Champions

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1 Darius

Just try to stop this dude! So overpowered, he can destroy everything since the early game. I saw him fighting 1v3 and diving too. He won.

Unfair as hell, this dude needs to be nerfed, not Kha'Zix. What the hell did you guys do? I mean, he can easily kill pretty much every champ on top, and it's not fun to play against.

I main Darius, and honestly, he isn't overpowered at all. He takes the most skill out of any champion. You can't say anything about him unless you play him. If you haven't played him, I suggest trying him out. He is hard, but you'll get used to him in about 10 years.

2 Master Yi

Master Yi's Alpha Strike, which, in my opinion, is useful for defeating many minions. His Meditate also helps recover health. Wuju Style gives you a temporary boost to take down turrets. Lastly, his special, Highlander, can help you escape from enemies or even chase them down. Overall, I think Master Yi is awesome!

Yi is a great snowball champ. Once he gets fed, he is unstoppable with a lifesteal and critical strike build. He can literally heal faster than he takes damage, as long as you can stay on the champion you're attacking.

3 Katarina

Her snowballing is incredibly effective. Once she gets a few kills, she becomes a nightmare to face with her incredible damage.

Katarina is not too powerful if the enemy has some CC to disable her ult, but if they don't, she can easily delete the enemy marksmen, mages, and any other squishies thanks to her ult dealing large amounts of damage. Her E allows her to jump to the enemy ADC, and her passive can be used to escape or kill another enemy.

Her Q deals very little damage early game but has no mana cost, so it's good for harass and farming.

4 Akali

Akali has one of the biggest bursts in the game, and this is almost impossible to escape when she wants to kill you. But almost no one plays her in this meta because tanks are really OP in this one.

It's simple: she is the only assassin who can kill all the other assassins and more. I was playing Ekko (an assassin), and she one-shot me incredibly quickly. Only my teammates and I were able to kill her with Jax's stun (he was tank, lifesteal, and attack speed).

Flashes, damage, and the overpowered stealth circle!

5 Teemo

Stacking poison with blind dart will leave opponents reeling for mercy. They can't run if poisoned. Mushrooms are invisible and have great timing - more than three can be used for high-speed damage and overpowered stakes. If an opponent trips on more than one mushroom, it's over. Thus, he is overpowered.

Teemo is NOT overpowered, I swear. Teemo is super skill-based, and I cannot argue for that enough. I remember the first time I played Teemo and didn't know where to place his shrooms, so I kept dying. I may have gone 24-9, but that's just because I'm good at the game. If you think he's overpowered, you probably just aren't skilled enough!

6 Yasuo

In Season 5, Yasuo was a very difficult champion to play but was extremely powerful if used correctly. He could easily be counter-picked and wasn't usually a good choice in ranked for this reason.

The new masteries in Season 6 and the changes to items have made Yasuo ridiculously overpowered for those who can play him. Once he gets his two core items, Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge, he has a 100% crit chance. This makes Warlord's Bloodlust even more powerful, and will make the enemy rage quit when you tower dive their entire team while they are at full health and escape with at least half of your HP. (This is coming from a Yasuo main.)

7 Jax

Jax is the God of League of Legends. They made him slow and very weak at the beginning, and the items to make him strong are the most expensive, so it's hard to equip him at the same rate as other champions. But they made him like this to balance things out. Just imagine if Jax were strong from the beginning - it wouldn't be fair.

Jax is better than fighters like Garen. I like him a lot because he can dodge attacks and stun you. I don't know why Darius is in the first place, but his Ulti is weak when Jax's Ulti is on, and Jax can harass him after that.

8 Warwick

Warwick is stronger than Rengar.

9 LeBlanc

She is the most overpowered character, laugh out loud, with her amazing burst.

LeBlanc's burst damage is ridiculous at any part of the game. I feel like they should give her some visual upgrades to make her image look as badass as her playstyle.

Went 1/3 and one-shot everyone on the team with her chain.

10 Jinx

Once she reaches level 6, there is little chance to escape her with low health. And when you get an assist, her speed boost allows you to potentially take down everyone.

She can destroy waves of minions in seconds and use her basic attack to significantly reduce the health of turrets, while using her W to repel enemy champions.

Jinx is slow but has insane range. Her rockets affect everyone in team fights, and her traps provide a wall of stuns. Her global ultimate might not deal a lot of damage, but its global reach is still significant.

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11 Fiora

If you give a kill or two to Fiora, the game's already over. Full lifesteal Fiora is ridiculous. She's able to regain full health quicker than you can even attack. It doesn't matter how much crowd control you have. She'll always win. She can even deal stupid amounts of damage. It's insane.

Any champion being able to do over 30% total damage as true damage is just outright broken.

12 Tryndamere

I am a Tryndamere main and he is the most overpowered champion I have played. If you don't believe me, go watch Jay Sea on YouTube. If you want to climb elo fast and carry games, this guy is the BEST! The key to playing him is watching his rage. If his rage is full, then you have a ton of damage and can crit every time. (Also, use Q if you're going to die).

This guy farms like crazy, especially if you get Zeal, boots, and then Shiv in that order. Good luck, summoner, because you're now a Challenger level player.

Late game, no one stands a chance against you. He is one of my favorite champions, along with Poppy. I play them all the time.

13 Kassadin

If you can build and play him right, Kassadin can cut through anyone. Penta kill nation, even after his nerf. Still gets banned. I wonder why? Because if you play him right, he is the Gankadin assassin master.

He was super duper OP before the nerf and now he's basic. But you know someone's OP when they get banned every game and need their abilities changed just so they won't be OP anymore.

14 Sion

I believe that Sion has incredible tanking skills, especially if you build well. His Q can strike multiple enemies within range, which can destroy minions, thus opening a path for someone who is in the same lane as him.

He is a very good tank and initiator. Build correctly, you can deal and take massive amounts of damage.

You can just type in Google search "best Sion" and you will find a 98% win-rate Sion main.

15 Twisted Fate

Maybe useless late game, but if you feed him early, the mid game will become a hell for the whole enemy team and they'll propably surrender at 20min. His ult is so awesome and can basically backstab you when you least expect it! Be careful, because his lady luck is smiling!

He's the mid game god. Late game you wont feel powerful but more tactical if you know what your doing

Add Attack speed on your runes, W everyone (stun) don't forget the attack damage, and simply right click. And BAM! You can 1v1 everybody with this combo. AS + W + AD + Right click and your done.

16 Heimerdinger

Excellent champion, very strong overall. His turrets are just OP, especially when upgraded. And his upgraded W can pretty much one-hit-kill a marksman who forgot to buy magic resist.

Heimerdinger is excellent in the mid lane and can keep two attackers at bay. Blitzcrank is his biggest nemesis since he can move turrets, but with the right strategy, you can counter him.

This guy is my main champ. I also play Fiddlesticks and Katarina, but Heimerdinger can feel like an entire team when played correctly.

17 Zed

He's really OP. Can take two champs down right after the other, both with full health, depending on which kind. I was Jinx with a Lux. We only brought him down to a quarter health before we died. (He was also building tank.)

For me, Zed is currently the best champion for mid lane. He can easily harass enemy champions with his first skill, and his attack damage is high early in the game, thanks to his second skill.

Zed, once you get to know how to play him, is a really good champion. I wouldn't say he is OP, but I would say he is in a good spot right now to 1v1 anyone in the whole game. Use armor pen runes!

18 Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao should totally be the first champion on this list. He owns every stage of the game, might have some struggles in the first 10 minutes, but after you level up the right skills, you can do amazing ganks even at levels 3-4. Your life steal is just so overpowered, add that with attack speed and you will be able to take down literally everyone, from the most tanky champs to the most technical and damaging ones.

Tanky and does a lot of damage. You have to be brain-dead or going up against very skilled players to not end up with a positive K/D/A by the end of the game. Wonderful for tower dives because of the lifesteal and attack speed. It's impossible not to feed him, even if he invades your own jungle.

19 Swain
20 Mordekaiser
21 Tristana
22 Veigar

If he gets enough stacks, he instantly becomes a mage that can easily 1v4 at half health. I know this from experience.

Stun and delete someone from the game.

I think Veigar is incredibly powerful late game. With just one other teammate, ganks can take less than a second, and in team fights, he can quickly reduce the enemy numbers, turning a 5v5 into a 4v5, then 3v5, then 2v5.

23 Annie

Ho. Lee. Hell.

This little girl has the power to stuff a grown brown bear inside a discomfortingly small teddy bear. She has fire powers, and her abilities will scar you for life. To play her, just use her abilities. Got yourself a pentakill right off the bat.

Apparently, she can kill with just a stun and by summoning Tibbers right on top with half health.

Very simple to play, deals a lot of damage, and has stuns.

24 Malphite

He will freeze you, smash you, and kill you...

25 Thresh

If you can land grabs and get farmed, you can easily change the tide in any fight, be it solo or a teamfight. You can make it so that the enemy has almost no escape, and even if they do, they have to waste health, mana, and summoner spells to get away from you. Long story short, he's overpowered.

Amazing skills, overpowered passive, good support, good tank...

Thresh is a support and might I say amazing at it, but he's definitely not overpowered.

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