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1 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

With some intense fights, the unique tenkaichi gameplay, and an insane character roster. This game is amazing. While it may be lacking in story mode cutting out a lot of detail, who needs it when I'm pretty sure we all know the story by now. Another flaw is how some of the characters feel like copies of each other, you wouldn't really be all that bothered by it because they have the original Funimation voice actors giving them their own unique charm. The graphics are pretty good for a game of its era with a good bright and colorful vibe the series's animation has. This game is an overall blast to play with friends with some pretty intense, unique, and fun combat.

This is the BEST Dragonball Z game EVER made. It has the largest Character selection then any fighting game EVER and it has the most accurate combos and moves for ever character on the game. This is the closest DBZ game to actually made you feel like you are the actually characters you play with. The new Ultimate Tenkaichi DBZ game can't even touch this game. Last but not lease, I am the best at this game so if there's any challengers out there, feel free to try to take me on laugh out loud.

I don't understand why people liked this game so much. Sure, it had a huge character list, but that's not what makes a game great. It had a shallow control scheme and you couldn't perform combos like you could in Budokai 3. The game was gimmicky having to own BT2 to get certain features. The camera was awkward and glitched. The voice acting was terrible with Goku's Kametkametha and Cell wasn't good either. All of the super moves and rush attacks felt the same, just different characters. Budokai 3 had unique characters and movesets. BT3 just didn't provide the nostalgia, story, or excitement that Budokai 3 did.

It brings a new mix into the dragon ball fighting genre and its smooth combinations of transformations and attacks is satisfying to play with, It has a large cast of characters and it feels a lot like a mortal combat game (basically making it good from the start). not only that but the characters don't look like arkward blocks (DBZ budokai tenkaichi), I would highly recommend playing it simply for how satisfying the game-play and experience can be.

2 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

The best of the best. When it comes to the definitive Dragon Ball Z experience, you'll find none better than Budokai 3. The capsule customization is at its finest, the roster sporting a very respectable cast, and the content through the roof. Dragon Universe is hands down the definitive way of experiencing Dragon Ball Z through a fighting game as you play through the events of Z from the perspective of different characters and level them up.

The replay value is also incredible with Dragon Universe offering what-if scenarios after beating it once. It also brings back the character building mechanic from Ultimate Battle 22 and actually does it right. Being from an era from before online, you have to trade codes to fight other people's customized characters, but the sheer fact you can is fantastic. The gameplay feels just like the series, the art style is spot on, and the story lets you really feel the series like nothing before it or since.

This game has so many positives. The easy controls, the dragon rush and ultimate attack animations are so fun. And if you put the duel difficulty to Very Strong and do Com vs Com, you get very fast paced fights. The amount of characters is excellent and having in game transformations are a blessing.
I can't judge it vs Tenkaichi 3 since I never got to play it but this game is still with me after 9-10 years. It even has the best game intro out of all of them. Definitely the best of the 6 DBZ games I've played (Budokai 1-3, Tenkaichi 1, Ultimate Tenkaichi, Battle of Z).

This is in my opinion the best DBZ game. Great gameplay, replay value, great design, etc. The only thing about this game that I HATE is the Dragon Rush, but other that that, it is fantastic. I've poured so many hours into this game over the years and have zero regrets. The original three budokai games are all great, but to me, budokai 3 is #1.

People think Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was the peak of the best DBZ Game but I think This was. The Graphics are amazing, The music is superb, there are plenty of characters (Not as much as BT3 but still a lot. ) etc... The game also captures the Over-The-Top feel of the Anime perfectly. Budokai 3 in my opinion is currently the BEST DBZ Game.

3 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is a great game for the DBZ fan and an incredible adventure for the dedicated console fighter. The core of the game welcomes the average player with an easy to learn fighting engine, at the same time possessing more hidden layers of technical and mechanical depth than any other DBZ game for the hardcore gamer. While most fighting games present the challenge factor through specific difficulty levels, Tenkaichi 2 allows the player to challenge him/herself based on their own dedication. The more dedication exhibited by the player, the more a challenge the game will present.

First DBZ game I played and still my favorite. It made me want to play other DBZ game. So I went out and bought like all of them but this one is still my favorite. It's the little things I like about this game the music, the super attacks, leveling up system for the fighters, almost all the movies characters, and I love being able to fly around the map like I was a Z Fighter. Also still the best effort in the story mode in one of these game "in my opinion". This game will make you feel like your in the show or the Manga.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is my second favorite but it was not as good to me but the roster is better, I must admit.

DBZBT3 was a great, but just because there are more characters, it isn't better
I feel that the fighting feels very real, but also feels like DBZ. I also feel moves like Super and normal Explosive Waves look better and work better
All around the graphics look nice while still having a nice energetic feel as the ki auras aren't to smooth!

Although it does not have as extensive a character roster as BT3, BT2 provides not only a longer story mode, but a better level up system. I have found that I stop going back to BT3's story mode and pick up BT2 instead. By boosting your character up to lv.160 (the highest level), you can make your fighters worlds stronger than on BT3, making it an all-around better game.

4 Dragon Ball Z : Budokai

First DBZ game I ever played. Though other newer DBZ games might technically be better nothing can change the nostalgia of the first game that let you become a Super Saiyan and destroy your friends. Plus the tournament mode was pretty dope!

The music is kinda similar to Stratovarius's Hunting High and Low.

Its very fun. Got nothing else to say.

I played this too much

5 Dragon Ball Z Sagas

DBZ Sagas is awesome. It is a low-class sandbox adventure game that allows you to play as Goku and a few of his friends and Broly through the saiyan to the cell saga. Although the characters overall are the same, it is fun to venture around the DBZ world.

What the hell? This piece of ass made it here? Sonic 06 was better than this low budget

I like it but is there anyway it can be made for PS3? I really want to know.

Actually has Future Gohan in it.

6 Super Dragon Ball Z

Extremely underrated game, well within the top 10 if not top 5 Dragon ball games.

One of the best art styles with beautiful graphics to compliment,
Great fighting mechanics,
A unique take on customization and handles upgrades like no other Dragon Ball game did at the time.

It was done by the original crew that did Super Street Fighter 2. Expect the same types of controls, and that makes it the best DBZ fighting game ever.

This is an actual fighting game, unlike 90% of DBZ games.

It's a well designed fighting game.

7 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

I can understand the annoyances people have with the console version, but most of those complaints are absent when you play on the PlayStation Vita. Get it on the Vita for a lower price, plus you can play it on the go with the vita. The combat is limited but still great with a great sense of RPG elements. The best graphics in a Dragon Ball game yet.

After you complete the story, the game is exciting. You can play as whoever you want and launch a devastating limit break Kamehameha.

I don't get why this game gets so much hate. Sure, It has A LOT of things wrong with it but it is pretty good besides that.

I thought this one was PHENOMANAL! Although it's a bit pricy, it's a fun and enticing rendition of the DBZ world. The online mode provides hours of fun, and the gameplay is purely challanging! Great Buy!

8 Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

I don't like this game at all. Unlocking characters is way too easy (just play the whole game trough) and the boardgames style playing doesn't satisfy me but minigames are cool. Infite World does have only three more characters than Budokai 3 and they ripped off some great Budokai 3 characters: Cell jr. (well, pretty useless character. Only skill was Kamehameha, but I still liked Cell jr.), Uub and Kid Goku.I know, he was replaced with Goku GT, but I like Kid Goku more than Goku GT. Why they did even have to get rid of Kid Goku? I loved 'Rock, scissors, paper' attack.

Took the Budokai 3 style and revamped it for fighting gamers to create hours upon hours of intense matches. It's only real flaw? No beam-struggles.

Terrible mechanics and dumb removals that.didn't need to be removed like tournament mode. Stay Away, Infinite World should've been called Dragon Ball Z Temporary World 3/10

This is a best game

9 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

My first ever dbz game and there were so many exclusives like super buu freiza, vegeta, tien absorbed. Also the gameplay was kind of like a board game which had its limitations. Otherwise, it is the only game that stuck to the original dbz story with no movie characters or filler arcs.

This one is one of my favorites. Up there with rb2 and tb3. The old mk and sf style matches, the arena animatics, the attacthments you can add to make your character stronger and even the odds. I'm also pretty sure that no other games have super namek as a transformation, or gohan avid krillins hidden power as one either and much more. Super buu has transformations absorbing cell and Frieza, there is Goku and hercule fusion, Yamaha and tien. This Game had a lot to offer for its time. How you fuse items to unlock things was amusing too.

The story style is the best ever.

10 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Everyone just wants the characters this fan base loves the added features and graphics. Xenoverse and all others may have characters what does this game have. Fight details, it makes you feel your in the anime and makes you want to play more with the awesome fight scenes. Xenoverse 2 is more copies scenes from the first game and has no fight details. 10/10 love this game

This have the best moment to moment gameplay of any Dragon Ball Z game, is the ultimate refinement of the Budokai formula, with improved graphics and mechanics. It's my favorite DBZ game, but I can understand it being lower than Budokai 3, as that game have more characters and a longer story mode, but this is definitely top 5.

Fast and fluid combat awesome music and GREAT Graphics that look great even by today,

But the BIG problem with this game is that it is SEVERELY Lacking content and replay value (For example: no Buu Saga is a main gripe from people). No Trophies on the PS3 version (even though the 360 version has achievements) pretty much no one plays online in this game anymore by 2015, Only 21 characters plus a handful of stages etc... The story mode on the other hand is REALLY bad in my opinion (Budokai 1 still has the best story mode hands down). Burst Limit's Story mode is just SO LAZY because they keep reusing the same animations OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again and it gets very annoying to the point where it's ridiculous. I didn't really like the Drama pieces either because they just disturb the flow of the battle. But this game is VERY FUN with friends so I recommend it!

Deep fighting system. Makes for challenging and rewarding combat. Characters actually play differently - no cookie-cutter system like nearly all other DBZ games. It just feels like a legitimate fighting game with DBZ characters.

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11 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

As far as multiplayer goes, the Tenkaichi series has suffered from two major problems: the repetitiveness of super moves (particularly rush attacks) and the unbalancing of characters. In BT2 and 3, you were always at a disadvantage unless you picked one of the Saiyans or one of the final supervillains (Omega Shenron, Baby et al. ), even with upgrades. The first Tenkaichi, however, didn't suffer nearly as much from this problem as the later games; rather than copy-pasting moves across dozens of boring secondary characters, this game focused on balancing fewer opponents. The result was a game that did not stay true to the series, but was a better fighting game overall.

Little strange but cool

12 Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

Very good game and the story is the same as the book.

Best storyline followed

Just like the T.V. show

13 Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team

How is this so far down the list? For a PSP game that came out in 2010 this game actually holds a lot! The graphics aren't bad, the storyline is preserved and there are even the little what-if scenarios not to mention it's best feature : 1v2 and 2v2 battling. In addition it had in-game transformations and 3 fusions that could be done in-game and to top it off it even defuses players that fused during the duration of the game! The customization was absolutely awesome, so when you play as a character it could really affect your fighting style and stuff! It actually gave purpose to acquiring a good score! The Battle 100 was also great! All of the transformations were included and each with specific skill sets and they even had the co-op system with the Union concept! How and why is it so far down?!

Dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team is my favorite dbz game because of its tag team genre and 3D graphics wow there's nothing more to say love the game especially of its dbz kai voice. This game rocks!

The best dbz game for psp. It has TAG TEAM! So instead of doing a fighting Nappa and then vegeta spawns, it is fighting Nappa and Vegeta at the same time. Also, the potara and fusion is unique along with the transformations. 8/10.

I loved this game! I spent hours and hours playing when I was younger. This game definitely needs more appraisal and hopefully it truly gets the sequel it deserves.

14 Dragon Ball FighterZ

I don't know if its good yet, but I know it deserves some recognition for being the faithful/best looking dbz game to date.

Visually stunning. A nice mix of a great fighting game and dragonball style. Should be in the top 10 if not top 5.

How is this game not No. 1

This game is amazing

15 Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu
16 Dragon Ball Z: The Legend

First DBZ game for me and my best friend. Played before the Buu Saga came out on Cartoon Network. Getting a glimpse of the weird Buu characters before the show was priceless -- graphics are better on other games nowand much better gameplay as well, but all is reused and essentially the same, trying to capitalize on the series popularity. Too bad it was all in Japanese and I have no idea what they were saying!

17 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

This game is the best dbz ever the story is original,The game is interesting what do you want more? Please put in on #1

Very very good game

Good laugh out loud

18 Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors

To this day the only gameboy game I own. I got one specifically for this game and I still play it over a decade later. TRULY a must have for dbz action on the go!

VERY UNDErrated GAME! The stories are intresting, has a wide assortment of characters, fast paces, easy to play, and handheld. My favorite dbz game, and one of my favorite fighting games of all time!

19 Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

Dope game, great graphics for it's time and it was really fun and competitive to play one of my all time favorites only the truest DBZ fans own this game!

This game was good

One of the best fighting games in the SNES, more tradicional than the Butouden games, but also more sofisticated.

20 Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen
21 Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu
22 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3

THIS game is fun, original 2D Fight game so many variatif move, at the time confident also comfort playable. Of course snes is First legend for'boutuden series

23 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2

For one of the first dbz fighting game trilogies, this game was the best of the bunch. The first was a little stiff on the controls but paved the way for every other decent dbz game out there, the third lacked a story mode and the full experience of the buu saga as it only had the first form majin buu in the game. The second, this game, had the right balance of story, characters and the experience of dbz back in the SNES days.

This game paved the way for all other DBZ games. The mechanics were nice the graphics were great the music was classic and the roster was excellent diffenitly one of the best DBZ games ever made!

This one, make my Upon a time kid life so wonderful. Until'now still as the best fight 2D great ever

24 Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai
25 Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu
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