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1 Link & Zelda

Honestly as a Zelda fan, I would make a tie between Link&Zelda and Link&Midna, it's odd but my favorite because Link&Zelda feels forced for the sake of the franchise (please don't kill me but it's true). Zelda is not a consistent character in the series the only games where she shows real signs of romance, is in Skyward Sword, Spirit Tracks.

Unlike Zelda, Midna is considered the best or the second best character of the franchise because of her development in the game and another things. It feels like a real person with a dynamic personality, awesome design and very good animations.
There are lots of signs of true love in that game, for example: Midna's hand on link's cheek in the Gerudo Desert, the caring that she has for Link because she had a change of heart, *Spoiler Alert* when Link was trying stop her of making a sacrifice, Link holds a weakened Midna with his arms and they look at each other, the 2 last ending cutscenes and maybe other moments...

Link has been shipped many times with other characters in the whole Zelda series. But if you think about it that would just defeat the whole purpose of the game. Then Link would not want to go waste his time on Zelda. In Breath of the Wild, Link literally wakes up from a 100 year slumber and does not remember anything! And if it wasnt for Link to save Hyrule, then Hyrule would just turn into ashes. Once you defeat Ganon, Zelda is saved and so is Hyrule ( a happily ever after.) Lets say he fell in love with another character in the game now do you think he would save Hyrule? And even if he did I'm pretty sure Zelda would be devastated. What a crappy game that would be! And for those of you that are thinking no Link should 100% be with so and so. I respect you this is just coming through my personal opinion. Nintendo did a great job of a bunch of diffrent choices Link could be with. Zelda well she literally is in the title of all of the Zelda franchise names. And they clearly love each ...more

Link and Zelda should be first! Link and Zelda stand for much more than anyone from the Mario games because the Zelda games have so much more meaning. I mean, I can kind of see Mario & Toadstool (Peach) because they are the classic Nintendo couple, but how can Luigi & Daisy be ahead of either of them?!? They don't even belong on this list.

While Mario/Peach and Luigi/Daisy are confirmed couples for Nintendo, Link and Zelda's romance have only been minor upon in most games. However, the potential for a full romance to blossom is just undeniable. Their (romantic) relationship was even used as key plot points in Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks.

2 Mario & Toadstool

I really don't see a problem with this couple. Even though everyone went crazy with that stupid Bowsette crap, I still strongly believe Mario should be with Peach. I know she rejected him, but since when is proposing shoving a flower in someone's face? Besides, they don't have to show much since, well, it IS a kids game. My final thoughts are that Mario should be with Peach, and no one else. Bowsette is fake, Rosalina is 100+yrs old, and... Don't even get me started with Daisy.

This is kind of like some fairy tale. The prince looks for the princess, then marries her.

This should be number 1

There is no actual reason why you can't have it on there and why isn't #1

3 Luigi & Daisy

Look, Luigi isn't showing interest in Daisy anymore. Plus she's not in any games. Luigi seems to like Eclair and Rosalina.

There such a cute couple

4 Little Mac & Samus
5 Fox McCloud & Krystal

I searched for images for this on the Internet, and found them in a gondola with Mikey the Ninja Turtle as the gondolier belting out "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". It was amazing.

Fox and Krystal are my favorite characters in Star Fox and they are a great couple that I love.

They are the greatest and cutest couple! We should delete idiotic hater comments on here...

They're a great couple, despite what the idiotic haters say otherwise.

6 Samus & Captain Falcon

This is the only Smash Bros pairing involving two characters who otherwise don't coexist I can get behind.

7 Yoshi & Birdo Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. Often appearing as a sidekick and helper to Marion, Yoshi is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi's Island and the Super Mario franchises.

Yoshi and Birdo are the sweetest! Yoshi accepts Birdo for who she is and Birdo went from being a baddie, to join the good guys. I like to think it was because of him.

This couple should be number 1.

8 Kirby & Jigglypuff

When I'm kirby on smash bros, and I put it to random, and one of them is jigglypuff, I start having these weird daydreams that I can't get out of. This should be number one!

Two adorable pink balls of joy! What's not to love!?

9 Robin & Chrom

Funny thing about this pairing: even when your avatar (Robin, unless you changed the name) is male (leaving Chrom to marry one of the four other eligible bachelorettes so Lucina can be born), Chrom still has more chemistry with him than anyone else.

If nothing else, just think of what it adds to the story when these two end up lovers/spouses, and how it effects their respective kids.

The "Lucina's Judgment" is just so much more poignant when a female Robin is her mom (well, also when a male Robin is her boyfriend, but that pairing's not listed).

Male robin and Chrom because Nintendo should support gay couples

10 Shulk & Fiora
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11 Marth & Shiida

I know it's more customary to pair Marth with whatever other character in "Smash Bros.", but I always kept him with Shiida (or Caeda depending on the translation) as per his ACTUAL game of origin. It's a shame such a beautiful pairing is so overlooked if not outright hated just for the sake of inane "crack pairings".

They did marry at the end of New Mystery of the Emblem (third game in the series and second game they appeared in), and given "Awakening" had at least one child together.

12 Ike & Soren

Same commenter from earlier; I realized I'd accidentally left out some words. What I meant was: If you create a same-sex pair, and someone says they're "generally a het fan and ship several other het pairs even within the same game" yet still loves and can really see that same-sex pair, you've obviously done something right.

If you create a same-sex pair, and someone says they're "generally a het fan and ship several other het pairs even within the same game", you've obviously done something right.

13 Pit & Palutena

I love these two! I could only hope that these two would be together when Pit matures physically

14 Wario & Mona
15 Diddy Kong & Tiny Kong

Ehh... I mainly prefer Diddy and Dixie, since Tiny Kong is confusing due to her aging.

16 Ness & Paula

Why isn't this at least 3?

17 Reese & Cyrus

Interesting fact: alpaca can literally die of lonliness. Nintendo had the right idea bringing in two at once.

They're so adorable together.

They're the pink and blue alpaca couple that run the resale store in "Animal Crossing New Leaf"

18 Nana & Popo (Ice Climber)
19 Kafei & Anju (Majora's Mask)
20 Roy & Lilina
21 Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth

Unnecessary feelings or something I don't know they're in love your honour

22 Diddy & Dixie

Diddy and Dixie are so cute together. They go on so many missions together and have played in all sorts of sports and min games as a duo. Dixie Kong has even once saved Diddy (and Donkey kong) from a villain.

They share so much in common it's like they were made for each other (Well I mean it's not like they're Pink Gold Peach and Metal Mario). Diddy and Dixie Kong have so much in common they will never get sick of each other.

23 Mario & Pauline

Is true. Relationship started in Donkey Kong game back in 19th century.

That's probably true Game Theory fan. But it's the original couple so...

24 Kirby & Ribbon
25 Pit & Samus
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