Top 10 Halo 3 Weapons

What are the best weapons when playing Halo 3 online, excluding any vehicles.
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1 Shotgun

I love the shotgun because it destroys anything in its path. The only thing I hate about it is that you have to be up close to the alien in order for it to be effective, because if one them has a gravity hammer your probably gonna die

Extremely affective against flood and makes you feel like a total badass when wielding it.

Better than melee weapons (which are still good) because it has more ammo.

Oh yeah its quail hunting season, or elite hunting whatever, get in close and you're the beast, it works well with sprint and armor lock, and it kills the idiots trying to use an energy sword

2 Energy Sword

This weapon is super epic. Even if there is someone sitting there with a shotgun and a smug look on his face, he's gonna get rekt. Just jump right before you decapitate him. Swerve from side to side against nOObs in gauss hogs, with sniper rifles, rocket launchers etc etc

It SURE is the best: it's so powerful one shot kills; plus you can do a little hack with it and a friend to en up really high in the air!

Overall powerful, yet designed perfectly to be effective, but has flaws especially in long-range. Overpowered, yet balanced.

Its almost like you can slice enemies guts out with this power mad killing machine!

3 Battle Rifle

BR's are quite simply the best gun on this game with practice. Whether you're up close panicking and button mashing when running around circles because you didn't see them, or if you're the other side of the map and casually shooting people over and over from a distance. Eventually they will die and you will revel in the power of the BR.

I can't believe that the sword is above this. The BR is suitable for all ranges and you don't have to be right next to someone to kill them. The Battle Rifle has the most range besides for the sniping weapons and its three-round burst allows for you to get someone's shields down and kill them in the same shot.

Sooo good! It's really good at many ranges, at damaging players and keeping their shields down. It's a sniper with lots of ammo. My favorite halo gun!

Halo 3's biggest fault is not making this gun a power weapon. A sniper rifle means nothing against a team with these.

4 Sniper Rifle

This gun is just great. I use it all the time I mean all. I don't know why but I sometimes use melee with it. Once my friend a halo expert once challenged me to a matchmaking fight and I actually was a beginner at that time but I actually got him.

All I need is a good view, and a sniper rifle, and I have won. A shotgun won't do you any good if you are dead.

Can kill your opponent from very far distances, and can be used as a shotgun as well.

This gun is a boss.
This is a good gun
This gun kills noobs with shotguns

5 Rocket Launcher

I got a warthog in the campaign with all the marines shooting (4 of them) armed with rocket launchers. Destroyed Wraiths and ghosts in seconds,

Very powerful but not as much ammo as a sniper rifle.

Requires little aim because of its incredible blast radius. It can also kill multiple enemies with one shot. requires little skill to use too. the only con is that it has little ammunition.

6 Machine Gun Turret

*Rip! *
*Clang! *
*Rapapapapapapapa! *
The sounds of the Machine Gun Turret at work. While at first a sluggish, burdenous stationary derp, once ripped off it becomes a menacing cleaver to chop through Blue Team members. She's less accurate on later titles, but you might be able to score a kill at medium range with ol' Sheila here. But if you can close the gap, well, hope you have a mop.

Very powerful and you can break it off and move around with it.

A beast at killing.

7 Missile Pod

Can use a lot of damage but not that much ammo.

It can flipping kill scarabs dude!

Effective not the best.

8 Fuel Rod Cannon
9 Gravity Hammer

More bulky than energy sword, but does more vehicle damage than energy sword.

The most beast weapon in the game.

10 Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform (Scarab)

This is only in halo 2

I need a weapon.

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11 M6G Magnum

Dual pistols all day

This one I could care less for but the Halo 1 pistol is a lot better

12 Spartan Laser

It lets you sweep the enemy team and tear vehicles apart even though you have to charge it. It's well balanced.

If aimed correctly at the perfect time, it will automatically kill the opponent.

Nothing's more satisfying than lasering a fully loaded Warthog with one of these beasts.

I think this should be number 1
It can almost take out a tank
Ammo balance is good

13 SMG

Me and the bullet hose share great times. She helps me mow down hordes of players as if they're paper. I don't know about you guys, but I'd take the SMG over a BR any day.

Pair this little guy with a Plasma Rifle and you have one of the best Dual Wields in the game.
Quick, Short (Ranged), and To The Point, the SMG gets it done.

This gun shreds through people like a lawn mower. Very rewarding if you know how to control it.

14 Mauler

If you use two at the same time it can be a very powerful.

15 Covenant Carbine

I take the carbine over the battle rifle any chance I get. Deadly for sniping off brutes, jackals and grunts with head shots and easy on the ammo too.

The covenant carbine is pretty awesome because if you shoot someone in a lethal spot they'll die pretty much every time.

The carbine is one of the best weapons in halo ever and I prefere it over the DMR and BR it's my 2nd favourite weapon right after the needle rifle.

16 Halo 1 Pistol

The most overpowered gun in the series... but only in Halo 1...

17 Brute Shot

Is fast, good movement so not that heavy, but takes little damage.

So fun to kill covenant with.

18 Beam Rifle

Arguably best sniper rifle in the game.

19 Needler

Chchchchchch boom its like little tracking missiles and final blow explodes hurting nearby enemys.

20 Flame Thrower / M7057 Defoliant Projector

Awesome weapon to use! It is a close range heavy weapon on the multiplayer map Construct. It makes up for its short range with huge burning, blinding, shocking power! I love roasting enemies and clearing rooms with this thing! I'd take this over the gravity hammer any day.

Best 3rd weapon at close range.

I love the flamethrower

21 Assault Rifle
22 Plasma Blaster

Pew pew pew covenant go down in seconds. This thing will blow you away.

This is amazing great for covenant.

23 AK-47

It's so boss and amazing

24 Brute Spiker

It's good if you know hot to use it.

25 Type-25 Carbine
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