Top Ten Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon

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1 Dragonite Dragonite, known in Japan as Kairyu, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This...This is true love. Let me just explain That first of all Dragonite has an amazing design...and the first dragon ever. Next its base stats are truely amazing. Good BULKY stats paired up with the op ability multiscale It can even tank ice type hits which is mind blowing and no other dragon can do. Next Its offensive stats. It has 80 base special attack which is mediocre... but then you look at its attack stat and you blow up. 134. 134 base attack guaranteed to OHKO most pokemon, An attack stat which is only beaten by salamance and only by 1. It has 80 speed but if you run dragon dance a couple times you can become the strongest, fastest pokemon on the feild. Extreme speed is a blessing. Priority so if some nasty fairy comes do one last final blow to make its worst dreams come true. So is Fire Punch. deals with those terrible ice types which most dragons would think "oh crud", but dragonite usually outspeeds with one dragon dance and most likely KO'S them. If someone tries to ...more

Dragonite is one of the best overall Pokemon. It is well rounded and is thought of as outclassed by other pseudo legends such as garchomp or metagross. Dragonite actually ends up with the victory though, this is because it can easily tank hits and heal quickly using its amazing hidden ability multiscale and healing using the amazing move roost. Dragonite is also amazing with coverage, having fire, ice, electric, fighting, rock, flying, Dragon, and even ground type moves to work with. Can also be an amazing sweeper with dragon dance. It can also benefit a lot with its STAB (Same type attack bonus) moves like brave bird, outrage, and dragon rush. Can easily KO anything that doesn't have at least decent bulk without setting up. As a bonus if you don't want to grind to get multiscale because it is so rare, it has inner focus which prevents it from flinching making him amazing against steel types like mega lucario. Talking about megas, Dragonite can be better with a mega that with modern ...more

Dragonite has average stats of a pseudolegendary. It do not lead or lag in any stat like the other pseudolegendaries. For example Garchomp leads on speed but lags in defences. The best thing is it can even learn outrage, the best dragon type move.

Dragonite is the only Pokemon I've ever known that could, alone, destroy every trainer without loosing to anyone, and even beat up fairy types in a single hit. It has the highest attack of all Pokemon, even against legendaries only attack deoxys has more. It has well balanced stats besides attack that are far beyond average. This beast by itself beat all of the elite 4 without taking a hit and the champion in every game. And mine doesn't even have any IV's. Dragonite is number 1 for a reason, and is... just... SO FLIPPING AWESOME DRAGONITE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST Pokemon EVER!

2 Garchomp Garchomp, known in Japan as Gaburias, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This thing is a killing Machine. And I also in my Pokémon game it was a used one so befor who ever owned it befor got it from a wonder trade hatched it from an egg put it in his PC but I took it and evolved it from a Gible into a garchomp and now it is at level 100 and can mega evolve into mega garchomp.

It has great attack and speed, making it a reliable threat. It can learn very powerful counter attacks against types that would give it pain, like Fairy Types, Metal Types and Ice Types. To make room for other moves, Garchomp can learn Fire Fang, which can end a match quickly against Ice and Fairy while providing a move that would be effective against Metal Types. Garchomp then has room to learn Swords Dance (Can bunk up Attack stats into a massive weapon of destruction), Earthquake (Has Stab, along with perfect and physical attacking) and Dual Chop (Can hit twice, has stab, and can get rid of substitutes). Overall, used correctly and this Pokemon can become a massive killing machine

we...we have all faced cynthia's version right? the thing is weak to just ice and dragon its fast as hell hits like a trunk and has a move pool as deep as the ocean. And all of its moves are STRONG not only that even with its high states it can buff!

Garchomp is one of the few pseudo-legendaries, beside Arcanine, Tyranitar, and Dragonite (I think), his only 2 weaknesses is dragon type (2X) and ice type (4X). Although ice type has such a big multiplier, there is very few actually good ice types with significant special stats to do any real damage, besides say teaching an ice move to Gyarados. Although there are several pokemon of dragon type that can do damage, they would also be weak to dragon themselves. I'm NOT counting fairy type... In gen 4, Cynthia's Garchomp is the trainer's worst nightmare! My best suggestion is a high level Gyarados with a high powered ice type move (it will DESTROY him).

3 Salamence Salamence, known in Japan as Bohmander, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It's a psuedo legendary, But it's still beast! Why is dragonite at the top? Salamence is faster and can beat a dragonite in a 1v1. I don't hate dragonite, but I'm listing the ways why salamence is better.

Salamence deserves to be way higher than no.5, that's just sad. He is the the complete ideal dragon. Being a pseudo-legendary adds so much to him. Why are there so many band-wagoners and make Charizard, a non-dragon under the best best dragon of all time. He has extreme stats that soar way above the rest. His move set is super powered. No other non-legendary Pokemon has stats that come NEAR to his. Besides, don't tell me he has a bad design because he's awesome. The just is raw. Sick. Epic. Any body with Pokemon Omega Ruby would know how overpowered Salamence is. #votesalamence

Mega Salamence has the bulk and power to defeat some of the strongest legendaries, with just one dragon dance (Example: If given the right amount EVS, it can take a dragon ascent from mega rayquaza and defeat it with dragon rush,and cause serious damage with dragon tail, return, giga impact, and facade, since they are aerialate boosted moves). On top of that, it has the special stat to be a special attacker, and is given reliable recovery with roost. But go on and say dragonite is still better. I dare you. Because Salamence even looks cooler, and at least he has a mega evolution.

Salamence is about the best dragon type in my opinion when salamence came out I was so excited. He has a base stat of 600 like mos legendaries. People only think of Pokemon like dragonite garchomp tyranitar and charizard in my opinion salamence is better than all of them. If salamence mega evolves he will get a base stat of 700! Arceus has 720 that means salamence could be better than mega garchomp and charizard. In my opinion salamence should be first.

4 Tyranitar Tyranitar, known in Japan as Bangiras, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I LOVE Tyranitar. He is one of my top ten favorite Pokemon ever. Although my favorite is Arcanine, and would be in this top ten and is definitely the absolute best non legendary fire type, it still doesn't add up to this beast. No, it's speed is not great, no it's type choices are not very good. Everything else is legendary quality. What made me put vote him is the fact that both defenses are extremely high and has 100 base stat and that's the most out of each defense than any other 600 total stat non legendary Pokemon (Salamence, Garchomp, even the almighty Dragonite, etc. ) Pokemon need this statistic to keep balance within attack that has each quality. And off subject, but please vote Goodra a little more, because it is a total disaster if not careful with.

Tyranitar is by far the strongest pokemon. It hp is high, it's defense and special defense is even better, it's sand stream is annoying AND it increases his special defense even further! This thing hits like a tank, and it could easily sweep. He might have quite a few weaknesses, but who cares when this thing will literally take STAB super effective hits as if they were nothing! Plus, with its mega evolution, his defense and special defense increase even more and his attack becomes sky high! I think he deserves to be at least in the top 3

Both Tyranitar and Dragonite have a total stat maximum of 600. However, I found (from using both for several years) that Tyranitar's 600 is distributed much more effectively. For example, take Tyranitar's max HP of 403 versus Dragonite's 386 combined with their equal maximum of 403 in Attack. Dragonite's only reason for being better than Tyranitar were its Speed and its typing, the latter of which has been made far less useful now that Fairy types have changed the playing field.

How the hell do I chose between Hydreigon and Tyranitar? These two are power hungry beasts with handy abilities (levitate and sandstream). They have great attacks, too. The only reason I chose Tyranitar over Hydreigon is that Tyranitar's Mega evolution is unstoppable - with the exception of fighting types. Tyranitar has a great attack and a pretty good HP and Defense, too. Overall, Tyranitar has a lot of weaknesses, but he makes up for it in sheer power and destruction.

5 Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.

Okay I picked Charizard mainly because of its strength I am not like most of the others who pick Charizard because it looks cool or because it is a first gen starter and many people say it is strong because it can learn Flare Blitz that is stupid base Charizard is a special attacker that means flamethrower and moves like that are stronger however this also does not mean it is strong for one move Charizard can learn a lot of moves that are okay I would say and has decent typing on it's moves it can learn dark type moves like Brutal swing and rock slide, bulldoze, toxic, rest, solar beam, earthquake etc if you want to know all the moves it can learn go to bulbapedia it does have some very big problems like 4x weakness to rock type moves this can be a huge problem however with the advantage of brick break or solar beam with sunny day on you can tear through them this does not make it an unstoppable monster if you look at Tyranitar you can see it has a way better odds in a fight and I ...more

Not dragonite I prefer charizard instead because he is awesome in the games he is ash's strongest Pokemon in the anime and talk about his movepool as he said few fighting type, many fire type, couple of dragon and aerial type, has the spirit of never giving up as in anime he has lost only 2 battles which is one with a poliwrath and another with a blaziken. Oh talk about his design it's awesome, even though having such huge wings due to its wings (aerial type) move superfast. This charcoal lizard is beaten by none. Personally it is the most powerful non legendary Pokemon and my favourite one

Anyone who voted for charizard on here is blinded by its excellent design. Its typing is horrible and is 4x weak to stealth rock, one of the staple moves of the metagame. It is also weak to other popular moves such as surf as well, and is crushed by stone edge. To top it all off, charizard's movepool leaves a lot to be desired. It lacks coverage moves and stat boosting moves. Its stats are mediocre at best as well. While charizard has quite possibly one of the best aesthetic designs in the series, its horrid typing and movepool paired with its mediocre stats leave it as a horrible choice for serious battles

Just look at the comments, non of them have legit reasons. It learns flare blitz, so? It is not the best move in the game and charizard is not the only Pokemon with flare blitz and it doesn't make good use of it because charizard is a special attacker. Powerful stats? The best stat it has is 109 and it has a bad defensive stats of 78/78/84, u call that powerful? Somebody said"a variety of move, fire type, flying type, fighting type had dragon type". It is not like charizard is the only Pokemon who can learn four types of move or more, infect, most(or almost all) Pokemon on the list can do that. Somebody said"it's so powerful that mega's don't matter! ", explain how charizard raised from NU to ou. If u think charizard is the best Pokemon, u r clearly noob in video game(when I mean noob, I mean player that doesn't know much about a game not really time).

6 Metagross Metagross, known in Japan as Metagross, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I got my shiny Beldum through GTS. I had to go through a lot to get the pokemon they wanted (Level 90 Slowking). It's the best thing I've ever done. He has an adamant nature which boosts its attack by 10 percent and decreases Sp. Attack 10 percent. My Metagross is now level 100 and destroys all of my friends pokemon during battle. With Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, and Magnet Rise you can pretty much guarantee you'll win. I like to use Hondew Berries and decrease it's Sp. Attack stat to a minimum of 203 and boost its other stats like Sp. definitely and Defense as much as possible. Metagross is definitely the strongest.

Why is this Pokémon not number 1. In gen 7 it annihilate the tapus. It is a pseudo legendary with no 4 times weakness, 1 immunity and several resistances. Even with no investment in defences its natural bulk is amazing. It has a mega with 700 base stats and tough claws ability. Before mega evolving it has clear body which stops intimidate. Also the amount of coverage is stupid for example ice punch, thunder punch, bullet punch, hammer arm, meteor mash or iron head, zen headbutt, stomping tantrum, rock slide, earthquake, explosion. What more do you want?

One of the best pseudo-legendary Pokemon. It has amazing attack and defense, combined with decent speed, special attack and special defense. To top that off, its typing makes it more or less invulnerable to fighting type attacks and you can teach your Metagross a move set that basically allows it to target the weaknesses of almost any Pokemon. In a nut shell, one hella awesome Pokemon.

It is overall the best psudeo-legend not hurt by dragon attacks unlike all the other psudeo legends with killer attak and good defense. He is a badass and he has a great moveset. Ph the the true top seven no legends are really statwise and move wise are dragonite salamance metagross slaking tyrantiar garchomp hydreigon

7 Hydreigon Hydreigon, known in Japan as Sazandora, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I love this thing! Besides it's awesome looks, killer moves, and being a bulky, fast, hyperoffensive Pokemon with no real checks in gen 5, it has the coolest name. It's evolutions are all based around a German number, which corresponds to the number of heads it has. Drei is three in German. This is the funny, creative names that I like in Pokemon. Don't be a sucker for it though. Do not try for a physical attacker. Here's is the set I use:
Name: Hail Hydra
Shiny: Yes
Item: life orb
Moves: Draco meteor, dark pulse, fire blast/flame thrower, roost.
You can switch dragon pulse in for Draco meteor if you don't plan on using it for competitive battling. It hits nearly everything at 1x effective with its moves, and since you have high power, life orb boosted, STAB moves, it will destroy anything short of fairy types. Stay away from those. Looking for something to pair hydreigon with? Try skarmory as it can hit fairy types hard, and set up hazards that make it possible for ...more

Hydreigon is really cool, and has a unique type. Even though it has a 4x weakness to the Fairy type, it can still learn good Steel and Poison type moves to counter, like Flash Cannon, Toxic, and Steel Wing, through TM's. Also it is immune to Psychic, and if it has the ability Levitate (which it can have, I have a Hydreigon with levitate), it's immune to Ground type moves, including the powerful Earthquake. It can also learn Fire type moves like Fire Blast to counter it's ice type weakness, and it can, of course learn great Dragon and Dark type moves. It has great Special Attack, to power up the many Special moves it learns, with Attack being it's 2nd highest stats, and good other stats across the board, as it is of course Pseudo-Legendary after all. Overall Hydreigon is a great Pokemon, and I'm glad that I have it as one of my alternating team members on Pokemon X. So if you get an offer for a Deino, Zwelious, or Hydreigon from a trade, accept that trade, and if you have a Hydreigon ...more

My favorite Pokemon of all time. I've been raising mine since it was an egg and now its level 72 it knows
Draco meteor
Dragon pulse
And flamethrower
Not only is its attack and special attack high but so is its defense it is an amazing sweeper my favorite of all time even though it takes a ridiculous time to train its well worth it and it's kind of fair to the game that it evolves later than any other Pokemon its too bad you can't get it until the end of the game.

Hydreigon is one of the many titans of Gen 5, with an astonishing movepool, a grand base stat total, and a reputation, along with Amoongus, for being the 2012 PWT champion.

My Hydreigon was a beast, and I mainly used it as a special sweeper, it has great synergy with Drizzle Politoed(Yes I still use this team), and any weather setting team really...

He is very versatile pokemon that has a decent attack stat of 105, and aa monstous sp. Attack stat of 125.

Now, if you are to make use of the great mon, then you should really consider runniing it specially, with a choice scarf, max sp. Attack, Max Speed, 4 ev's in defense, with a timid nature.

8 Blaziken Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Umm... nobody is thinking properly. As much as I would love to vote for Dragonite, my favorite Pokemon, Blaziken, whether mega or not, is in the Ubers tier for a reason. His hidden ability, Speed Boost, plus his insane attack, plus a solid swords dance, then protect, substitute, and baton pass. You see it all the time in competitive play. And, even though its less useful without the baton pass set, one swords dance can pretty much set him up to destroy anything in his path. On the note of the story line, the only problem with him and his line is the first gym, because at that point he probably isn't stupidly op. However, if you get him to evolve before the first gym, which isn't as hard as it may sound, you can destroy everything with a simple double kick. Thank you, goodbye.

I am suprised that blaziken is not one of the top ten and charizard is. If you have seen the episodes, Blaziken actually beats charizard in stadium battle, and I mean one of those semi final battles. Baliziken is also very smart, in the episode Blaziken actually does a flame thrower on the ground (trainer didn't command blaziken), slowing charizard's seismic toss, if it weren't for how smart it was it would have lost already. Geez at least blaziken should be one of the top ten. (I do not get how charizard lost against blaziken and got second and blaziken got 11th right now)

The single strongest non legendary. Once used with speed boost and under the right trainer, no team can beat it apart from teams with talonflame, which has a stealth rock wkness, azumarill and flash fire chandelure. ( if the blaziken has rock slide or stone edge, chandelure is screwed. ) Oh and giratina, which is not effective against mega blaziken. Yes, these are the counters for NORMAL speed boosted blaziken NOT the mega evolved version. When mega evolved, giratina is out of the picture and so are potential checks. This guys the non legend to have the longest time in ubers. It is also the only non legend in ubers right now other than aegislash, not counting megas.

Not the bulkiest, or my favourite Pokemon, but it is a powerhouse of you don't have the right counters.

Greninja? Outspeed with help from the speed boost ability and then use a fighting type move, which gets STAB. Gengar? Please. Stalling out won't save you. Screw Mega Gengar's shadow tag and perish song. STAB fire type move should do the trick. Metagross? Don't make me laugh. Sure, it has defense, but what would a special attacking Blaziken do to it? Obliterate, and possibly burn it of course. Lucario? Are you even trying? Blaze kick spam. Why is Dragonite number one? Get those nostalgia glasses off and look at this true power house. It may be a pseudo legendary, but does it have a mega? No? Well Blaziken does. Gyarados will be OHKO'ed by thunder punch and Hydreigon can expect a high jump kick. What I'm getting at is, Blaziken was banned to ubers, mega or not.

blazikenz be stronk.

9 Gengar Gengar, known in Japan by the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Before talking about gengar I will say something, I hate Dragonite and he shouldn't be number one ( I mean Dragonite isn't in the Uber tier for no reason). Now its Gengar time! Before generation 7 arrive, regular Gengar was in the Overused tier for 6 generations. Its simply because of his stats and of course his HUGE movepool. He is also immune to ground types attack thanks to levitate which is good since, on paper, Gengar is weak to ground. But the reason why I voted for him is his Mega. Not only it looks very cool, he haves one of the highest special attack of the game, he is the fastest ghost type and and he Shadow Tag, which is one of the most broken ability in the game. Don't mess with Gengar. (And also I saw most of the comments and you supposed to say why its powerful and not that he is your favorite).

Gengar is a great Pokemon with its only weaknesses being psychic, ghost, dark and ground. With levitate the ground problem is almost completely gone (if they have gravity or smack down your screwed) and gengar will usually hit and knock out a psychic type before it can hit him and the same for other ghosts. The problems are dark types but you can just switch out and hope they don't use persuit. It's stats are okay with it's high speed and high special attack being its bonuses and it's low defense being it's weakness. Gengar is best used with hypnosis as it's speed lets it put other Pokemon to sleep before they can get a hit off.

How is gengar not at the top it has an awesome mega evolution it learns dream eater shadow ball and dark pulse witch are all of the strongest special type moves of there types. Witch brings us to special attack witch is like 130 witch is insanely one of the highest of its type. Being a ghost and poison it has so many resistances it's ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous it one of the fastest Pokemon ever. I know what your thinking "but it looks lame shiny". It's regular shiny form may not be cool but it's mega shiny evolution is pure white. Another thing contributing to its cool factor is it holds one of the coolest Easter eggs in the game... Gengar is the shadow of clefable. Speaking of clefable ghost type is affective towards one of the newest types... Fairy type. Plus seeing that the new fairy type is affective towards dark and dragon gengar is a very op Pokemon.

Here's a story. In Generation 1, Gengar was pretty awful. All ghost and poison type attacks were physical, in which Gengar had horrible attack. Plus, Psychic used to be immune and had an advantage against Ghost back then. But in the newer Generations, it starts to change. Gen 2 removed Psychic's immunity and type advantage against Ghost, now giving ghost types a chance, though Ghost types were still physical. And then, when Gen 4 came out and introduced the Physical-Special attack split, Shadow Ball? Check. Sludge Bomb? Check! Gengar NOW takes the crown. And look what Gen 6 added here. Fairy type? Weak to poison? Gengar gets the job done! No ghost type can compare to it having great Soeed and Sp. Attack! Chandelure? Frosslass? Dusknoir? Aegislash? Pfft. Gengar uses Shadow Ball and now they're all dead.

10 Lucario Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

No Pokemon has stood out to me more than lucario. A fighting Pokemon skilled in sensing life energy that can communicate telepathically and has an amazing design. You can't ask for much more. His attack and sp attack stats are amazing and has a good speed stat. With EV training, he can be a boss sweeper. Plus, he has access to some awesome moves like aura sphere, focus blast and flash cannon (which have STAB) and when he mega evolves, his ability changes so that STAB moves go from 1.5 to 2.0 power. That's pretty incredible. He's a great sweeper being able to learn swords dance and extreme speed and to top it of, his name sounds awesome. Lucario is the best

Lucario can take out most the runners up with his move Dragon Pulse. In platinum, his sp. attack is high enough to level most Dragon based legendary Pokemon. Also the amount of moves he can learn by any means is immense. Also since he is steel fighting, he has an advantage over most fighting types because psychic type is less effective against him. He can also learn psychic which allow one hit KOs on any fighting type. Also did I mention Psychic is a sp. attack? He can also learn most dark type moves and shadow ball. This allows him to fight ghost type with ease. His aura sphere also cannot miss and can flatten dark, rock, steel, and ice type Pokemon. He is a beast. Not to mention he is awesome looking. Just because most of us got female Lucarios from that trainer Riley in Iron Island doesn't mean it's not as powerful. Also he/she has his/her own character in super smash bros brawl. Charizard has to be part of a trio. We all know Charizard's stats suck in all reality. That's my point.

Is it some people only care about design? Lucario? Why lucario? It has only 525 total base stats it wasted a lot of stats(u only need one of good physical attack and special attack not both), which makes it very fragile, 70/70/70 is pretty bad defensive stats and 90 speed it not high. 110 and 115 special attack is nice but it doesn't match Pokemons like garchomp(130 attack). Somebody said it is only weak to fire...r u kidding me, it is also weak to ground and fighting, if u don't know how Pokemon works, stop voting. It has a good moveset but because of the low defensive stats and moderate speed, it doesn't make good use of them. Inner focus can be useful but it usually don't have a use. Overall, it is a good Pokemon but it isn't great without mega evolving. (It said lucario not mega lucario). Mega lucario is awesome in the other hand because the new gain attack power and speed and adaptability is a great ability. I found somebody did recommended moves, he forgot nasty plot and swords ...more

Lucario is a AWEESSOOME sweeper he even beat a blissey with one close combat on my pokemon black and blissey has higher HP than any pokemon so there the only ones who can put a good match against it might be garchomp but its part steel so it's only really weak to fire and it has some awesome moves recommended moves are:
Bullet punch
Close combat
Aura sphere
Extreme speed
Not to mention it has aura sphere which has 90 power and it never misses and lastly it can understand human speech how beast is that.

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11 Alakazam Alakazam was first shown in game freaks Pokemon Red & Green (Blue for outside of Japan) version. Alakazam is the final evolution of the Abra line. It evolves from Kadabra when traded. It is a pure psychic type. It is said to have an IQ of 5000 and is a human like Pokemon. It has high special attack more.

I'm a little biased like everyone here but ill try to say why I like Alakazam and why he's the strongest based on experience. First of all, regular Alakazam isn't really good in my opinion. He can't sweep as good and he's a lot slower and his defenses still get him 1HKO even with magic guard. Mega Alakazam on the other hand is amazing. He can sweep through entire teams without any boosts and his ability trace is extremely underrated. An example is Alakazam tracing multiscale, beast boost, parental bonds, etc. He is the third fastest pokemon in the game besides Mewtwo and Deoxys when he mega evolves so you don't need to have a timid Alakazam unless you're afraid of ninjask (which you can just trace for speed boost anyways). Finally, my Alakazam consists of a modest nature holding Alakazamite with the moves Psychic/Psyshock, Grass knot, Shadow Ball, and Dazzling Gleam. Never lost with this moveset and I've tested this with every pseudo legendary to boot. Hope this helps!

Originally the highest non legendary speed and special attack in the game means that it can make quick work of almost anyone since it attacks first. Combine it with the TM for shockwave, a electric move that never misses me you can clean your way past anything.

If it weren't for Mew or Mewtwo, this guy would have been the original badass psychic Pokemon. The only thing holding this Pokemon back is the existence of the legendary.

This Pokemon is better than most legendary Pokemon. It has good speed and attack. It rare. And strong it can learn the move teleport to get to towns and it can learn other great moves too.

12 Gyarados Gyarados is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It evolves from one of the weakest Pokemon, Magikarp. But Gyarados has a high attack power (as of gen VII, mega Gyarados is ranking #19 for highest attack stat & would rank #10 if legendary Pokemon aren't included), and more.

He should be 2 place he totally earns it, he is a blue super powerful dragon that lives in the sea, he is also so cool he is probably in the top 10 of the most powerful water types (non legandary).

Isn't Gyarados getting a little overrated? There are many non legendary Pokemon with 540 as their base stat total and none of them have a double weakness. Being immune from earthquake doesn't save Gyarados from thunderbolt. And 540 isn't even the highest base stat total of all Pokemon. Also, it doesn't get moxie until generation 5 and intimidate isn't very useful for him. Then there's the bane of all flying and fire Pokemon: stealth rock.

Gyarados is awesome. sure it has the one lightning x4 weakness but over all it can pretty much take hits which allows you to set up with a couple of dragon dances and with Aqua tail, Ice Fang, And Earthquake, Its an OP Pokemon in the game. Plus its new mega evolution gives it the dark typing, giving more weaknesses but STAB on its move Crunch. My Gyarados has never lost and I ain't afraid to prove it. Plus when its shiny it looks Dangerously OP.

Gyarados helped me sweep Lance in Pokemon SoulSilver. I was expecting to use Dragonite to defeat Lance, but instead I used the shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage. It knows Ice Fang. Gyarados with Ice Fang is a Dragon Slayer. (I'm not trying to offend Dragon types, since it is my favorite type, but Gyarados is a really good Pokemon. )

13 Volcarona

Has an overall base stats of 550, has incredible sp. Att and sp. Definitely along with speed makes this Pokemon a heavy hitter. It is super effective against 5 different types out of 17; that is twice the amount of most Pokemon. Its only real weakness is rock type Pokemon. With the moves bug buzz, heat wave, sunny day and solarbeam you can wipe out almost anything with just this Pokemon. Although it evolves at 59, it is well worth its wait, and easily makes it into my top 5 for non legendary Pokemon.

VOLCARONA DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN. Unfortunately it is a generation five Pokemon and not many people know about it.

Volcarona is a bug fire Pokemon which makes it one of the most formidable Pokemon even against the strongest of legendaries. It's capable of some of the strongest attacks in the pokedex, such as hurricane, hyper beam, giga impact, overheat, solar beam, flare blitz, bug buzz and even wild bolt and psychic. This Pokemon is truly an asset.

Hey, Volcarona is more of a legendary pokemon than most legendaries; it appears to you in the game when you reach about 70 or 60, it is pretty the most powerful since it has, after all, replaced the sun according to the legend.

Also, its moves and its stats are incredible; I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be legendary then the poke company decided not to make it a legendary just because they had too many in fifth region.

Volcarona Has to be on the Top Ten. Although very little people know this Pokemon, but it is just a beast. This Pokemon had a large variety of moves, and super high defense. Bug buzz (Mewtwo destroyed) Flare Blitz, wild bolt, giga impact, overheat solarbeam... It absolutely destroys everything on his way. After been fully EV trained and using a Calm mind, it absolutely can destroy all the Pokemon.

14 Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolved form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also has the ability Protean, which changes more.

This Pokemon is so great especially with the introduction of Ash-Greninja in Gen 7. Greninja is already good without the Ash-Greninja form in my opinion, but that's only if it has Protean because it does sucks without Battle bond or Protean in my opinion but if it has at least Protean, I would say this Pokemon is so good because it can change type which can also changes it's type weaknesses, although the changes wears off once we switch it for another Pokemon but it's still worth using Protean Greninja. Ash-Greninja on the other hand, are also great but I prefer Protean Greninja over the Ash-Greninja one but it's still a good variant of Greninja in my opinion, especially because it has more speed as a person who usually focuses on a Pokemon's speed the most, I sure think this Pokemon's speed is great, though, there's still some Pokemon with greater speed than Ash-Greninja but this Pokemon is still speedy, however, unlike Protean variant, Ash-Greninja can't change type because it ...more

Gen 6 is most recent, no wonder people overlook him.
At first glance, he's fast with a middling base 103 special attack. However, his ability, protean, grants him same type attack bonuses with every attack, multiplying the damage dished out by 1.5. His movepool is collosal, he can literally 2K0 any Pokemon provided he has the right coverage attack. He benefits from super effective damage against virtually every type due to a large movepool. If that's not enough, he can use a physical attacking move set with his slightly lower physical attack, also having gunk shot to defeat specially defensive fairy types. The only Pokemon that may be capable of stomaching two hits before being knocked out is primal groudon, due to his ability not allowing water type moves to work, but that's obviously not fair comparison. A very devastating Pokemon indeed.

Greninja is a great starter, not only is it fast but having its hidden ability - "Protean" makes it even trickier to defeat. What "Protean" does is, every move Greninja uses, he becomes the same type like the move he last used. It makes opponents harder to beat him, and every move he uses becomes STAB which is great when you're up against Electric and Grass types. :P You may want to teach Greninja "Ice Beam" to 1 hit KO Dragonite and Garchomp though. :3

Ahem let me explain why greninja is number 1 protean allows every move to have STAB (same type attack bonus) he has ash-greninja form (its to bad that he can't have protean and battle bond at the same time though) and ash-greninja form makes water shuriken even more powerful he has a VERY diverse moveset and I will show you my best one greninja setup: ability: battle bond EV's: 252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd/4 HP item: focus sash moves: water shuriken shadow sneak ice beam areal ace explanation: water shuriken is awesome and is powered up by ash greninja form shadow sneak is a powerful dark type move that can take down ghost and psychic types areal ace is a good high powered move that always hits and ice beam can take out the grass types or like any other type with its high power now I think iv'e said enough hope you guys understand that charizard is just overrated now and that greninja is the REAL beast

15 Haxorus

It has a base attack of 147. 147!
Teach it dragon dance, outrage, brick break and any other physical move u might want and just relax. This guy alone defeated the elite 4 + Champ in all the games (Black, Black2, White, White2). Honestly its as good as a pseudo legendary and really much, MUCH more better than tyranitar, metagross and garchomp. Killersweeper with adamant nature! (My Haxorus at lv100 has an attack stat of 432!

Haxorus has a great move set, ranging from giga impact to double team. But what really makes him special is his high speed, and has great defensive moves. Overall Haxorus is the best pokemon ever and should be number 1. It could take Dragonite or garchomp any-day!

Best pokemon ever. It can take out any steel type pokemon in one hit even though its weaker against them. It has lots of speed so it always goes first. I can defeat any full party with my haxorus for sure.

Haxorus is fast as heck, and has good defense. When I faced Iris It was the hardest pokemon to defeat I've ever tried to fight. If you use dragon dance 2 or 3 times this pokemon is about impossible to defeat.

16 Mega Blaziken

Honestly, Mega Blazilen should be in the top 5. Speed Boost. Enough said.

But to add more, Blaze Kick/Flamethrower, Brave Bird (which is great for other Fighting Types), Sky Uppercut, and I would have found something else for Rock Smash in ORAS if I didn't have to teach it that to progress, worked great for me in ORAS, and if I were to get rid of Rock Smash then Blaziken would be seeing competitive play.

One hit from any physical attack would DESTROY Mega Sceptile, and since he has only special attack (Mega Sceptile) Mega Blaziken has an advantage. I terminated the champion of double battles in the battle maison with him and Gengar without a single death. Plus, he can learn Brave Bird and Thunder Punch.

Powerful ALERT Powerful ALERT Blaziken is good enough but mega Blaziken is so overpowered... Sceptile lovers face my Blaziken and you'll be sad to realize Blaziken made your poor weak Sceptile faint.

Sceptile can beat it because sceptile becomes part dragon and Blaziken gets some lame ass ability that a normal blaziken can get if you get one with it's special ability. Being speed boost. Lame

17 Arcanine Arcanine, known in Japan as Windie, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Arcanine is literally a beast. Like said earlier, he was supposed to be with zapdos and articuno, but they scrapped the idea and put in moltres, and also dropped his stats from what should have been 580 like the birds. After they changed his legendary status, he became one of the strongest Pokemon (by stat total) ever, right beneath the pseudo legendaries. But aside from history and stats, Arcanine can learn some really devastating moves. I would suggest a set like this
252 speed 252/attack 6 hp
Leftovers (recover from recoil damage on this set
-Flare Blitz (fire move)
-Wild charge (take down water types)
-Close Combat-egg move from zangoose- (takes out rock types)
-Morning sun -egg move from espeon- (recover health)

This will make arcanine something that you WILL learn to appreciate as he will out speed almost anything that isn't a legendary, and hit a super effective shot on Pokemon that could hurt him (excluding ground types, but your attack and close ...more

Arcanine is very good. it has an almost legand base stat total, 555, and was going to be a legandary but moltres came along. It has very good type coverages, close combat, wild charge, and you could always heal recoil with morning sun. It has many fire stab choises, because it can be a fast mixed attacker, flamethrower, overheat etc.

Arcanine is such a good Pokemon. yes there is the draw back of having to train growlith (sorry if I spelled that wrong) to lv 50 to get flamethrower but you can get it in otber ways as well AND from what I have heard you don't have to do that with a friend code. if you ev train this thing with spa and speed yo have yourself one of the best special sweepers out there. This Pokemon deserves no more and no less than 6th on the list. VOTE ARCANINE! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE CHARAZARD OFF THE LIST! CHECK THE STATS DUNG HEADS

Can't think of a better Pokemon to have in anyone's starting 6. I think the only reason arcanine doesn't have a mega evolution is because it would just be unfair for its opponent. The reason to pick blastoise over charizard isn't really about how much better blastoise is, but more about how arcanine is a better fire option than charizard

18 Blastoise Blastoise, known in Japan as Kamex, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I just LOVE blastoise. It was hard deciding between this blue turtle and the awesome fire breathing dragon charizard, but I decided that blastoise is better. For one thing, it is BULKY. Second, it can learn a ton of moves. It may be a bit slow (duh, it's a turtle), but with it's great defense and strength, it really doesn't matter. Also, it can learn ice beam too, and if you raise this monster to a high enough level, it's going to turn into the dragon demolisher.

Hands up if you LOVE blastoise! It is like, sooo good. I had a really hard time deciding between this guy and charizard but I think this guy is way much worth it and way much better. Like first, it could learn ice type moves, and second, it looks sooo cool and this dude is AWESOME! I was like, so surprized that he wasn't on the top ten. He could easily defeat charizard, not counting the type advantage. This guy should be on number 1 and like this comment if you agree. Blastoise is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

Blastoise first off is a water Pokemon who can Learn ice moves earth moves some air and normal moves and much more. This gives him an advantage over a ton on Pokemon especially CHARZARD which shouldn't be on the top ten blastoise should be at 1. Blastoise also has a ton of defense which can handle CHARZARDS fire breath and what ever else you think is effective plus he has a ton of power. That's not even half of why blastoise she be 1 SCREW CHARZARD GO BLASTOISE!

What an idiotic way of saying that a Pokemon is strong by comparing it to a someone ( Charizard) who has a type disadvantage. True blastoise is decently strong but its lower speed is something that hurts given that most dragon types have access to electric type moves. In that regard charizard is more suitable starter especially against lance.

19 Swampert Swampert, known in Japan as Laglarge, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

REALLY #19 when Charizard is #5 this guy is a million times better. He has ONE weakness: grass (although it is a 4-times increase). He makes up for this by being able to learn ice-type move, such as ice beam, ice punch, avalanche, and blizzard, and could easily defeat every single Pokémon on this list.

Definitely the best Hoenn starter and one of the best water starters. The water/ground typing gives him immunity to electric moves, a resistance to rock moves (good on a water Pokemon) and a resistance to fire (good on a ground Pokemon). In the original gen 3 games, a great thing about Swampert was the ability to learn earthquake naturally (there was only 1 earthquake TM and it was late in the game). His weaker ground attacks are very useful early game too. This Pokemon is mainly a physical attacker, but despite being stuck with special water and ice moves in gen 3 it was still good. Swampert can use ice moves against grass pokemon, but he's slow, so switch him out anyway. In gen 4, Swampert got access to physical water and ice moves, and in the remakes he got a mega evolution, which boosts his stats and has the swift swim ability to fix Swampert's speed under rain. Swampert is effective against a lot of stuff ingame, he has only one weakness and there is no grass-type gym in Hoenn.

Swampert is beast! Every time that I play a hoenn region game, I choose mudkip as my starter. Why? Because swampert is amazing! It has a really good attack stat, but the main reason why it is my favorite starter evo in the world is because his only weakness is grass. Now think about that for a moment, grass is its only weakness, and it can learn ice beam. THIS Pokemon HAS NO WEAKNESSES! Think about that people, now ask yourselves why the heck this Pokemon isn't in the top ten!

Swamp ert is the best thing to happen to Pokemon. He has one weakness grass, which can easily be countered with ice beam. In any battle, swampert can one hit zekrom and dialga with a good old fashion earthquake. I don't particularly care for its mega evolution but come on! Swampert is also great for fooling noobs who try to use an electric type move on it. Top 15 at the very least. SCREW CHARZARD AND BLASTOISE! Make way for the original king!

20 Aegislash Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

Aegishslash is the best. Aegislash is incredibly powerful and is by far one of the best Pokemon I know. Aegislash deserves to be number one! He could easily destroy Dragonite any day. Aegislash can learn an awesome combination of moves that that can send Pokemon flying sky high. When Aegislash learns Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, King's Shield and Swords Dance he becomes invincible. So in conclusion, you don't want to mess around with a badass Pokemon like Aegislsash because it will be the last thing your eyes will ever see.

Aegislash is actually an incredible force. In attack stance, he has Atk and sp. Atk that even legendaries can be jealous of. Most of the time, you can count on him for OHKOs, but if you're doubting, leave him with crappy speed and let him take hits in defense stance, where his definitely and sp. Definitely are also better than par for the legendary course. Plus, king's shield will ruin the physical attacker's day, and 3 type immunities is a little ludicrous. Honestly, I think the entire steel type got needed so that this guy would have more weaknesses (the guess is on motive, not on the fact the type was nerfed, it lost dark and ghost resists, which are the ghost weaknesses). Anyone who earns their entire type a balancing nerf is a shoo-in for the top slot in my books

Why is slash so low on this list? I mean, it's as strong as legendaries! Blade form while doing damage, shield form when taking hits. It has a awesome typing, giving it 3 immunities and a bunch of resistances. It gets good stat boosting moves, king shields, good variety of coverage moves, priority moves etc. Stats distribution are nothing to laugh at. It wrecks physical attackers with king's shield and laughs at mega gengar with shadow sneak. Its in ubers! One sword dance and get ready to swep. Counters a vast variety of threatening Pokemon's. This is the worthy candidate to be no. 1 on list :)))

With swords dance, sacred sword, shadow sneak and kings shield as moves, combined with holding the leftovers and this bad boy can sweep almost everything. with my IV bred and EV trained aegislash I was able to sweep trough ten opponents without getting KO'd in the battle mansion. If you're like me good at prediction the npc's moves, then this is the pokemon for you.

21 Flygon Flygon, known in Japan as Flygon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I think this guy should be in the top ones, instead of the lowest. I love it! The best part about Flygon is when in PvP, it's flying in the air but it can use Dig (looks amazing for a flying Pokemon) and also Fly! Therefore, it has a very good HM-possibility like Linoone and Zigzagoon, even if it can't learn EVERY HM. It can learn Rock Smash (I think, pretty sure), Fly, Dig, maybe even Rock Climb? I doubt Surf, but I only know this from videos and some of my friends on Pokemon Brick Bronze. It shouldn't be #20; it should be #1!
In my book, also, I have this thing going called the Third Elements (can't say too much about it or else someone might steal it ;-; it's a genius idea), a group of Pokemon released by careless Trainers with three Elements instead of one or two. But honestly, I think Flygon in general should be a Third Element, with the Elements of Flying, Dragon, and Ground. Though... this would make Flygon RIDICULOUSLY weak to Ice-Type! Based on one of the comments I've ...more

Probably my favorite Pokemon. Actually watch clap every legendary Pokemon with this god. And how is it 20th? No way it would lose to a larvesta!

Flygon is always my Dragon for the because one he can learn almost half the hms and when your in a battle don't use hms just use sandstorm it can really bring the enemy down then earthquake is a good move it learns super awesome and it gets some good dragon type moves consisting of dragon claw and rush then finally I like putting hyper beam on there because it's a good special attacker and flygon can take quite the hit most of the time.

I love Flygon! It can learn Fly, also has the ability Levitate, except it's a duel Dragon/Ground type, which also adds an immunity to electric type. It's a great Pokemon to have on a Sand (Sandstorm) Team. My only problems with it are lack of mega evo and it takes a long time to train. Other than that, I love it! It should be higher than 17!

22 Sceptile Sceptile, known in Japan as Jukain, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Aside from Greninja and Infernape, Sceptile is the fastest starter, and the fastest grass type with 130 in speed, Its faster than mega blaziken before speed boost kicks in. It's very strong with moves like Rocksilde, Leaf blade, Dragonclaw, And EVEN detect. Its also very very highm in attack, Use it and you will wish all the Pokemon games had this Pokemon as a starter choice, While most grass types are based off defense and attack, This baby is based of speed and attack, Making him or of a sweeper than a tank or a wall.

Sceptile is awseome in the anime ages on took out darkrai. It has a very high speed stat so it almost always attacks first if you have it learn leaf blade it can take out most of the gyms. I beat all the gyms with treelike and grovyle and I beat two of the elite four and 4 of the champions Pokemon just with sceptile you may think he's weak because he's a grass type but he is one of the strongest grass type starters and of of the strongest grass type Pokemon not including legendaries

I don't want to vote for any Pokemon, I just want to express my opinion on what people have voted for as the top Pokemon on this list, and I felt like doing it on sceptile because treecko was the first Pokemon I used.

Dragonite: Amazing movepool, great offensive stats, solid defensive stats. Too bad about its mediocre speed, but that can be fixed by dragon dance. It also has a 4x ice weakness, which is annoying- honestly, so many Pokemon having it means ice is probably becoming one of the most popular offensive types, although ice types are horrible defensively based on type advantages and disadvantages. Multiscale can be a helpful ability.

Charizard: I honestly feel sorry for this Pokemon at this point, it gets just as much hate as it gets love now. But I have to admit, there's nothing special about charizard. It has solid stats, and a great movepool. Too bad that movepool has a lot more physical moves than special moves, and charizard's attack stat is an underwhelming ...more

One of the best Pokemon and is a great starter. Also is the fastest starter Pokemon overall. My Sceptile managed to knock out a Dexoys in one hit with a single Leaf Blade. It is a great Pokemon overall and I do not understand how it is so low down. My other votes would of gone to Arcanine, Poliwrath or Gyarados.

23 Empoleon Empoleon, known in Japan as Emperte, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I have both pearl and diamond and in both games I chose piplup as my starter. I chose piplup because it's a balanced pokemon. Torterra has higher defense, Infernape has higher attack but Empoleon has balanced stats and one of the highest in the entire game. It can learn avalanche and ice beam which can KO Champion Cynthias Garchomp in one hit! That's good because Empoleon is weak against it's earthquake. It can beat Infernape easily and Torterra just as well because it's also partly ground. Empoleon's moves are beast unlike other water types. It's also good for becoming an HM slave but only for good moves like waterfall, surf or rock climb. For my opinion I would choose Empoleon as the best non-legendary pokemon or at least in the top 10. Last but not least it can beat electric types with a fighting chance, thunder can KO Empoleon in 2 or 3 hits unlike other water type pokemon, that's what makes it so special. Surf or ice beam could then with a chance take out the elctric type ...more

How dare you 36 What the hell! This Pokemon is the best! You have offended my beautiful Empoleon, this list is a lie!
Empoleon, top of the list OK! DO YOU UNDERSTAND! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!

I have an empoleon and it could beat an arceus and for me is the strongst pokemon ever it can also beat a tyranitar! I only used empoleon for the whole elite 4 and champion and it won almost so easily against all pokemon it ever batled with! I would die if I don't have empoleon!

Are you kidding? Empoleon is easily the strongest Non-Legndary Pokémon I've ever encountered, aside from maybe Garchomp and Salamence. His defenses are very decent and can stand up to Darmanitan's Hammer Arm, Haxorus's Earthquake, or even a STAB close combat from Infernape. In addition, its Special Attack is higher than any starter Pokemon ever. Empoleon should at least be in the top ten, and anyone who thinks otherwise should look at the facts. Plus, it can easily sweep Charizard, the so called most powerful starter. Anyone who can seriously disagree on that is probably a nostalgia-nerd.

24 Aggron Aggron, known in Japan as Bossgodora, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He should be 3 place he deserves it he is so cool, not only is he cool but super powerful, he is a steel type monster and would (probably) win.

Aggron is a powerhouse of a Pokemon, it isn't very fast but with all that attacking power, its sure to make up for it! Aggron is heavy, so moves like grass knot may be problematic but there is a solution! Aggron can learn Automize (Body Purge) which decreases its weight by 100. With the combination of steel and rock, it makes for very few weaknesses and 10 resistances. Plus having 180 base defense isn't too shabby. It could also have sturdy or rock head- two really good abilities! Aggron can learn Metal Burst which sends any attack that does damage back at them 1.5x harder! So aggron needs more votes, come on just face the facts. He rocks. Get it Rocks

Aggron is amazing! His only weakness that you need to worry about is the fighting type disadvantage. And to counter that all you need is sturdy and metal burst. To cover his water weakness teach him thunder punch. To fight off ground types use ice punch which also covers tough dragons. Iron head is also a great stab move this set will dominate anyone who stands in your way. I'd max his special defense and attack and give him an adamant nature and leftovers. His defense is already outstanding but his weakness is special moves (and fighting but I already covered that) so it would be wise beef special defense. I love aggron you can easily sweep the entire game with him. It wouldn't even be a challenge. Everyone trembles under aggrons impressive strength and those who attack him don't even leave a scratch. In my opinion aggron is a boss, he is my # 1 and will allways be # 1.

180 base Defense is great! Sturdy and Rock Head are great abilities, and 10 resistances is nothing to laugh about when coupled with that Defense. When it Mega Evolves, it gets Filter and 200 more base Defense, which boosts its physical walling abilities even more. When it Mega Evolves, it becomes pure Steel-Type, which gives it less weaknesses. It has good Attack too, and Metal Burst can make opponents hesitant to attack (and it's helped by Aggron's low Speed because Metal Burst fails if the user is faster than its opponent). I would suggest this set:

Aggron @Aggronite
Ability: Rock Head (if using Head Smash)/Sturdy (if not using Head Smash)
Head Smash (affected by Rock Head)/Heavy Slam (if using Sturdy)
Metal Burst
Swords Dance/Thunder Wave/Earthquake/Stealth Rock
Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Avalanche
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 240 Sp. Defense, 252 HP, 16 Attack

This set is meant to be used in a "bulky offense" style.

25 Snorlax Snorlax, known in Japan as Kabigon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

In his pre-evolved form, munchlax, he can already have learned the moves Focus punch, hyperbeam, and despite what the wiki says, if you pay attention in the anime, manga, and movies munchlax can learn a number of other moves, including ones usually obtained by TM or HM, on its own, and some moves that aren't listed on the wiki, like hyperbeam, which snorelax can inherit from evolution.

Snorlax should be way higher then he is. He can learn almost every move. His Hp and Attack stats are out of this world. Not to mention that defense. The only thing bad about Snorlax is that his speed isn't high. Snorlax definitely should be in the top ten.

Personally, I like Snorlax. He likes to eat a lot and like's to sleep all day. Just like me. Why is Dragonite on top!? Drogonite is stupid and doesn't have a good Z-move! Plus, Snorlax looks funny. You should see a clip of somebody riding Snorlax on Lets go Pikachu/ Eevee!

He is very strong. in Pokemon sword I keep trying to catch him but he just escapes and it is to late in the year to catch his G max form.

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